Elisa Zanette is the opposite of Futura Volley

BUSTO ARSIZIO (VARESE) – Sports Director Lucchini continues with clear ideas and myopia the work of strengthening the staff of the Futura Giovani Busto Arsizio. Seat 2 of the bustocca team will be brilliantly covered by firefighter Elisa Zanette, a top-tier player, ready to play the role of the first hammer of the whites and reds. Born in 1996, with 193 cm in height, originally from Vittorio Veneto, this is the brief identikit of the new “cocca” Elisa, a complete player in full maturity, who has spent eight seasons at the highest levels and many points in land as dowry. .


He grew up in nursery volleyball, a forge of talent, Volleyball in which there are 3 seasons played in the minor leagues, Igor Volley Novara track in the highest category, with which also comes the first success of his career, the victory of the Italian Cup. The summer of the same year is propitious, in fact the call of blue arrives with the selection sub-20 with which Elisa puts in the neck the bronze of the World-wide one in Puerto Rico. Federal interest is also felt the following season with the blue call. , this time for Club Italia, with whom he plays one more season in the top category. Hence the choice to accept the challenge of the A2 series, where there are 4 consecutive seasons with the shirts of the order of Palmì, San Giovanni Marignano and Mondovì. The successes and high-level performances are worth for the Venetian opponent in the 2017/18 season a triptych of titles, the Italian Cup of the category with the conquest of the MVP recognition of the tournament and best scorer of the entire championship with beauty of 775 points on the scoreboard in the 40 games played. Performances that still make him sound the sirens of the top series with the choice that falls again to Novara first and then to Cuneo, last season, coach Lavarini who focuses on her on several occasions, also giving eight appearances in the Champions. League, where he adds 21 points.


What were the main reasons that led you to choose to wear this t-shirt?

First of all, I want to say that I am very satisfied and happy to be here. It was definitely a thoughtful choice, I heard a lot of good things about the company and immediately had proof of it, I realized I was in an ambitious, serious environment with important goals.

I also think Busto is a very important place and the right place for me to allow myself to grow more and get great satisfaction together. “.

What do you expect from the next championship?

I think it will be a long and complex journey. There will be a lot of organized teams and we will always have to look after ourselves. It will be very important to be a group and we will have to be good at finding the right alchemy within the team in a broad sense, complete team and staff. I think this is a crucial aspect because throughout my career I have also seen in the past very strong teams technically and tactically lose championships precisely because they lacked this feature, so this will be key to doing well. “.

What do you think are your main strengths that you will bring to the team and your personal goals?

I am definitely a determined and brave girl in the field, I try to give my best on every occasion having a clear goal that I prefer not to realize because I am a bit superstitious. I want to put myself at the service of the team with a great desire to learn and improve because I believe there is always something to learn in every situation. “.

Any curiosity about you, hobbies, passions? How will you spend the summer?

I love to take long walks in the mountains with my dog, so as soon as possible I will dedicate myself to this. This summer I will also spend time at home in Belluno with my family. For the rest, I would also like to dedicate myself to carrying out professional courses, such as English courses. “.

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