DL 36, online petition to the President of the Republic

The teacher. Rosario Melissa released a request online on change, org of Decree Law 36/2022. This is the link https://chng.it/fzWpPKwDdk.

We report the text of the resource.


To the President of the Italian Republic

Hon. Sergio Mattarella

Illustrious President of the Honorable Republic Sergio Mattarella

With deep sorrow but also with so much hope and confidence in you, the public school teachers write this letter to you a few days after the approval in the Senate of DL 36/2022.

When listening to your first speech in the United Chambers, we especially appreciated the attention you paid to the right to study and the future of our students: “guaranteeing the Constitution means guaranteeing the right of our children to study in a modern school in safe environments. , they guarantee their right to the future. “So nothing to object to his words. What is not understood, however, is why the right to study of future generations should be confused with the right to maintain and finance a nationwide “car” that costs you, the President of the Republic, more than two million euros.

In fact, a lot will be spent on the so-called High School. This will be responsible for the permanent updating of teachers and will be funded until 2026 by the PNRR and from 2027 with the cut of the teacher’s card and especially with the cut of 11,600 places in the staff of the autonomy. Jobs will be cut to have teachers “trained” to work in chicken classes, because that is what it is and in the meantime the president of the said School will receive, numbers in hand, 246,846 euros per year, as the director general, who , in turn, will have the support of a so-called second-level executive for the modest sum of 151,165 euros per year. And that’s not all, because then there will be officials who will receive 542,522 euros per year and five more people, two of whom are appointed by the Minister of Education, which between reimbursements and expenses will cost us more than 800,000 euros per year. All this money to maintain what we have called ‘cart’ above, money that only serves to decide which courses to follow the teachers and choose the agencies to commission the training, which therefore has to be paid with other funds, even more substantial.

This is not done for the good of the students because, with these cuts, they will continue to increase the numerous classes formed by 25/30 students in which it is difficult to do the job of teacher well. On the contrary, instead of reducing the number of students in each classroom and ensuring a better education for all, we have the birth rate and the national average of children per class to justify this cut of 11,600 jobs.

But this is an altered conception of reality, dictated by a rather big mistake, as the number of students per class is made up not only of Italian students, but also of foreign children and / or outside the EU (now almost the 5-10% for each class). class). Similarly, it would be incorrect to refer to the national average of components per class when 52% of the 8,101 Italian municipalities belong to mountain communities, where the number of students almost always does not reach ten units.

Mr. President, it is truly incredible to have witnessed this totally distorted view of Public Education, within which for our counselor the problem is attributable to teachers and their training. It is really absurd that the enrichment of the training bodies and their directors is justified with the excuse of training teachers that after graduation, 24 CFU, the TFA for the modest sum of 4000 euros, the transversal competition with ministerial questions with blue pencil. errors, practical, written, computer, English and oral tests are not yet formed.

With funds from the PNR, the school administration should have had only one priority: halve the number of students per class, increase the staff, because it is necessary to increase the number of chairs, certainly not reduce -so, because instead we want. to make and return a little dignity to all those Italian teachers who receive the lowest salaries in the whole of the European Community.

In addition, this DL 36 further encourages the already inexplicable disunity among teachers with a “one-off” increase, introducing a corporate-selective policy in the school, in contrast to the real public role of the school institution. The reform even “rewards” those who do not participate in mobility, harming the right to the family. In addition, the decree does not consider precarious workers, putting them in competition with new teachers, once again evading requests from the European Commission to combat the abuse of precarious work.

And so, instead of arguing in Parliament:

  • national contract that has 40 months expiration (and with it the new one would already be old because it would also have already expired 4 months);
  • recover 8 inflation points;
  • introduce compensation for biological risk that has not even been taken into account;
  • straighten the lowest wages in all of Europe;
  • the right to the sacrosanct recovery of purchasing power for all and to a change of direction that leads to economically sustainable increases, but also and above all socially acceptable;
  • food vouchers for school workers who now see their loved ones at the table only once or twice a week;

instead, we always talk about cuts because it is what we are talking about, because hidden under the name of decree 36 there is actually a HUMILIATING decree, because it involves a subtle increase in real labor commitment, without this corresponding to a salary extra.

This call for your authorized intervention for the protection of the constitutional right to study and work and for the defense of articles 21 and 33 of our Constitution, is an expression of the great unrest that runs through the entire community of Italian teachers and the generation of young people. gent.que are the future of our Republic.

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