The architect, technicians, and schools rely on the defense of heritage

A double conference in Vicenza and Marostica.

The architect, technicians, and schools rely on the defense of heritage

The Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators of Vicenza with Confindustria Vicenza and the Banca Popolare di Marostica-Volksbank Foundation, organize an important Technical Training Day on two dates, Thursday 30 June in Vicenza and Thursday 29 September in Marostica, entitled “The role of the architect in the Heritage Conservation and Restoration project. Complexity and synergies”.

Two face-to-face and live appointments

which have run out of places, but continue to collect numerous entries from all over Italy for streaming, for a topic, that of Heritage Conservation and Restoration, which represents an important chapter of the Italian economy if we take into account the many qualified professionals, as well as the repercussions offered to the tourism and cultural sector.

This Conference, desired by the Order of Architects PPC of Vicenza with the sponsorship of FOAV – Regional Federation of the Orders of Architects of the Veneto, Confartigianato Vicenza, Assorestauro and Magazine of Recovery and Conservation, will be hosted in two symbolic places of the historical heritage of our Province: the date of Thursday, June 30, 9 a.m. to 6 the “Sala Palladio” of the Palazzo Bonin Longare in Vicenza, headquarters of Confindustria Vicenza, and the September 29thin the “Sala del Buongoverno”, in the Doglione Palace in Marostica, headquarters of the Banca Popolare di Marostica-Volksbank Foundation.

Among the objectives of the conference,

for which professionals will be able to receive a total of 16 Vocational Training Credits, will address the problems of the public and private sector, the updating process, research surveys, the coexistence of historic buildings with technical systems and even more . topical issue, sustainability environment and latest technologies available to professionals.

The work of the architect is also encouraged by the relationship with the technical advisers, with the protection bodies, with the clients and with the companies.

Issues of great impact, both in the economy and in the planning of school education, from secondary school, which also affect the quality of interventions that translate into the quality of life of each citizen.

A varied and highly professional sector

which translates into economy, if we consider the Architectural Property as part of the most demanded tourist offer of the travelers who choose Italy.

Lisa Borinato, President of the Order of Architects of the PPC, welcomes the project:

“This new Council has strongly wanted to give space to issues that are too often treated in a marginal way, because they are considered specialists. Restoration is the exclusive competence of architects and conservators, which is why we have set up a Commission dedicated to these specific branches of our profession.

The large collection of inscriptions from all over Italy demonstrates the great interest that circulates in the restoration, and these two formative events are the first step towards a more widespread culture of the good conservation of our architectural heritage “.

A Commission that is made up of 45 members, many of whom will be present at the Conference.

Thursday, June 30,

with the greetings of the Mayor of Vicenza Francesco Rucco, President Borinato, the coordinator of the Commission of Architectural Heritage and Landscape of the OAPPC, Sonia Cattazzo and Elena Zironda, Provincial President of Restoration and Various Arts – Confartigianato of Vicenza, a moderate cycle the interventions will continue in charge of Andrea Griletto of Assorestauro.

Significant restoration projects such as those of Villa Trissino ai Cricoli, Villa Trissino in Meledo di Sarego or proposals for the recovery of the terraced landscapes of the Alta Valle del Brenta will be examined.

Recent discoveries in Palladian buildings, such as those of Villa Pisani Bonetti and Villa Caldogno, are certainly fascinating, and you can also get to know the ongoing works of restoration schools, such as Engim Veneto for Villa Thiene di Quinto, but also the role of trusts in supporting economic burdens, or how to intervene in the mountain area, with the empowerment of memories of the First World War in the Prealps.

The second appointment, on September 29 in Marostica,

will host another illustrious public, with case studies of the Polytechnic of Milan, the University La Sapienza of Rome, the IUAV of Venice, the Lazio Region, the Superintendence of the BSAE for the provinces of PD, BL and TV, offered by so many acquaintances. professionals such as Paolo Portoghesi, Amedeo Bellini, Paolo Faccio and Giovanni Carbonara.

For information on registration, you can contact the Vicenza OAPPC Organization Secretariat by email:

OAPPC – Order of Architects,
Planners, landscape architects and conservators
of the province of Vicenza

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