Sabatino, the ageless bomber flies to the European Championships with the Azzurre

The center forward called his 37th birthday. Despite the purple girls ’tough season, she is the top scorer

It was the birthday present she hoped to receive and arrived on time, as in the most beautiful fairy tales: Daniela Sabatino is among the 23 Italians who will take part in the next European Championship, from 6 to 31 July in England . A competition that at the starting line will see among the 16 protagonists an Italy that has risen more and more in recent years after the great feat of the 2019 World Cup in France.

Coach Milena Bertolini announced the official list yesterday, the day the Fiorentina striker turned 37 years old. The most awaited news came, then, as he blew out the candles: he could wish no more as he trusted Coverciano a few days ago during the meeting, speaking of her with his proverbial sympathy. “I’ll do my best to get Milena in trouble and convince her to call me. I’ve been working upside down for a year to achieve that goal.”

Said and done, wish fulfilled and dream come true, he raises his glasses. So Daniela Sabatino is among the “magnificent 23” confirming herself as one of the most successful and iconic players in our football (so much so that her name appears in the encyclopedia Treccani) and also Fiorentina of which she was the great driver of last season. In addition to her, will also be the goalkeeper in England goalkeeper Katja Schroffenegger (call that smells of revenge after several injuries) and Valentina Giacinti who played 6 months in Florence where she came on loan from Milan: her name is with Sabatino in the group of strikers along with Juventus Barbara Bonansea, Agnese Bonfantini and Cristiana Girelli and Milan player Martina Piemonte.

However, if Giacinti’s future is in Rome, Daniela’s is still promising purple, as she herself always reiterated to Coverciano: “I still have a one-year contract and I intend to respect it, and less than I have also started to speak Florentine “. he said. he said between laughter. Having surpassed the 30-year threshold, the Abruzzo striker in her role remains one of the best: just think that last season, very painful for Fiorentina who found themselves fighting for salvation, it still managed to conquer the title of maximum goleadora with 15 goals in 22 parties. “I am sorry that Fiorentina have had such a difficult year, but the fact that I have given my contribution filled me with great satisfaction.” For Daniela, also included in the top 11 of the last championship, this is the third victory in the top scorer in Serie A. Not only that: of 16 consecutive championships, almost since she got serious, she always manages to score by hitting . the double digit.

And this too, together with the number of trophies won (two league titles, four Italian Cups and the same number of Super Cups with the clubs Brescia and Reggiana) is a fact that makes it one of the best forwards in our football . So far he has scored 380 goals in the top division in 492 games (still 8, therefore, and will reach 500), while in the national team where he has been playing since 2005 after skipping the whole youth process. (more unique than rare) has scored 32 goals in 68 games so far. In 2019 he was part of the expedition that after 20 years competed again in the World Cup and, curiously, the rector of his hometown, Castelguidone, in the Alt Vastese, moved an hour the procession of San Vito to allow everyone to see the illustrious compatriot engaged as a starter in the challenge with Jamaica who projected the Blues, winning 5-0, in the round of 16. For the record, Italy went all the way to record quartering placement, making an entire country fall in love with their exciting and thrilling journey. Which obviously Sabatino and his colleagues intend to repeat in a few days in England as well.

“We are in a difficult group, with Belgium, Iceland and especially France, one of the favorites, against whom we will make our debut on July 10. But I also think our opponents are afraid of us. In my opinion – said the viola striker – we are in the selection that can reach the event. In short, Daniela is already trembling and can’t wait. “They consider me kind of an older sister,” she said with a smile. From today he will be in retreat with the other blue in Castel di Sangro for the last phase of preparation and the last friendly (on July 1 with Spain) before crossing the Canal. The coach has left out the younger players to rely on the hooves of the faithful and Sabatino is naturally among them, the firefighter who continues to score and dream despite the hands of the clock. “I still feel very young and especially when I’m on the pitch I have fun. Never look back, we always have to look for new challenges ”. It is no coincidence that his nickname is ‘High Voltage’. And that says it all


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