The 12 Marys of the Venice Carnival 2022 have been chosen

Mira, Eraclea, Lido, Venice, Mestre, Marghera: they are full of determination, eager to feel protagonists and with a common dream: to become Mary of the Venice Carnival 2022. The day of love and celebration of St. The Chapter House of the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista was the setting for the dreams and hopes of 53 girls in the metropolitan city of Venice between the ages of 18 and 28, all aspiring to be the 12 Marys of the Venice Carnival 2022.

As is tradition, 12 of them were selected by the technical jury and the “patron” Maria Grazia Bortolato, and in the coming days will compete for the famous title animating palaces, parties in Venice, Mestre and the islands dressed in clothes in size of the 16th century of the Atelier.Pietro Longhi who, on the occasion of the celebrations of the 1600 years of Venice, revised the model of the dress used from 2013 to last year.

The annual celebrations dedicated to the Virgin

Revived by visionary director Bruno Tosi in 1999 and eventually becoming one of the main events of the Venice Carnival, the Festa delle Marie recalls a historical event that really happened. It was in the year 973 when in the church of San Pietro di Castello, during the annual celebrations dedicated to the purification of the Virgin, twelve Venetian girls were kidnapped by a group of Dalmatian pirates.

After a persecution organized by Duke Pietro Candiano III, the girls were released and brought back to Venice. Since then, the Festa delle Marie is celebrated every year in the city of the lagoon with methods and rites that have changed over the centuries.

In the modern renaissance, the recurrence is usually opened by a procession of 12 girls and more than 300 extras who, remembering the kidnapping of young women, parade from San Pietro di Castello to St. Mark’s Square.

The pandemic and health restrictions will not allow the usual procession to take place this year, such as the flight of the Angel who traditionally sees the winner of the previous edition’s competition descend from the bell tower to Plaça la Maria, but the 12 Marias they will, however, be the protagonists, in the city and on the continent, of events, visits and parties in the palaces.

The 12 Marys of the Venice Carnival 2022 are:

  1. Alessia Alberti, 23, of the Lido in Venice
  2. Alice Bars, 21, of Heraclea
  3. Aurora De Gaspari, 19, of Venice
  4. Beatrice Bassan, 19, of Mira
  5. Beatrice Cocchia, 27, of the Lido in Venice
  6. Giorgia Benatelli, 19, of Venice
  7. Giulia Rossetti, 27, of Spinea
  8. Laura Gastaldi, 22, of Venice
  9. Nicole Padoan, 19, of the Lido in Venice
  10. Sara De Lazzari, 18 years of Margher
  11. Silvia Pianon, 27, of Venice
  12. Veronica Cortese, 21, of Marghera

Melanie Arioli and Giulia Caramel the two bridesmaids.

The pride of the “Patron”

Maria Grazia Bortolato says: “The jury chose the 12 girls very well. Time and days will tell if they will all be Marys worthy of that name and role. I’m happy because we finally attended. This party, as every year, the girls will remember for a lifetime because a Mary is Mary forever ”.

The new costume

The Festa delle Marie is also a unique time to admire the costumes of the Venetian tradition. For this edition, which is celebrated in the year of the 1600th anniversary of Venice, the Atelier Pietro Longhi has decided to revise the model that the 12 girls will wear during the Carnival 2022 dates.

Inspired by the works of the 16th century Venetian painter Tiziano Vecellio, Francesco Briggi, Anna Zappella and Raffaele Dessì, they chose the mid-16th century clothing lines and, as a fabric, an ivory and champagne-colored damask with floral designs. , produced by the historic Rubelli fabric. The relationship between the Atelier and the Venice Carnival has been a professional relationship that has lasted nine years, or since, in 2013, the then artistic director Davide Rampello asked Briggi to change the costumes of the 12 Marys.

By the general manager of the Merchant of Venice

Briggi explains: “I bought about 60 meters of fabric from Rubelli: they need between 4.5 and 5 meters for each dress. I decided not to depend more on the late 15th century, early 16th century, but went to Titian and into the mid-16th century. I chose more light. A fabric that returns to a light color. This is also due to the fact that in Venice very often brides wore light, a little ahead of modern tastes.

Maria Grazia Bortolato adds: “In the first editions, the choice of Bruno Tosi was to rely on a costume rental, which Tosi has inherited the role of organizer and curator of the recreation of the Marys since 2012 – Initially the girls were 7 and not 12 and there was no in-depth study of the dress as it is today.In 2010 we relied on the Atelier of Francesca Serafini in Padua who designed the dress and was characterized by medieval outlines with layers In 2013, however, the collaboration began with the Atelier Pietro Longhi, which still accompanies us today and has designed two different pieces: the one used until last year and the new one that will be worn by the 12 Maries de Carnival 2022 “.

The jury

The selection of the 12 Marys of Carnival 2002 was made thanks to the votes of a technical jury made up of 13 experts in entertainment, communication, glamor and traditions: Roberto Papetti, director of Gazzettino; Massimo Checchetto, artistic director of the Carnival; Francesca Pederoda, director of Casa Goldoni; Paolo Polato, Abusdef executive; Gloria Rogliani, rowing champion; Claudio Vernier, president of the San Marco Association; Andrea Rubelli, Rebel Weaver; Giovanni Giusto, municipal councilor delegated to traditions; Cristina Scarpa, Director of Events. De la Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista; Marco Vidal, Merchant General Manager of Venice; Francesco Briggi, Atelier Pietro Longhi; Eleonora Fuser, actress and cultural worker; Matteo Zava, Costa Cruises.

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