A single checkpoint will approach Rdc June, but money is lacking

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Payment by single check to incoming Rdc, but some money is still missing: many beneficiaries, in fact, are still waiting for the balances after signing the Rdc Com Au form to release the payment of the universal citizenship income subsidy. (Find out the latest news and then Read all the news about childcare on Telegram. Receive the latest news on bonuses, work and personal finances every day on your mobile: join the WhatsApp group, the Telegram group and in the Facebook group Write everything your questions on Instagram Watch the free video guides on bonuses on the Youtube channel To continue reading the article on your mobile, tap «Keep reading»After the following image).

From On June 30, 2022, the payments of the single subsidy on the income of the citizens are expected, but many families still expect the INPS to integrate the data provided by those who filled out the Rdc Com Au form, adjusting payments. In fact, many households have received far less money than the universal subsidy.


A single control of the DRC will approach, but money is lacking

Many families have them filled out the Rdc Com Au form in May release the payments of the single subsidy on the income of the citizenry. The INPS has ordered top-ups from June 16, 2022, but without taking into account the new data, guaranteeing insignificant amounts. Now the families were waiting for an adjustment, the money that is missing, in short, that has not yet arrived. Who had to fill out the Rdc Com Au form? We talk about it in detail in the next paragraph.

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Single Checking Citizenship Income: Who Should Fill Out the Rdc As Au form?

The Rdc Com AU form, as explained by the INPS in circular no. 53 of 28 April, must be filled in by those families who must declare:

  1. presence in the family unit of an adult child (read the rules for adult children here) dependent, up to 21 years of legal age, attending a course of education, professional you hate Graduation;
  2. presence in the family unit of a dependent adult child, up to the age of 21, who performs a Practices o a work activity and has a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year;
  3. presence in the family unit of a dependent adult child, up to 21 years of age, registered as unemployed and looking for work in Employment center;
  4. presence in the family unit of a dependent adult child, up to the age of 21, who exercises the universal public function;
  5. presence in the family unit of a dependent adult child not properly enrolled in the DSU useful for Rdc recognition purposes. For example, minors indicated by the letter “P” and not by the letter “F” in part A of the DSU);
  6. presence in the family unit of mother under 21 years of age not registered in the DSU useful for the purposes of recognizing the Rdc as the declarant or spouse of the declarant;
  7. indication of the operators of the parental responsibility in case of separation, divorces or in the case of natural parents not cohabiting (here you can find the guide for non-living parents);
  8. existence of a valid provision of the order of one or more minor children present in the family belonging to the declarant other than the parent (grandfather, uncle, brother, etc.).

In the following video we talked about the Rdc Com Au form answering users questions about how to fill it out.

Payment by single check to Rdc June 30, 2022

Payment ofsole control of the income of the citizenry will arrive from Thursday, June 30, 2022probably from the hours 18.00 h, for those who see this date in the citizenship pension file. There recharge refers to the month of May 2022.

Universal check payment dates are visible on the page «Citizen’s social security fileo», Reserved area of ​​the INPS website, accessible with SPID (Public Digital Identity System), CNS (National Service Card) or CIE (Electronic Identity Card).

To find out which days are scheduled for accreditation, you need to click on “services” and then “payments,” to access a screen like the one below.

INPS Agency Import
Yield Data
Example of single check payment screen

Single child allowance requirements: to whom are you entitled?

Theuniversal single check is a grant introduced in March 2022 that is due to those families who meet these requirements:

  • residence in Italy;
  • one or more fiscally dependent children between 7 months and 18 years of age, one or more children with disabilities no age limit (over 21 years) and one or more adult children up to 21 years only in these cases.

Replacement of family allowances by the single universal allowance

The universal single allowance has replaced these family allowances:

How to apply for the single child allowance?

There single check application they must be submitted from this page of the INPS website, where the data relating to the fiscally dependent children and the responsible declarations of the parent must be entered.

During the procedure, it is possible to be assisted by Caf i patronati or contact the INPS call center by calling the number 803 164 (free landline) or number 06 164 164 (paid from mobile).

People who receive income from citizenship are entitled to an automatic monthly subscription to the Rdc card, without having to submit any universal subsidy application.

How much is the single subsidy? Table of amounts, ISEE and surcharges

Thesingle check amount changes with respect to the ISEE index of the family, the number of fiscally dependent children and the surcharges recognized. Those who have an ISEE equal to or greater than 40 thousand euros, as well as those who do not present the ISEE at the time of application, will receive the minimum amount of the universal check: 50 euros.

I SEE Amount of minor child Number of adult children up to 21 years
Up to 15 thousand euros 175 euros 85 euros
20 thousand euros 150 euros 73 euros
25 thousand euros 125 euros 61 euros
30 thousand euros 100 euros 49 euros
35 thousand euros 75 euros 37 euros
from 40 thousand euros 50 euros 25 euros

These are the surcharges paid for the amount of the universal subsidy:

  • per each child after the second is up to one surcharge ranging from 15 to 85 eurosbased on the ISEE;
  • per each child after the second is up to one surcharge ranging from 15 to 85 eurosbased on the ISEE;
  • per children with disabilities between 18 and 21 year olds are entitled to 80 euros additional per month. Over the age of 21, the surcharge ranges between € 15 and € 85. However, for minors the following must be paid:
    • 85 euros in case of medium disability;
    • 95 euros in case of severe disability;
    • 105 euros in case of non-self-sufficiency.
  • in case of both parents have income € 30 more per month for low ISEES. The amount starts to drop from € 15,000 onwards to zero at the € 40,000 threshold;
  • families with more than three children they will have 100 euros more per month;
  • families with less than 25,000 euros from Isee that last year received ANF they will have an additional bonus, of an amount to be defined, which will decrease from year to year until 2025, when it will disappear completely.

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