Giunta: the measures approved in the session of June 27

(REGFLASH) Pescara, June 27 The regional council, at the proposal of the President, Marco Marsilio, having 9 million euros of funds from the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), through the structure of the Commissioner for Reconstruction, has given a mandate to Trenitalia for the ” purchase of hydrogen trains on the Sulmona-L’Aquila line.

With the aim of simplifying the administration, the activation of a unified and standardized regional form on the regional rules of authorization, institutional accreditation and contractual agreements of the public and private health and socio-health structures that will be published has been approved. , again with the contribution of President Marsilio. He also approved a unified form also for the “impresainungiorno” portal. The elaboration of these forms, for the presentation of applications to the Unique Office of Productive Activities, was necessary to homologate the administrative procedure to autonomic level.

Forward, again at the suggestion of President Marsilio, to the new manual on information prices for construction works in the Abruzzo region. The main updates to the Abruzzo 2022 price list refer, first of all, to labor costs. As unique data for Abruzzo, the highest hourly cost recorded in the four provinces of Abruzzo for each level is assumed, as agreed and approved by CE.RE.MO.CO. and CRTA: 1st level € 24.18 – 2nd level € 26.84 – 3rd level € 28.91 – 4th level € 30.44.

Likewise, a revision of the present items and the update of the prices in the different chapters was foreseen, with the fulfillment of the valid rule. The following are the proposed new items with relative price analysis (e.g., beam node confinement systems, anti-seismic devices for doors, rock fall barriers and anchors, doors and windows, anti-shredding systems, heat sinks, networks and reinforcements, electrical systems, technological innovations). with new materials also for thermal insulation and thermotechnical systems for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability). Finally, the 2022 percent incidences of labor, materials, and transportation rates provided for in the approved list items are provided.

The price list of Abruzzo 2022, with the corresponding deeds, will be available in the coming days on the institutional website of the Regional Council of Abruzzo:

In relation to the ordinary part of the Plan for the Development and Cohesion of Abruzzo 2000-2020, again with the contribution of President Marsilio, the reprogramming of the economies was approved. The Regional Council, considering the need to increase the technical capacities of the administration and promote structural improvement also by strengthening the ARIC, to ensure adequate capacity for the implementation of FSC-funded interventions of both regional structures as well as local authorities, proposes the programming of the FSC Funds, in favor of the same ARIC, for the intervention related to the “Regional e-procurement platform to support the activities of the Development and Cohesion Plan, PSC 2000- 2020 ”for an amount equal to 150 thousand euros.

In the matter of guidelines in European matter for the elaboration of the European regional law, to approve, on the initiative of the president Marsilio, the proposal of directives (year 2022), on the part of the Executive in the Regional Council for the participation of the Region in training and implementation of European law. The Report on the state of compliance with the regional order with the European order (2021) was also approved. The Report on the state of compliance of the regional system with the European system (2021) illustrates the state of the regional system with regard to the obligations arising from Italy’s membership of the Union, taking into account the so-called phase descendant of European law. , the ascending phase, as well as the status of the infringement proceedings in force against the Region. This document also takes into account the activities carried out in relation to competition and state aid for the creation of the so-called Single Market. The act in question also involves the conclusion of the legislative procedure for the year 2021, which is taken into account in the Compliance Report, and the start of the new analysis procedure by which the County Council formulates the guidelines of the annual course to the County Council, which in turn will proceed to the final approval of the same final political act.

At the initiative of the Councilor for Budgets Guido Quintino Liris, in the framework of the Financial Forecast Budget 2022-2024, green light to the variation for the record of income and expenditure arising from restricted allocations. Specifically: FSC 2014-2020 road repair for the Giro d’Italia and Tirreno-Adriatico 2022 (1 million 700 thousand euros), FSC 2007-2013 redevelopment of municipal sports facilities (307 thousand 89 euros), restoration after the earthquake 2009 ex IPAB L’Aquila (1 million euros), PON Inclusion 2014-2020 – Interventions to strengthen capacities in favor of territorial areas (483 thousand 62 euros), POR-FESR 2014-2020 promotion of eco-efficiency in public buildings (169 thousand 911 euros), FSC 2014 -2020 interventions to support business consulting services in the livestock sector (574 thousand euros), implementation of initiatives to strengthen tourism promotion (2 million 16 thousand euros) , FSC interventions 2014/2020 to deal with the Covid emergency in favor of coastal municipalities (1 million 150 thousand euros) and reception of parents detained with children in family homes (26 thousand 268 euros). In relation to the ATER of Lanciano, the program of reinvestment of the collection derived from the sale of the house referred to the year 2021 has been approved. It is an amount equal to 194 thousand 728 euros.

Advance, at the proposal of the Councilor for Health, Nicoletta Verì, within the framework of the National Chronicity Plan, the approval of the update relating to the Diagnostic Therapeutic Assistance Route on inflammatory and autoimmune rheumatic diseases. Created, again on the initiative of Councilor Nicoletta Verì, the Regional Committee in relation to the National Collective Agreement for the discipline of relations with free-choice paediatricians, already implemented by the State-Regions Conference.

At the proposal of the Vice President and Councilor for Agriculture, Emanuele Imprudente, the municipalities / entities managing the regional nature reserves and parks have been identified as managing the areas of the European Ecological Network Natura 2000 for the territories of competence, the basis of two community directives. The managing bodies of SCIs (Sites of Community Interest) that are totally or partially included within a national and / or regional protected area are the same managers of the protected areas (for example: national, regional parks, regional reserves) and , in the case that the SIC is within the municipal territory of a single municipality, is the municipality. For SCIs (now SACs) included in the territory of several municipalities or in several protected areas, the managing entity may be identified between the unions of municipalities, or through an agreement between municipalities, or a leading municipality is designated by prior agreement. between municipalities. Imprudente’s contribution, the property “ex Casone di Guardia ARSSA”, located in Via Circonfucense snc, was transferred free of charge to the Municipality of San Benedetto dei Marsi (AQ). of the same Municipality.At the initiative of the vice-president Emanuele Imprudente, in the frame of the RDP Abruzzo 2014-2022, the manual of operations of the “List of prices of the maximum costs of reference of agricultural machinery and equipment for the region of the Abruzzo”. The “Reference Cost Calculator for Agricultural Machinery” has also been adopted. The aim is to adopt a different methodology that allows potential beneficiaries to check the maximum reference prices of the categories of machinery and equipment as an alternative to the presentation of the three estimates, without prejudice to the declaration at real costs of the expenditure incurred.

It is approved, at the proposal of the Councilor for Budgets, Guido Quintino Liris, a modification of the budget for the registration in the year 2022 of the fractions recorded in the presumed administrative result 2021 as a reserve of contentious, in order to provide economic funds. coverage of the resulting charges for different executive measures of administrative justice.

Authorization granted to the Foundation “Casa Accoglienza F.lli Alfonso and Luigi Genova Rulli” of Vasto, at the proposal of Commissioner Pietro Quaresimale, to proceed with the alienation of land with a total area of ​​2,075 square meters.

The Council, at the proposal of Councilor Nicola Campitelli, approved the appropriate modification of the Regional Landscape Plan (PRP) as part of the procedure for the variation of the Executive Plan of Urbanism (PRE) of the municipality of Monteferrante (CH) for construction of the Municipal Operations Center (COC) Always at the proposal of Councilor Nicola Campitelli, the regional council, taking into account the slowdowns in administrative action due to the epidemiological emergency of COVID-19, in relation to the public announcement for the concession. of contributions to municipalities for urban planning on the basis of the Autonomous Law No. 18 of 1983, provided for the provision of longer deadlines for the conclusion of the process of formation of the urban plan (PRG, PRE or general variant of the same). In addition, the resolution also provided for the displacement of the ranking relative to the same Notice, published on the regional website at https: // …, until to the amount allocated for the current year, equal to 285 thousand euros. (REGFLASH) DURA / 220627

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