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Do not do it must be settled with excessive sufficiency what is happening tocentral area. First, Bruno Tabacci’s clear position on the electoral law and his support for alldecomposition action initiated by Di Maio, which foreshadows the formation of a Euro-Atlantic social and political bloc around the political leadership of Mario Draghi. A central project that corresponds to some of the foundations of foreign policy historically supported by the DC.

Ettore Boanalberti

I attended remotely the meeting of the DC political office on June 24, thanking the introductory report of National Secretary Renato Grassi, which I approved. With Renato we lived much of our political life first in the DC Youth Movement, then in the historic DC party, and in the turbulent season of the diaspora (1992-2022). I was one of the strongest supporters of his election at the October 2018 national congress, which I still consider the only legitimate act of historical political continuity of the party after the 2010 Supreme Court ruling. I valued the reference to the Grassi reports. our preferred choice for electoral law proportional to preferences, which, in my view, is the indispensable condition if we are to pursue the political recomposition of our Catholic, democratic, and Christian social sphere.

I also valued the final option of refusal against Cesa UDC, whose pre-election bids have always been unreliable.

Grassi was clear on this point, as well as when he stated, in accordance with the motion of Congress voted for his election to the secretariat, the following: The election season, on the other hand, can favor a broad process of aggregation that allows the creation of conditions for a broad unitary representation at the institutional level, a premise for the formalization of a new political formation with a strong characterization of identity. In my opinion, this is a realistic way forward in the hope that a new proportional electoral law will come to our aid. The upcoming election deadlines in Sicily, Lazio and Lombardy may be the testing ground for strengthening our institutional presence and the ability to communicate with centrist components. “.

Needless to say, our congress is expected to be postponed to January 2023, after the voting of the aforementioned regional elections. I believe that if the government and Parliament decide to pass the proportional electoral law, any thesis that supports our even necessary autonomy will be unsustainable, given that a barrier of 4 or 5% will make our recomposition of the area. Do not be fooled that, even if the Sicilian election result is beautiful, it is enough to guarantee us our solitary participation in the next national political elections.

I reminded in my speech at the political office that, without being able to use the Croatian coat of arms, income from free and illegitimate positions of the UDC, it will not be with the symbol used by the DC of Cuffaro in Sicily that we can present at the national. elections. In any case, we could use the symbol that we share together of the DC Popular Federation, already deposited by my friend Gargani in the competent institutional offices. I would not dismiss, as some friends argue with excessive sufficiency, what is happening in the central area so well analyzed by Grassi in his report. First, the clear position of Bruno Tabacci before the electoral law and his support for the action of decomposition initiated by Di Maio, which foreshadows the formation of a Euro-Atlantic social and political bloc around the political leadership of Mario Draghi . A central project that corresponds to some of the foundations of foreign policy historically supported by the DC and that we still share today.

Certainly, we are not willing to participate as mavericks in this design; in any case, we intend to compete as Christian Democrats in this project. And, even earlier, we intend to encourage the political recomposition of our area. In a meeting of the Executive Office of the Popular Federation of DC, led by Peppino Gargani, with Tassone and Rotondi and having received the support of Carlo Giovanardi (People’s Liberals), Gemelli and Eufemi, we would have agreed to meet at July to define our idea of ​​a program for Italy, an indispensable premise to convene in September a large constituent assembly for the political recomposition of our area. To the uncertain and nostalgic of antiquity, as well as to the enthusiastic neo-DC catechumens, I would like to recall an Indian parable quoted by Amarthya Sen in his: Globalization and freedom. From ancient Indian texts in Sanskrit: a frog lives its whole life locked in a well suspicious of everything that happens outside. From 500 BC four texts in Sanskrit (Ganapatha – Hitopadesan – Prasamaraghava – Battikavya) exhort everyone not to behave in the same way as the kupamandika.

The frog had a “worldview,” his world, but he was obviously limited to that little well. If the kupamandika vision had prevailed, without the necessary intercultural exchanges, we would have had a different and much more limited scientific, economic and cultural history of humanity. Here, we try to look beyond our borders, not to lose our historical connotations as Christian Democrats, but to open ourselves to the present and to what real political reality offers us. From the Grassi report, approved unanimously, we start again with the enthusiasm and determination shown from 2012 until today. Yes, dear friends: let’s throw first, as always in Liberi e Forti.

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