more than 6000 units of blood collected in Basilicata thanks to thousands of volunteers and donors! Here are the details

It was held in the city of Venousthe annual regional assembly of partners Trust which was attended by one hundred delegates from all sections of the territory of Lucca called to comply with the acts provided for in the articles of association.

Approved unanimously:

  • the moral relationship of the Regional President of Pancrazio Toscano;
  • the report to the financial statements of administrative secretary, Raffaele Marasco;
  • the report of the coordinator of the youth group, Mirko De Palma;
  • the health report of Fidas Medical Director, Dr. Gerardo Silvano;
  • the report of the congress coordinator of president, Giuseppe Comanda He was born in chairman of the auditors, Michele Fierri.

Filippo Orlando took over as chairman of the session.

To open the meeting with greetings Msgr. Rocco Talucci, bishop of the diocese of Tursi-Lagonegro, who has wanted to thank the donors for the gift of the blood that regenerates life, as well as the blood of Christ shed for the salvation of men.

Following Antonio Bronzino (regional president of CSV but above all a founding member of Fidas, where he has held various positions for more than forty years also at national level) focused on the centrality of the world of volunteering in an increasingly difficult society, which can no longer ignore ‘be done without proper professionalism.

New challenges for the future of Fidas in the blood system that can only be a stimulus to do better and better in the service of others.

These are the words that the Tuscan President pronounced the opening of his report:

“The pandemic has stopped the world, but not the generosity of blood donors.

This year we have recorded an increase and in particular the units of blood collected were 6006 with an increase of 275 units while apheresis procedures were 1604 with a minimum reduction of 59 procedures.

Thanks and thanks to all the people who have passed in this period, at the risk of their health and without time and time limits, for welcoming donors and preparing everything so that the collections were carried out with maximum security. .

A similar thanks goes to all the medical and nursing staff who, with great professionalism, have been able to manage, in the best possible way, all the situations that arose, giving the maximum support and collaboration.

The territory of Lucca presents many areas where there the promotion of the donation gesture is not present.

Awareness-raising, attracting new groups and gaining the loyalty of blood donors and blood components is a priority not only for the growth of Fidas but above all to compensate for the losses in the area due to depopulation and the persistent demographic. trend, characterized by the aging of the population and the decrease in the birth rate with the consequent progressive decrease in the number of young people to whom the recruitment of new donors must be directed.

Our actions contribute to the achievement / maintenance of regional and national self-sufficiency.

The Ministerial Decree of 1 March 2020 defined the national indicators of self-sufficiency such as 40 units / 1000 inhabitants for red blood cell production I 18 kg / 1000 inhabitants per year for plasma production.

Currently in Basilicata these values ​​are practically achieved but it is worth maintaining them.

The increasingly demanding regulations in the qualitative aspect of the donation itself and now also in the administrative / managerial issue require a professional volunteer, a competent volunteer and I would say that also more and more present in issues of partners.

The long-announced Third Sector Reform has long come to life and has highlighted the many problems facing associations.

Competence in dialogue is required, always difficult with the regional institutions to be protagonists playing an active, authorized and proactive role towards the Institutions, the regional coordination structures to give our contribution to the identification of the organizational lines to contribute to the Program to achieve self-sufficiency.

I think it is my duty to give my sincere thanks to everyone and a warm thank you especially to the donors ”.

Here are some photos from the day.


(Judicial Authorization No. 466)

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