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The arrival of spring coincides with a fundamental operation. The beginning of the search for swimwear that we are going to put on summer. These days, stores and online stores are filled with searches for one-piece swimsuits, bikinis of different shapes and sizes, swimwear, swimwear and the like. We have also participated in this research and have gone to discover the trends that have emerged from the latest summer fashion shows. Here’s what we’ve discovered and what are the must-have women’s costumes this season.

Colorful swimsuits: what will be the shades of the season?

Let’s start with the colors suggested for this year’s beachwear. From June will be the pastel swimsuitto go to the maximum. So make room for pink, light blue, powder and red as it teaches us Lascanawith his Jette Joop. There will also be more “aggressive” and striking nuances such as neon and neon or animal designs (which we will talk about shortly).

If we like the great classics, don’t worry. Black swimsuits for women will not go away, but to look really fashionable we will have to focus on particular designs like this. ofOysho asymmetric. There will also be space between the beach clothes for the elegant white swimsuits that from July will be the top to enhance the tan.

The high-waisted bikini is back this season

It was the most beloved swimsuit of 2021 and will make a good show also in 2022. We are talking about the high waist bikini. This is the perfect women’s swimsuit to smooth out shapes and hide the belly. All without giving up the style we have come to love thanks to the pin-ups of the 60s.

Space, then, for vintage and high-waisted shorts, both with Brazilian and thong for a perfect retro look that will conquer at first sight. Obviously to match with a push-up bra with or without padding depending on the size of the chest.

In terms of colors, it is important to stay on the subject with polka dots, floral and gingham prints, exotic and geometric designs. Among the essentials the designer bikini Pour Meand the entire Dorina collection and his Kinabalu makes us do a wonderful explosion of the past.

These and many more can be found in the 2021 collection of swimwear for women from Zalandoto which have recently been added the latest news from the most recent collections.

Swimwear: back triangular bikini

After being among the swimsuits 2019 one of the best sellers and the
top costume 2020, the triangular bikiniit seemed to have disappeared last season. Instead, like the great classics, it’s about to return and remains perfect for those with a pear body and hourglass. Or for more curved bodies with small breasts.

The important thing is to choose an adjustable triangle and briefs with laces, essential not to mark your hips too much during tanning. In addition, triangular bikinis also have another advantage. Because they have no padding, they dry much faster.

Among the most beautiful views during the latest fashion shows are the colors of Banana Moonthe very special ones designed by Weather in Chiara Ferragniand very elegant women’s dresses signed
Massimo Dutti.

The women’s one-piece swimsuit will be with us again this year

Until a few years ago I thought I was whole costumesthey were reserved for large sizes for the sole purpose of covering and modeling imperfections. The fashion of recent seasons, however, says otherwise and has transformed the old one-piece swimsuit into a accessory both very comfortable and sexy. The merit is all the asymmetrical silhouettes, the dizzying necklines, the incorporation of decorative elements (soles, laces, prints, etc.) and innovative sets of fabrics and colors.

The perfect swimsuit for those with a very light complexion that will protect us from bad sunburn and burns after the first trips to the sea. Trendyolproposes for this season a wonderful black modelwith a slit starting from the belly and widening at the backa. Seafolly widens the neckline and adds a lace closure to the neck.
Mangofinally with is Milosit also makes pastel lovers happy.

Animal print swimsuits for a modern and seductive style

We close with the perfect swimsuit for the woman who wants to be noticed. We are talking about the “animal” swimsuit., probably the most fashionable and particular of this season. Zebra, leopard, spotted, python and more. Whether we choose a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit we need to focus on this fantasy of color.

Among the most beautiful there are the Monokini of 4 Donationwonderful with its colors reminiscent of the savannah, and the long dress Reversible zebramono-shoulder of Michael Korswho will fall in love with us from the first glance.

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