The Amgen Foundation and the Spoleto Festival explore the world of scientific research

Amgen Biotech Experience it is a unique initiative of its kind. It is a program supported by the Amgen Foundation, an institution commissioned by Amgen, a world leader in pharmaceutical biotechnology, which promotes and supports science education and training activities around the world. A distinctive feature of Amgen Biotech Experience is the opportunity to do so making high school students discover the emotion and processes of scientific discoveryoffering teaching materials, experimental equipment and curricula with an innovative and attractive approach.

The meeting in Spoleto, introduced by a greeting speech from Mayor Andrea Sisti He was born in the vice president of the Amgen Foundation, Scott Heimlich together with many foreign guests, it will allow you to know more about the vision, the contents, the results of this program, active in Italy since 2017 thanks to the collaboration with ANISN – National Association of Teachers of Natural Sciences.

ABE is an international program involving 24 partners from three continents, in Italy it has gradually expanded to 10 Italian regions, and has already participated so far. 8,400 students, 250 teachers and 150 institutessays Anna Pascucci, vice president of ANISN and director of programs in Italy – numbers that testify to the validity of the program and its widespread action thanks to a strong scientific association, the creation of an active and motivated community of educators, especially thanks to the continued support of the Amgen Foundation in its commitment to inspire and form. the next generation of scientists “.

The different round tables planned during the meeting will testify to the vision of the program and stimulate reflection on pollution among the most innovative experiences born of the synergies between education and scientific research through a journey without borders of exploration and sharing between students, educators and scientists.

Being invited to a prestigious event such as the Spoleto Festival offers an extraordinary opportunity for dialogue and mutual enrichment between the worlds of culture, creativity and medical-scientific innovation, the common denominator of which is the continuous experimentation that opens the doors to the future. declares Soren Giese, President and CEO of Amgen Italia. “Inspiring young people by helping to bring new talent to scientific and biotechnology research is an integral part of Amgen’s commitment to the community. Supporting the growth of an innovation ecosystem, especially in the biomedical field, is essential and strategic for patients, research and the economy.

Amgen Biotech Experience offers the schools participating in the program a set of tools and training that make a real laboratory activity possible, for the benefit of the effectiveness of learning. In addition, the EBA’s biotechnology laboratories have also been available for two years, the multimedia platform for science education developed by Harvard University with the support of the Amgen Foundation. Launched in 2019, Labxchange it has already arrived more than 20 million of users around the world and the goal is to get there 50 million in 2025. To this end, the Amgen Foundation has decided to confirm its financial commitment to the platform for the next three years, with an additional endowment of $ 30 million.

In Italy, the expansion of Amgen Biotech Experience to the digital dimension has reached nearly 50,000 users and expanded the audience of schools by making this experience accessible to a greater number of teachers and students spread throughout most of the territory. national.

The program presented in Spoleto is an expression of the Amgen Foundation’s broader commitment to the global development of culture and science education among young people. Among other initiatives, it stands out for its qualitative characteristics and impact, Scholars Amgenan international program that offers the most deserving students of the faculties of medicine-science to live an experience of two months within international research teams, in experimental environments of the highest level of the most prestigious university institutions in the world: among these Harvard, Stanford and, in Europe, Cambridge, the ETH of Zurich, the Pasteur of Paris, the Karolinska of Stockholm and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität of Munich.

So far about 4,000 university students from around the world have been able to access Amgen Scholars and Italy is among the top five countries in Europe by the number of applications to the program: more than 100 in the last two editions, with 30 young people talents. from our country who have so far been able to participate in the project. The number and profile of Italian students who will participate in the program this year will soon be known, following its resumption following the suspension linked to the COVID emergency.

Amgen Foundation

The Amgen Foundation promotes excellence in science education to inspire the next generation of innovators and to invest in strengthening the communities where Amgen staff members live and work. To date, the Foundation has donated more than $ 300 million to local, regional and international non-profit organizations and influences society in an inspiring and innovative way.

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Amgen’s commitment is aimed at exploring the potential of biology to meet the needs of patients suffering from serious illnesses, creating innovative therapies that are the result of their own research, development and production. It is an approach that builds on the most advanced developments in genetic research to address the complexity of diseases and understand the fundamental aspects of human biology.

Amgen focuses its activity on areas that have important medical needs not yet covered and uses its experience to develop solutions that improve people’s health and, more generally, the quality of life throughout the therapeutic journey. Among the pioneers of biotechnology since 1980, Amgen has grown to become a world leader in the field, has reached millions of patients around the planet and is developing a portfolio of drugs with highly innovative potential.

Amgen is one of 30 companies listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and is also part of the Nasdaq-100 index. In 2021, it was selected among the 25 best jobs in the world by Fortune and Great Place to Work, and by Barron’s among the 100 most sustainable companies in the world.

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National Association of Natural Science Teachers (ANISN)

The Association is based on a “strong and motivated” voluntary service of teachers, scientists, experts in the field, to support innovative processes in order to improve the professionalism of teaching and the quality of science education in Italy. , well aware of the role of motor. that Science teachers and teaching play a role in the training and scientific culture of future student citizens.

ANISN, founded in 1979, is a non-profit association with legal personality registered in the Register of Third Sector Entities (ETS), authorized by the MIUR for teacher training and accredited as an external subject in the administration of the center in the promotion of initiatives for the improvement of excellence. referring to high school students. It is organized into 26 sections present in all Italian regions. It makes use of strong, widespread local, national, and international partnerships. For more information visit the website

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