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“Be messengers of hope.” Pope Francis enthusiastically addresses young people, encourages them to be protagonists on the path to rebirth in difficult times due to the economic crisis and the pandemic due to Covid 19. And so he opens his heart, he does so with great motivation, pushing girls and boys to change gears from the first World Summit on Youth Tourism, promoted by the World Tourism Organization in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourism Agency (ENIT), underway in Sorrento until July 3. “I encourage you to use well and responsibly the time you have at your disposal: so grow and prepare to take on more demanding tasks – says the Pontiff during his video message – I wish you to be messengers of hope and rebirth for the future” . His speech, which lasted three minutes, was enthusiastically received by the audience of the participants in the UNWTO summit who, at the end of the work, will also prepare a final document to “rewrite” the global agenda of youth tourism. .

The invitation to young people Pope Francis does not turn too many words. So much so that it focuses on the key points for young people, it is shown to them with sympathy (“I am very happy to greet you, dear boys and girls who participate in the first world meeting of youth tourism”, are the first words pronounced by the Pontiff). which expressly indicates the commitment to improve for the good of the entire planet. Yes, because one of the words at the heart of the Sorrento meetings is sustainability. “For those of you who are still students,” Pope Francis continued in his speech, “tourism coincides with the time of the school holidays.” The experiences that can be made in this period will remain in your memory ”. Not only that: “In addition to leisure and rest,” Bergoglio points out, “I know that some of you are taking advantage of this time to voluntarily offer help in solidarity initiatives; others engage in small jobs to lend a hand to their family or to stay in their studies; still others are cut off days of silence and prayer to be with God and receive light in his way ”.

The recommendation During his speech, the Pontiff also stressed the absolute importance of taking advantage of the opportunity dictated by summer, the time when you rest and go on holiday: “Make good and responsible use of the time you have in the at your disposal, so we grow and prepare to take on more demanding tasks. Be messengers of hope “is the Pope’s wish expressed to the girls and boys who follow him closely in the Auditorium of the Hilton Sorrento Palace. event, organized in Sorrento by Unwto (World Tourism Organization), in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourism Agency (ENIT), provides for the participation of 130 young people, aged 12 to 18, countries from around the world: from Armenia to Yemen, the United States, Barbados, Italy, Sudan and Kazakhstan, as well as a delegation of Ukrainian boys, the youngest participant from Morocco, with only 12 years old.

Priante’s pride “That Pope Francis officially inaugurated this Summit – says Alessandra Priante, UNWTO Director for Europe – is one of the most beautiful things that could have happened. We are proud, grateful and confident that with this blessing the children will have an extra motivation to try to change the future of tourism and the planet ”. During the next press conference, which was also attended by the Mayor of Sorrento Massimo Coppola, Priante himself stressed that “tourism offers opportunities to young people. But young people give tourism a chance to become stronger and more resilient. We are very proud of our first generation of active and committed young people, who have already shown great promise and a strong commitment to transforming tourism, starting with their communities. ”The appointments scheduled for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are also expected the presence of the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia, who spoke yesterday on video.

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