CANAVESE – Erica Vacchiero di Quassolo chosen Miss Paradisia 2022

CANVAS – Beauty lies in kindness, femininity and elegance. With these qualities, in addition to the look of those who still know how to daydream and the contagious smile, Erica Vacchiero enchanted everyone on Sunday June 26, 2022 at the Club Village in Carpignano Sesia, where the long-awaited final of the competition took place Miss Paradisia 2022. The 17 – year – old Quassolo wore the most coveted tiara, triumphing in the contest devised and organized by Beppe Berlier and inheriting the crown of Miss Paradisia from Marie Claire Jerusel, winner in 2021. The final evening, presented by patron Beppe Berlier together with the Venezuelan model Indira Acosta, gave emotions and pathos to the audience and the 24 finalists. The applause immediately erupted with the girls competing, first in swimsuits and then in bikinis, which surprised the jury with their physique, ability to get involved and stage presence.

The event was then presented live, confirming itself as a competition that involves the aesthetic aspect but not only. In fact, the spotlights lit up three unique women: the wonderful valleys of the evening. Tamara Gentileschi has brought a message of inclusion, where sizes and sizes, also and not only in the fashion world, are not everything. The history of Turin Sara Speronewho with courage and determination did not give up and gave up, finding all the strength to continue her extraordinary career as a model and artist despite a tumor that led her to lose a leg, and that of Sofia Ganzhala, who recounted the drama of the Ukrainian war and thanked Italy and Ronco Canavese for welcoming her and her family, impacted and touched the hearts of those present in the room. Sofia and Sara made us reflect, move and the admiration and love for them poured into an ideal hug from the audience formed by two endless applause.

The suspense then increased with the return to the race: the passage from 24 to 12 finalists and the evocative parade in evening dress and then the nomination of the top six finalists. A whirlwind with the icing on the cake commissioned by the sponsoring bands: Giorgia Giacobbe elected Miss Amitie ‘2022, Isabel Caposieno is Miss SH Hair Designer, Giorgia Dentello from Torrazza Piedmont she wore the Miss Print Room tiara, Giorgia Roffino is Miss Agroval, while the model title for one day goes to Valentina Pesce Ramona Molinario from Cuorgnè. She was awarded the coveted title of Miss Canale Italia Jasmine Emiantor of Turin. Our Miss Quotidiano Canavese is Linda Marino from Rueglio while the two representatives of Paradisia for the cycling route in the Aosta Valley are Elisabetta Stella de Ciriè I Angela Palmieri of Pont Canavese. Sofia Ganzhala is Miss Club Village. Finally, the award-winning photographer Rosario Lepore Elisa Scala de Valchiusa.

The end beats the heart, joy and tears of happiness for the amazing victory are from Canavese Erica Vacchierowhich surpasses the beautiful by only one point in the voting Giorgia Giacobbe by Champdepraz, second. Giorgia Giacobbe is also Miss Sorriso Charme 2022. The other finalists and therefore witnesses throughout the year are: Alessia Notario from San Benigno Canavese (Miss web Paradisia 2022), Giulia Vezzoso from Rivarolo Canavese (Miss Elegance Paradisia 2022), Elisa Scala from Vaucluse is Miss Edelweiss, while Mss cinema Paradisia is Chiara D’Aloia of Biella.

“I am very grateful to all those present at the final and to those who followed us on this exciting journey – said Beppe Berlier – Thanks to the staff, the Club Village for the hospitality, the magnificent Indira Aosta, Doinita Puha and the super valleys Sara Sperone and Tamara Gentileschi, all the finalists and families, sponsors and jurors of the evening.I am proud of the girls and the emotions they have given us.Appoint now on July 2 at Canale Italia at 9pm to watch the final on the small screen ».

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