The “Dream of an early summer night” comes true in the Gallery: overcoming breast cancer

The Galleria di Legnano theater hosts the new fashion show of “Belle Everywhere and Anyway” theme The dream of an early summer night“: A happy afternoon to give you courage and show that you can fight breast cancer.

Legnano – The Galleria di Legnano theater hosts a “The dream of an early summer nightThat takes shape with the new fashion show of “Beautiful everywhere and anyway” organized by the Association “The sun in the heart” presided over by Valeria Vanossi and able, in the light of sold out for the nightto bring to the attention of the public an issue as important as delicate as the fight against breast cancer.

“Beautiful everywhere and anyway”

An evening in which the common thread was Lung cancer and that it has 28 women currently in therapy who, transformed into models overnight, will show on stage all their feminine grace, determination, solidarity, desire to live and be.

Several prominent local personalities also attended the evening, such as the network journalist 4 Emanuela Folliero (here is the link to your message) and the sample Umberto Pelizzariboth in video message.

The afternoon also saw the awards ceremony of the doctor Antonella Ferzi, for the passion he puts into his work and in the follow-up of cancer patients in the hospitals of Cuggiono and Legnano. One was also dedicated to the doctor moving letterwritten by its patients and read by the head of communications at Aemme Linea Ambiente, Gràcia Giuri.

Staying in Legnano, the night also saw the parade, at the opening of the one dedicated to the fight against cancer, of 8 Castellane de la Contrade del Palio de Legnano: an event very popular with the public.

Fun and courage with Valeria Vanossi

This is a great evening, I’m a little excited because it’s all a dream – the carriage is parked outside the theater and I’m dressed in the 800 style. – He started Valeria Vanossi continuing – It is the dress of dreams, but what is the dream? it is the dream of achieving healingbecause tonight will come some splendid models who have been affected by breast cancer anyway: who has been operated on, who is still in therapy, maybe one even cured. The dream, then, is that of healing.

A recovery that, unfortunately, Vanossi herself points out, can only be achieved with hard work: “We have to fight, the first is to fight. Of course, it is not easy when you are diagnosed with cancer to take it lightly, absolutely not, but if we think that today the research has advanced and 93% of women recoverhere we think, we must try to think positively, and the fundamental thing for me is the doctor you are dealing with. “

In life and on stage, therefore, the desire for success is fundamental, without forgetting to have fun.

The girls are very excited, there is also a new one but I assured them that they will have a great time, then the excitement once you get on stage disappears, because for us it’s also fun, and also it is a challenge, because they are women of all ages and are involved with private clothing, without shame to show oneself to others.

All united against breast cancer

But the issue of the fight against breast cancer it doesn’t just involve women: some young people will think of demonstrating a solidarity that goes beyond the genres during the parade and, off stage, the organizer Roberto Clericiwhich describes some especially special elements of this show:

Among the novelties are two characters you will see who will pay tribute: two really important people who recognized the importance of what we did two years ago and they still remembered it.“He explained Clericsemphasizing the importance of finally being able to cross the Gallery Forest “It will be a really happy evening for the girls, they were looking forward to the resumption of this custom and I must say we are expecting an excellent result. Houses and sponsors have always been close to our heads, and we’ve done something beautiful.

A “Nice thing”Therefore, also for its singularity, which separates an event like that of “Beautiful everywhere and anyway” other fashion shows.

This in the first place has a very important meaning because girls are not professionalsthey are girls who are having a pretty bad time, but I have to say that happiness is always seen in their eyes when they are models. – continues Clerics – initially they had some problems, they didn’t think they could do a show like this, let’s just say it’s important, because all in all last year was a great success.

Clerici then reveals some news from the 2022 edition: “Now we have fixed the shot on some things, there will be some too a ballet very handsome, made by young girls and there is the news of the boys. We have also joined two or three fashion paintings to some young aspiring models, some already established, who have also lent themselves very happily to this company.

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