Banco Desio acquires 15% of the share capital of Anthilia

Banco di Desio i Brianza I Anthilia Capital Partners SGRrecalling the press release published on the market on November 4, 2021, they announce that, after obtaining the necessary legal authorizations, the collaboration agreements for the entry of Banco Desio into the share capital have been implemented today for Anthilia.

Banco Desio enters the share capital of Anthilia with a 15% stake.

Pursuant to the Investment Agreement signed on November 4, 2021 between Banco Desio, Anthilia and its parent company Anthilia Holding Srl, today Banco Desio has signed and announced the capital increase approved by the SGR and reserved for the subscription to Banco Desio for a total of approximately 4.6 million euros. As a result of the subscription and release of this capital increase, Banco Desio holds a shareholding equal to 15% of the share capital of the SGR. Also, in compliance with the provisions of the aforementioned Investment Agreement, today the SGR has issued and assigned a total of no. 1,354,144 warrants (“Warrants”) convertible into ordinary shares of the SGR subject to the achievement by Banco Desio of certain business objectives as of December 31, 2024. For the service of the conversion of the Warrants into ordinary shares, the SGR has approved a capital increase against payment for a total of 20,000,000 euros, (capital and premium) also reserved for the subscription to Banco Desio. As a result of the possible conversion of the Warrants, Banco Desio will be able to increase its stake, thus certifying its investment in a stake equal to 30% of the share capital of the SGR. Banco Desio and Anthilia Holding Srl also signed a shareholders’ agreement on the rights and obligations of Banco Desio in relation to the corporate governance of the SGR and the transfer of its shareholding; all this in the broader context of trade collaboration governed by a specific trade framework agreement.

Alessandro Decio, CEO and CEO of Banco Desio, commented on the operation: “The partnership established today with Anthilia is part of a broader strategic direction of Banco Desio’s business. We are expanding the range of products and services we want to make available to our customers, with traditional care and attention to the relationship with our retail, wealthy and SME customers and without questioning our commitment to an open investment platform. . With Anthilia, a reliable, competent and innovative partner, we aim to grow together in products related to asset management with special attention to the Italian real economy and the world of SMEs with new financing and advisory solutions. “

Giovanni Landi, President of Anthilia Holding, commented on the operation: “The industrial and financial partnership between Anthilia and Banco Desio was born from a common vision on two crucial aspects: support for the Italian real economy and product innovation to offer customers opportunities for ‘increasingly diversified investment. This agreement strengthens our growth trajectory and lays the foundations for new synergies. We are convinced that Anthilia’s strong specialization and professionalism in the segments of the real economy, the management of assets and assets, together with the extensive territorial presence of Banco Desio, the competence and ability to listen to its network of private consultants and bankers and a consolidated client, can generate significant added value in the field of services to Italian SMEs and asset management “.

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