Casal di Principe. Conclusion of the year of training and testing of teachers and newly hired teachers with a change of role 2022

It ended Monday afternoon after the final interview with Committee of Evaluationformed by the director of theIT “G. Carli” de Casal di Principe Dr. ssa Tommasina Paolella, by prof. Leonardo Zagaria, by prof. sse Angela Testa I Anna Caccavale – a very demanding year of training and tests for all newly hired teachers and with the change of role, in the presence of school staff, loved ones (children, husbands, wives, visibly excited mothers …), tutors : Angela Testa, Liana Palmese, Pina Griffo, Assunta Pagano, Nicola Di Filippo, Pasquale Campaniello, Giulia Liparulo, Antonio Schiavone, from the contact person in the digital training area for teachers prof. ssa Russian concept, by prof. Collaborator Alfonso SchiavoneRLS from the institute, and from most of the school’s teachers, show up to help classmates participate in the discussion.

Teachers interested in completing the training and test course: Maria D’Angelo, Pina Giusto, Marialuigia Anna Pellegrino, Immacolata Di Bona, Giovanni Fabozzo, Gino Martino, Pasquale Tammaro Leggiero, Biagio Palumbo, Roberta de Felice, Roberta Zannettone, Michele Raul Trojano at the beginning of the course they filled out the online enrollment form at some of the numerous training centers Scientific baccalaureate “E. Fermi” of AversaHigh school state “A. Manzoni ” of CasertaICS “46 ° Scialoja Cortese” from San Giovanni a Teduccio, ICS “Amanzio Ranucci Alfieri” of Marano, ISISS “Taddeo” di Sessa Aurunca and were initially called upon to draw up an initial assessment of competencies, a structured self-assessment, with the help of the reference tutor, appointed by the director.

The online training course on the Platform was important to everyone INDIRE, which traced the link between face-to-face and online activities and allowed all teachers to reflect on the final competencies acquired. Subsequently, depending on the balance of competencies, after consulting the tutor teachers and taking into account the needs of the center, the director and the newly hired teachers established with a pact for professional development, the objectives of developing cultural, disciplinary, didactic-methodological and relational skills, to be achieved through specific training activities. The road was long and not at all easy and included in addition to the online training hours, as well as the preparatory and final restitution meetings, training workshops, peer to peer in the classrooms, visits to innovative schools.

The training workshops dealt with the privileged topics during this school year, namely: digital skills of teachers – methodologies and technologies of digital teaching; social inclusion and intercultural dynamics; classroom management and relational dynamics with special reference to the prevention of violent phenomena of bullying and discrimination; initiatives aimed at motivating student learning; sustainable education and transition ecological. The laboratory activities were characterized by the adoption of specific methodologies, and by the elaboration of documentation and research activities, which was validated by the coordinating teachers of the laboratories and documented on the Indire platform for new hires, in the specific section of the Portfolio. , also to be part of the final Dossier.

During the training period a very important phase was undoubtedly the Equal, which constitutes a fundamental moment of growth in the formative trajectory of the new employee and a phase of practical didactic activity. The new teachers and tutors jointly designed the didactic proposals and observed each other: each teacher observed his tutor while doing his classes in one of his classes, paying attention to the methodologies adopted. On the contrary, each tutor then observed the newly hired teacher, to check the teaching skills possibly to be enhanced. In the end, the tutors and new teachers took stock, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the experience.

A key role in this difficult year of training and testing was played by the leading teacher in the area of ​​digital training for teachers prof. ssa Russian concept, who followed and coordinated everyone’s work, supporting and guiding everyone along the way. In addition, the possibility of the Visitor to innovative schools that, when tested, have yielded positive results. However, it provided for the participation of a small part of the teaching staff, who had requested it in the application for enrollment, in schools characterized by an innovative professional context. All these experiences have been the subject of discussion with the Evaluation Committee, where among other things we have talked about skills, methodologies, planning, teaching-learning relationship in this year of resumption in presence with all the consequences arising from the months of confinement. . . . At the end of the interview, the DS along with the other members of the Committee proceeded to the proclamation of newly incorporated teachers, wishing them many wishes so that everyone can maintain the emotion, passion and determination that have accompanied him during the school year in the exercise of the teaching profession.

Finally, he greeted many and good luck for his future in school, reminding everyone that the school is always ready to welcome new professionals, who contribute with their skills and work experience to innovate the school system, as the young people need real people who are specifically committed to educating citizens. Immediately after the toast, to be shyly together, still with personal appliances, disinfectant gels …, but finally in presence.

from Prof. Maria D’Angelo
IT “G. Carli” de Casal di Principe

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