CASERTA. Total war at the Buonarroti Institute: employees present complaints and formalities to the administrative manager Grasso: “We have been denied money for years, which is our right”

Hard tones in three different letters. But the problem, in our opinion, is represented by the fact that this manager has never deigned to respond to the workers. For this reason, the director De Lucia and also the union CGIL, to which Grasso seems to belong, carry out an action of persuasion so that the dome of the administrative structure of this school of Caserta formally explains why it thinks that it is right and for what employees would do. make a mistake. If you don’t, the harm is yours and the Superintendency will have to intervene at least to move it.

CASERTA (days) The abundant correspondence we have been able to read, though with a guilty delay as to when they sent it to us, and which deals with discomfort, but also with rage and a peculiar disappointment such as that caused by a worm, which We believe you can eliminate at any time, helping yourself in the evolution of factual reality, but which, on the contrary, ends up growing, getting fat in the bile flowing into the rivers in the body of those who, dismayed, incredulous, s ‘realize that everything that seemed obvious to him, usually due, not only is not recognized, but is completely ignored, and is offset by a brazen and arrogant indifference, peculiar to those who believe that their way of seeing the world and the life is impeccable, to the point of annulling it, giving it up to the futility of idle practices, the right to confrontation, the right to receive an explanation, to be told why it is not denied at all this right, but is not recognized motivated.

The above correspondence is fed by non-teaching staff, but we also consider Michelangelo Buonarroti of Caserta as a professor at the Technical Institute of Surveyors.

The story that contains it follows that of a via crucis. These teachers and non-teachers would have large credits for fees never charged and related to work done in the context of so-called extracurricular activities.

It is evident from the prose used, from the lexical and syntactic options that these letters sent by the workers to the principal of the provincial school, the Sammaritana, Monica Matano and the director of Michelangelo Vittoria De Lucia they are a kind of last stage of a resilience now reduced to a blink.

The formal intention to take legal action as soon as possible to recover what, without running through the forest, the insurers consider a real stolen property is communicated. Legal actions they have become essential, also essential to block, sterilize, neutralize the terms of one prescriptionit is now approaching, especially for older rights.

In the complaints of these workers, a name and surname are also stated without any reduction in the level of identifiability: Antonella Grassoadministrative manager, once appointed secretaries, of theMichelangelo Buonarroti Technical Institute of Surveyors.

And here we must pause for a moment with respect to what we have read, and certainly also introduced in terms of a clear understanding of the meanings of logical meaning, reasoning, and the statements contained in three different letters. We must stop because we also feel the duty to invite the administrative manager Antonella Grasso to express, if she considers it, her own point of view, her own version of events.. It would be really desirable and if, as it seems, Grasso puts the CGIL school in the palm of his hand, that this union, for its history, for what it has represented, in the good for some, in the bad for others , in the evolution of the history of the rights of this country, took the initiative, became a decisive instrument of moral persuasion, convincing Manager Grasso to respond, to explain the reasons for not recognizing these additional rights, claimed by Buonarroti employees. It is not safe to do so publicly, outside the institutional perimeter of the school. It would suffice to have a letter, which can easily remain confidential and therefore undisclosed, sent to the people who challenge it, to the director and to the provincial director.

We understand the mood of those who believe they are being scammed. But we must also use a minimum of caution as we have agreed to give space, to give voice to this protest despite the previous correspondence, the three letters, are limited to making generic reference to a large group of teachers and non-teachers, without, but , publicly displaying his handwritten signatures. When things like this happen, when the complaint is made more or less anonymously, it becomes, in our eyes, something to investigate even more, to understand based on an assumption of minimal distrust towards who sends these documents. , but be careful not to sign them with your first and last name. Because, damn, we are talking about school operators, people who carry out, directly or indirectly, the mission of training, education for the citizenship of young students. Therefore, they should never be afraid to put on a face, especially when they believe in good faith that the reasons they have given are incontrovertible. And as the accusations against the Grasso executive are very heavy, the result, we repeat, of a long period of conflict, of an exasperation aggravated by the rubber wall erected by Grasso, it would be very important for him to respond publicly to the remarks made. , since, as far as we know, he did not communicate anything to the employees, but neither did he formally explain anything to the director Vittoria De Lucia.

All this, and we turn to the CGIL again, strongly weakens the position of the administrative manager.

Wanting, in fact, to make a mockery of the historic union of the Italian left, we would say that Giorgio Cremaschi, former right arm, left pardon, of Maurizio Landini, currently secretary general of the CGIL but once, together with Cremaschi at the head of the historic and also legendary all blue, the metallurgists of Fiom, makes us two balls to the tip of our feet defining today the century of denied rights as never happened since the dawn of time. All this, wearing a digital parka during his usual guests at night, in which he is occasionally called as if he were an entertainer from a holiday village in order to organize a good part of the commotion, perhaps putting a Briatore against him. astonished and struck by the decks. of Cremaschi, who tears more than a smile when, dusted off, he wears the slogans of old slogans and old slogans, from which, with much tenderness, Cremaschi can still claim that there is a communist or at least socialist-maximalist solution to the problems . of Italy and the world.

Now one thing must be established immediately, as a dialectical precondition: is the story told by Buonarroti’s employees true or false? Is it only partially true or is it mostly false? All the questions that before the letters written to the provincial manager Matano, to the director De Lucia are not fulfilled. And since these are not reprobates, she gave birth, but employees of the school, who embody, therefore, a model in front of which the historical reasons and the will to show to all the extreme relevance of the same, that a trade union trade as the CGIL has as its corporate purpose, they deserve, at least, to receive formal explanations in front of the structure, (okay, today we want gifts for colleagues of the CGIL) so we call it a nice platform to claim that Buonarroti’s employees may have built from scratch, they may have built giving it the shape of a castle of letters and nonsense, but they certainly can’t be ignored. How would Cremaschi comment on such a fact? It could not escape a definition of obvious discrimination and an even more obvious violation of workers ’rights. In fact, if the manager Antonella Grasso, the director De Lucia and the “Provveditrice” Monica Matano do not make their thoughts known, formally responding to the letters sent to them by the workers, what more can we do but pronounce a verdict of guilt? ? against this woman, this administrative manager who “you shoot the foot “ reiterating its long-standing absence. And it is clear that, in the face of this silence, never as deafening as in this case, lateral and collateral stories that speak of very hard conflicts that the administrative manager Grasso would have had in the past with other directors, for example with that of Novelli di Marcianise Emma Marchitto who allegedly denounced her and continuing with Danta Alighieri manager Maria Chiara Menditto who in turn denounced her.

My God, Buonarroti employees do not express, in this case, the syntax of certainty. In fact, they write “Looks like”.

But this “seems” to gain strength not in itself, not because an indiscretion, a conditional mode can take on the same value as information based on proven evidence, but because Mrs. Grasso’s attitude ends up energizing the motives of those protesting. . by the total blockade, which would have lasted years, of the payment of emoluments related to extracurricular activities. An energy that is, therefore, the silence of Grasso to guarantee the global content of these letters and, therefore, also to those parts in which facts pertaining to the biography of the administrative person in charge of Buonarroti are declined. This climate is not outside the area of ​​competence of the director De Lucia, who, although she cannot enter into the technical-accounting dynamics of the management of her center, has a duty to intervene if there is a heavy climate. , tense and conflicting. reduces the total school supply figure. On the other hand, this time without “seeming”, since it is an internal matter, of which those who protest today have direct knowledge. It is not that Principal De Lucia has ever had to complain about Principal Grasso’s behavior, if it is true as it is true that in the past she forwarded formal reports and formal reports to the provincial school office on the basis of which the supervisor has sanctioned the manager with 5 days of service suspension, obviously deducted from salary.

In conclusion, we also reiterate the invitation we have made: it is in the interest of Dr. Antonella Grasso, it is in the interest of the CGIL school to clarify this issue. We are not saying that Buonarroti employees are necessarily right and Grasso is wrong. We are saying something else and it is that the real fault of the latter, in fact, the real serious misconduct, is that of not having responded to the points made by the workers, their protests and their demands. And then the CGIL-school if there is one in Caserta, and we know that it exists and is very well represented, he was right.

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