The Sandbox and Lionsgate together to bring Hollywood to the metavers

The Sandboxone of the world’s leading decentralized virtual gaming and subsidiary of Animoca Brands, announced today its strategic partnership with Lionsgateworld leader in film and television content, and its partner Millennium Media, with the aim of developing “Action City”, a dedicated LAND that will serve as an electrifying entertainment destination with voxelized characters and objects inspired by movies favorite of moviegoers.

Lionsgate is the first major film and television studio to join The Sandbox and will bring their beloved characters already seen on the small and big screen over the coming months.

In Action City, Lionsgate will host cinematic-themed experiences with which players can interact, creating a new way to attract fans. The release will take place with film franchises such as Rambo, The Expendables and Hellboy (2019).

All Lionsgate and Millennium Media content in Action City will follow the Sandbox team’s plan to allow players to create their own experiences using both original and famous characters and worlds. Voxel objects will be more than just an evocative prop: they will offer players various utilities, with the possibility, for example, of being equipped in player avatars or of being used in original experiences created by players.

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We can’t wait to open Lionsgate LAND on metavers The Sandbox so fans around the world can create, play and explore our movie IPs in a way that goes beyond what is possible in the physical world.“says Jenefer Brown, Lionsgate’s executive vice president.”We are excited about the new possibilities that our strategic relationship with The Sandbox will bring to our fan community.“.

Our vision of The Sandbox has always been to bring to life thousands of colorful worlds where players can create their own original adventures along with licensed content from their movies, TV shows, anime and more.”Says Sebastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox. “Adding a partner like Lionsgate to this mix, with its unparalleled impact on global entertainment, its 129 Academy Award nominations and a rich catalog of esteemed action and horror films, significantly enriches our metavers. .“.

Partly virtual real estate, partly amusement park, The Sandbox fully embraces the idea of ​​the metavers as a continuous digital shared space where worlds and heroes meet to create magic. The inclusion of more Lionsgate intellectual property will only increase the diversity and value of entertainment for users and creators of The Sandbox.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is an online universe that allows video game creators, brands, artists, commercial companies to create 3D virtual worlds and experiences or performances of various kinds, which can be sold or tested by users, against payment of a price. The Sandbox is based, in fact, on a cryptocurrency called SAND, which can become the right markets, with which it is possible to buy not only plots of virtual land, the so-called LAND, where to build the world, but also characters, digital objects and buildings of different types. The company has already partnered with major IPs and brands such as Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, The Rabbids, Shibuya 109, Gucci Vault, The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Richie Hawtin, The Smurfs, Care Bears , Atari. , ZEPETO, CryptoKitties and more.


Lionsgate includes the initiative of several world-class film and television studios aligned with the STARZ premium global subscription platform to offer a unique and diverse entertainment portfolio to consumers around the world. The location-based film, television, subscription and entertainment businesses of the company are backed by a library of 17,000 titles and an invaluable collection of iconic film and television franchises. A company in the digital age driven by an entrepreneurial culture and commitment to innovation, Lionsgate is synonymous with bold, original and easily recognizable entertainment for audiences around the world.

Millennium media

Millennium media. Inc. is one of Hollywood’s longest-lived independent film companies and has established itself as a leader in creating multi-million-dollar box office action franchises and acclaimed independent films. The company finances, produces and sells films worldwide and has a production facility, Nu Boyana Studios, in Bulgaria, which hosts international and Hollywood productions. Among the company’s successes are titles such as the Expendables, Fallen, How I will kill your bodyguard, Mechanic: Resurrection and the restart of Rambo.

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