2,300 children reported, 600 rejected for absences

Data from the municipality of Naples on the 2020-21 school year: “School dropouts got worse. It’s a social emergency. ” The map by neighborhoods.

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In Naples school getaway duplicated with the COVID-19[feminine]: beyond 2,300 children reported and 600 rejected for absenteeism during the 2020/21 academic year. These are students of the primary schools (former primary) and of high schools (former high schools), which are part of compulsory schooling. The districts with the highest increases in delinquency are Avvocata, Mercato, Pendino, Miano, Secondigliano and San Pietro for primary schools, Chiaiano, Piscinola, Scampia for secondary schools.

This is what emerges from the monitoring and statistical analysis of the phenomenon of school evasion the municipality of Naples for the 2020/21 school year. Data that, according to the City Council, describe a “worrying worsening of early school leaving“And this” returns the snapshot of a phenomenon, certainly marked by the pandemic, which has the dimensions of a real social emergency “.

Absences in primary school increased by 180%

The Covid pandemic also had the consequences of a prolonged closure of institutions, with recourse to the It seems, distance learning. But what can they be the reasons of this increase in school evasion in Naples? “Despite the great effort made by educational institutions to ensure continuity in teaching and concrete support in the growth and training of their students – writes the City Council in the report – it can not be overlooked that the serious condition economic and social hardship, caused or exacerbated by the pandemic, may have had a negative impact on the most vulnerable and at risk of dispersal and abandonment. “

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By comparing the data of the delinquents of the individual Municipalities, referred to the period of three years in analysis and expressed in absolute value, the following increases are observed: Primary there is an increase of incomplete students equal to 181.08%. For High schoolthe increase is equal to 29.97%.

Compared to the school year prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, 2019/2020, default rates go from 0.19% to 0.56% for primary and from 1.10% to 1.52 % for the school First of baccalaureate. If in the 2018/19 academic year the boys who had to repeat the course due to prolonged and unjustified absences were 74 for primary and 327 for high school, for the 2020/2021 academic year they were, respectively, 208 and 425.

Increase in primary and secondary school failures due to absences

As for the data of the Primary schools citizens for the 2020/2021 academic year, registration 1,097 children reported by default, 714 more compared to the pre-pandemic year 2018/2019 e 208 cases of rejection for non-compliance found, 134 more than the 2018/2019 pre-pandemic course.

For Baccalaureate schools we talk about it 1,247 reports received for non-compliance, 329 more than the 2018/2019 prepandemic year e 425 cases of rejection for established non-compliance, 98 more than the 2018/2019 pre-pandemic course.

The map by neighborhoods

If you are going to analyze the data by neighborhood, by the Primarythe highest concentration of defaulters is recorded Municipalities 2 (Lawyer – Pendino Market), what happens from 4 to 46 suspended studentsand in the Municipalities 7 (Miano – Secondigliano – S.Pietro), which passes from 3 to 55 suspended students for absences.

Regarding the High schoolsignificant figures can be found in Municipalities 8 (Chiaiano – Piscinola – Scampia), with increase from 15 to 63 students who have failed for absences, and in Municipality 7 (Secondigliano – Miano – S.Pietro), which goes from 30 to 57 students who have been suspended for absences.

Parents who do not send their children to school are reported to social services

Parents who do not send their children of compulsory school age are at risk report to social services. And if the absences continue, there is also the risk of a complaint to the judicial authority and an intervention by the Court, which can entrust the children to other structures. It is a mechanism used to control and discourage any form of disaffection, or worse, actual school dropout.

How does the procedure work? The indications are dictated by the Circular for the control of the attendance to the school and the denunciation of the nonconforming students of the Regional Office of Campania of 2018, that foresees a system of complaint of breaches at the School Abandonment and Adult Education Service and at the same time at the Territorial Center for Social Services.

He Territorial Center of Social Services is called in 30 days from the complaint to the initial feedback on the minor’s condition. From this moment, a process of monitoring the perpetration of the non-compliance of which theadmonition to the parent of the minor registered as unjustifiably absent. The persistence of a condition of non-compliance generates at the end of the school year -after the votes, so that the crime against the child’s parent is based- a inform the judicial authority.

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