Luxury pens, the most expensive come at dizzying prices: the ranking

Writing it can simply represent a strong passion or a job. One of the oldest and constantly evolving practices. Big fans, usually, are too pen collectors: the object itself becomes almost an obsession and in some cases you get to have very specific ideas about the type of pen you want to write with, remaining tied to it only for years.

For a smaller niche, then it is crucial own, of those who have gold pieces, or at least particularly expensive ones. But what are the absolutes most expensive luxury pens in the world? And most of all, what they are the brands considered the most prestigious that lend themselves well to a gift of a certain thickness?

What are the most expensive luxury pens in the world

The most expensive pen in the world has been made by Tibaldi which is one of the oldest manufacturers of fountain pens in Italy. To create it, the Golden Section of Michelangelo with rare black diamonds was inspired. 7 million euros it cost his sale.

Going forward, going down in price, we have the Caran D’Ache 1010 Diamonds limited edition of good 1.25 million euros. Contains 30 carats of diamonds.

Then move on to one of the most famous brands in Italy, the Montblanc he presents us with a pen Mystery masterpiece available in three variants with sapphires, rubies or emeralds, at a good price 650 thousand euros. White gold was used as the main element, inlaid with 840 diamonds and precious stones.

Lowering price we arrive at 230 thousand euros with the Prince Rainer III Limited Edition 81, always from the same brand. It was made in homage to the architect Antonio Gaudí, covered with 5072 diamonds and 100 rubies, with an 18-carat gold tip. 6 months of work to make just one!

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Luxury pens to give away

The ranking presented in the previous paragraph is not available to everyone, probably a small percentage of the world could afford pens of a certain cost, but Montblanc and Parker are among the most recognized brands which at the same time have products for all pockets.

There are thousands of euros, like pens for hundreds, and even 60-70 euros. It depends on the choice of material and the tip of the pencil. As for the brand, this gift is still a great gift that lasts a lifetime.

On what occasion to give them away

Luxury pens they remain today among the most popular intimate and expensive gifts, especially for certain social classes. Generally, the best opportunities to give them are in the case of a Graduationd’a doctorate, in short, of some goal in regard to school education; or to obtain an important role in the world of work.

The luxury pen, in fact, acquires meaning when given as a gift because it is linked to a concept of ‘prestige’, with it we will sign documents, take notes, which will be identified as ‘valuable’ for the role we play. they have obtained in society.

In reality, however, this is just one side of the coin, on the other there is simply one writing enthusiasts, who are often at the same time collectors of precious objects.

In this case the variables are multiplied: some replicate feathers, such as goose feathers with ink (for a very small niche are still used with pleasure), and then move on to feathers, with free ink, or just the ball ones.

Most people, for convenience, today could never be separated from the keyboard of a computer. The speed and little effort of the hands wins 100 to 0 in writing; but in some cases the pen is still an essential object.

As in the case of having to write very intimate thoughts, write a prescription, or even leave a note, a message, a letter or a signature. To sum up, it is an object that is still part of our daily lives.

Who to give a luxury pen to

As we discussed in the previous paragraph, there are several situations in which the gift of a luxury pen can be greatly appreciated.

In general, as a guide, we can point out that giving away a pen can be perfect a doctor who has just taken an oath, or any employee who works in the office and that it will have to have a pen in the signature pocket, until then lawyersto the journaliststo all those who in a sense have an ‘important’ role in the tertiary sector.

The pen, like clothes, can be converted a real status symbol, for this reason it is important to have them for certain jobs. To all this is added the case in which we find ourselves in front of a writer, it is obvious to say so but always and in any case it will be one of the most appreciated gifts (regardless of whether he writes most of the time on the computer). .

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