GPS Update: New Frequently Asked Questions

The Ministry of Education has published several new frequently asked questions in the GPS update.

These are the topics covered

Who enters the 1st section with reservations as an undergraduate student, how can they declare the English degree (which is contextual to the degree)?

The English title potra must be stated in the reservation dissolution application.

In the previous two years I was enrolled in the additional lists and now I would like to enroll in the 1st tranche, but the system offers me the update of the application for inclusion in the additional lists. So should I delete the old app first?

No, you do not need to delete the previous classification to re-enter becauseI this involves having to re-enter and re-evaluate all titles, whereas with the update function only new titles can be declared and evaluated. The term “update” is just an automation that allows theupdating the classification to the new biennial while maintaining all the qualifications presented in due course, as alreadya associated with the correct valuation table. Just enter any new title. This operation will involvea then linsertion combin band I of the GPS. Therefore, in case of cancellation, we invite you to restore the classificationa it is evaluated by re-checking, for confirmation, all the qualifications previously declared and inserting from scratch those that are not there.

I am an out-of-course student enrolled in Primary Education. In order to be able to enroll in the second section of the Childhood and Primary GPS, how do I declare the academic year of enrollment?

IS it is enough to indicate the credits obtained, which prevail over allsign up.

After passing a competition I have to register as a qualified GPS. What score should I indicate?

The score to be assigned is the total score with which to assignThe candidate is included in the classification of the contest, both as a vote and as a basis. If the contest base is other than 100, the system will providea to make the ratio to return the score to 100.

I qualified after passing the regular competition tests, but not being among the winners, I did not graduate and I am only on the alphabetical list. When declaring the grade, what score should I indicate?

In this case, as the score is not indicated in the title, you will need to do soa the declaration of use of 8 points must be made, as provided in point A.1 of the tables.

It was already included in GPS 2020, now I have to update the previous competition classes, but re-enter a new competition class, do I have to re-declare the services that already include GPS 2020? Does anything change if the affiliation TAB of the new contest class is not among those already registered in 2020?

No, the services (point C of the evaluation tables) alreadya inserted will also be applied to the new requested ranking, even if the benchmark table is not among those alreadya present in 2020. In fact, the services expressed will be automatically canceled in all requested rankings. Of course, in any case, new ones need to be added.

I was already included in GPS 2020, now I have to update the previous competition classes, but insert a new competition class from scratch, do I have to re-declare the cultural titles already included in GPS 2020? Does anything change if the affiliation TAB of the new contest class is not among those already registered in 2020?

Cultural qualifications (point B of the evaluation tables) should only be declared ex novo if the new requested ranking belongs to a different evaluation table. In fact, the declared grades will be automatically canceled in all the requested classifications related to the same evaluation table. Obviously, in any case, the new titles must be added to all the affected tables.

The DPIT note no. 1290, of 22/07/2020, foresees that in the second level of GPS of primary and of infantile can value the service rendered in common place or support (obviously without the required qualification) by part of the alumnado of sciences of primary education for relative classification, as specific and non-specific according to grade, exclusively for relative childhood and primary rankings. Can I use this service, as non-specific, also in high school GPS?

No, unless the qualification of admission has been obtained on the expiry date of the application for renewal for the biennium 2022/2024 (see FAQ n.45).

The PMF anticipated by the Ministry is missing from the trade unions, which should have declared the qualification that gives access to the TFA for the support specialization evaluable, in relation to point B.2 Table A / 7:

Bachelor’s degree, specialist degree, master’s degree, academic diploma from the old system or second-degree academic diploma, which does not constitute a degree to access point A.1 or alldegree referred to in point B.1 or does not in itself constitute the qualification route in accordance with point B.1, for each degree “ points 3.

However, the decision to omit the FAQ is not a solution: the teacher who does not declare the degree will be sanctioned with respect to the one who declares it, and who has to clarify what is the correct option if it is not the Ministry of Education?

We ask for clear instructions in the days following the deadline for submission of applications.

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