CRV – Green light in the 2021 Report of the Regional Guarantor of Human Rights

(Arv) Venice June 28, 2022 – The Regional Council of Veneto, during today’s session, has unanimously approved Report no. 82, or the Report of the Autonomous Guarantor of Personal Rights of 2021, a provision incardinated in the First Committee of the Board that dismissed him in the second half of May -after the acquisition of the competent opinion expressed by the Fifth Committee- and il Illustrated in the classroom by Councilor Laura Cestari (Lega-LV), a member of the parent company of the Democratic Party Giacomo Possamai.

The Guarantor is a figure provided for by the Statute of the Veneto and governed by the L. Reg. No. 37/2013 which brings together the functions of the ombudsman, the guarantor of children and adolescents and the guarantor of the rights of persons deprived of personal liberty. On July 20, 2021, with its own resolution, the Legislative Assembly identified the Guarantor in Mario Caramel, whose oath was taken before the Legislative Assembly on the following July 28 and who, therefore, acted in continuity. with Mirella Gallinaro, whom he succeeded after two or three years. -annual orders.

Among the data highlighted by the speaker, Councilor Cestari, the figures for civil defense applications received by the Guarantor, which in 2021 were 336, of which 143 correspond to the right of access; in this regard Coassessor Possamai that 65 instances were deemed inadmissible for lack of requirements, probably indicating an as yet unexplained knowledge of the tasks and functions of Granada. With regard to the protection of minors, 457 applications have been sent to the Office on behalf of persons wishing to be appointed guardians (406 by the juvenile court and 51 by the guardianship judges of ordinary courts) and 45 advice on protections in place. With regard to institutional listening relating to the functions of protection, education, training or representation against children and adolescents, 190 cases have been opened involving 169 minors, of whom 61 are foreigners. and 3 of undetectable nationality. On these aspects, the parent company of Il Veneto che Vogliamo Elena Ostnael stressed the particular complexity, and the need to investigate the issue of the condition of adolescents in post-Covid, with special reference to pathologies related to psychiatry and the difficulty of finding them available. the reception.

Regarding the situation of prisoners (in the Veneto, the overcrowding rate in the Penitentiary Institutes -all visited by the Guarantor- went from 138% in 2019 to 120% in 2021, below and in any case lower than the national figure ) the files opened were 66:11 relating to the Treviso prison, 11 to Vicenza, 4 to Padua, 3 to Venice, 2 to Belluno; 10 in the prison of Padua, 10 in the prison of Venice, 2 in the prison of Verona. There are 13 cases relating to people in alternative measures, or of restricted personal liberty. In addition, 8 open complaints were processed the previous year (3 relating to the Padua prison, 1 to the Treviso prison, 1 to the Treviso Penitentiary Institute, 2 to the Vicenza prison and 1 relating to a measure alternative to detention). In this case, the Coassessora stressed the need for a particular cultural approach to the re-education of prisoners. Finally, in 2021, the Municipalities of Padua and Venice appointed their own Guarantors for the rights of detainees: the Municipal Assessors supported the Regional Authority for meetings with detainees held in the four prisons. which persist in these territories, conducting interviews only with those who have expressly requested the intervention of the regional guarantor.

The editorial responsibility and the contents referred to in this press release are the responsibility of the VENETO REGIONAL COUNCIL.

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