Spanish series: classification and list

Spanish series to watch

Spanish series to watch: what titles to see? With the complete guide of you can discover the list of Spanish TV series that you can’t miss divided by streaming platform, channel or catalog.

Spanish series on Netflix

A detail of the “Welcome to Eden” poster. Credits: Netflix.

Not only The paper house: Spanish-language productions on Netflix are a real costume phenomenon. At first it was Elitethe Spanish television series Netflix that premiered on October 5, 2018. Since then, the streaming giant has made countless productions in Spain.

Although it was to inaugurate the Iberian vein on Netflix The girls at the switchboard (2017 – 2020), the popularity of Spanish productions is due to the success of Elite. Also in Spanish, but from Mexico are the series like Crow Club (2015-2019), The house of flowers (2018-2020), Devil (2018-2020), Monarch (2018-2020), Ungovernable (2017-2018), Dark desire (2020-2022), Control Z (2020-2022), What happened to Sara? (2020-2022), Luis Miguel: The Series (2018-2020), The last dragon (2018-2020), Yankee (2019), The club (2019), i Someone has to die (2020).

Among the most beloved Netflix titles we also remember them Vis a vis (2013 – 2019) and the spin-off Vis A Vis The Oasis (2020), The Cathedral of the Sea (2018), We play (2019 – ongoing), Deep sea (2018-2020), Valeria (2020-2022), White lines (2020), H – Helena (2020), Jaguar (2021), Living without permission (2019-2021), The taste of daisies (2019), Midas favorites (2020), Chaos after you (2020), Suburbia Killer (2021), The time I give you (2021), The Heirs of the Earth (2022), Fair: The darkest light (2022), Sky Red (2021-2022), Lies (2022), Privacy (2022), Interviews (2022) and the most recent Welcome to Eden (2022).

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Also in Spanish, in the catalog are available productions from all over Latin America. Among these we mention VAS! Live your way (2017-2019), El Chapo (2016 – 2017), a very popular Colombian soap opera for children, as well The queen of flow (2018-2021), Pulsant (2022 – ongoing), already confirmed for two seasons. We cannot fail to mention Narcos (2016 – 2019), i Narcos: Mexico (2019 – 2021), the two beloved thriller series that have wiped out Netflix’s international productions worldwide.

Spanish television series on Amazon Prime Video

Jaime Lorente in a scene from
Jaime Lorente in a scene from “El Cid”, the second season of July 15, 2021 on Prime Video. Credits: Amazon Studios.

Prime Video also defends itself well on the front of the Spanish series. Absolutely to recover Flour (2018), focused on drug trafficking in Galicia in the 1980s, as well as the police Charon (2020) which represents an original Prime Video production made in Spain. They also belong to the same category The school of mysteries: Las Cumbres (2021 – ongoing), which premiered in 2021 and has already been reconfirmed for a second season, now available in the catalog, and soon a third. Space also for historical fiction with El Cidepic inspired by the famous medieval leader who has the face of Jaime Lorente.

Again, it travels in 19th century environments with The Templar (2021), between Cuba and Spain, while Devil Guardian (2017 – 2019) is a demonic fantasy story. Many series on sports, from The President (2020) on the FIFA scandal in the biopic Maradona: Blessed dream (2021 – ongoing), the latter already confirmed for the second season. The catalog also includes the two seasons of How to survive single (2020 – 2022). Other Spanish titles in Prime Video: The candidate (2020),A Strange Enemy (2018 – ongoing), Small coincidences (20218 – 2020) i The head (2020 – ongoing) with Álvaro Morte.

Spanish television series at Disney +

Disney + is growing its catalog which, compared to the competition, still has a long way to go. Despite this, there are several treats for connoisseurs. Let’s start with the original comedies Kisses In The Air (2021), as well as unpublished proposals such as Perfect Life (2020 – 2021) i Latin lover (2022). For thriller lovers there are Riot – Riot Control Unit (2020 – ongoing) e It wasn’t my fault: Mexico (2021).

Spanish television series for children

When it comes to children’s TV series, Disney + is truly unbeatable. In its catalog series like Bia, I’m Luna I Violetas well as more recent productions such as Club Houdini.

Spanish television series Canale 5 and Mediaset

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Yon Gonzalez (Julio) and Amaia Salamanca (Alicia) at Grand Hotel Credits: Mediaset
Yon Gonzalez (Julio) and Amaia Salamanca (Alicia) in a “Grand Hotel” scene. Credits: Mediaset.

In the 2000s, Mediaset’s channels hosted some of the most iconic television series (then called “telefilms”) such as A Pas Adelante (2002 – 2005) i The Boarding School (2007-2013). In the summer of 2017, I was furious The prince – An impossible love (2014 – 2017), Spanish fiction much loved by the public of Canale 5,

Mediaset has recently re-proposed Spanish fiction in prime time, for example Hunt (2020 – ongoing) with Megan Montaner, or the Italian-Spanish co-production Away from you (2019) with Montaner himself and Alessandro Tiberi. Last summer the fiction was proposed on Canale 5 Grand Hotel – Intrigue and passions (2013 – 2017) from the first season, which resumes from July 22, 2022 with the rest of the unreleased episodes.

On the afternoon of Canale 5, Spanish soap operas are liked A lifewhile The secret ended last year. The new soap opera began on June 6th Another tomorrow (2021), which consists of a single season.

Spanish series on Rai

Stanley Tucci (Frank Wild) in a scene from the Spanish trailer for
Stanley Tucci (Frank Wild) in a scene from the Spanish miniseries “La Fortuna”. Credits: Movistar + and Rai.

On Rai channels, series like Hairy (2013-2017), Velvet Collection (2018 – 2019) i The Embassy (2016), very popular costume dramas that gave life to Spanish historical drama on the first Rai channel.

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The miniseries was recently aired on Rai 1 Sortwhile from May 31 the soap will be issued in the afternoon About Germanes (2020) which takes the place of The Ladies’ Paradise Daily for the summer months.

On Rai 2 it aired The Red Pier (2019 – 2020), conceived by the co-creator of La Casa di Carta Álex Pina. Rai 4, the quintessential series channel, has also accommodated original products such as Physics or Chemistry (2008 – 2011) i The Unit (2020 – ongoing), while the jewel debuted on RaiPlay Gastronomic love (2020) exclusively.

Spanish teenage television series

For lovers of teenage Spanish series, we recommend the Netflix catalog that includes these productions Control Z, Elite, Welcome to Edenbut also Wild rhythm, Great Sky I Rebelwhile in Prime Video there are The school of mysteries: Las Cumbres. At Disney +, however, it’s available starting June 29th Live and Free.

Romantic Spanish television series

If you like love stories, take a look Valeria I Dark desire on Netflix, a Gastronomic love a RaiPlay ea The Templar a Prime Video.

Spanish series on Apple TV +

Maximo (Enrique Arrizon) in 1984 in a scene in Acapulco.  Credits: Apple TV +.
Maximo (Enrique Arrizon) in 1984 in a scene in Acapulco. Credits: Apple TV +.

There are currently two productions in Spanish available on Apple TV +. The first is titled Acapulco and tells the story of 20-year-old Máximo Gallardo (Enrique Arrizon), whose dream comes true when he gets a job as a cabin boy in the most modern resort in Acapulco. He soon realizes that the job is much more complicated than he ever imagined and that, to be successful, he must learn to manage a demanding clientele, a fickle mentor and a complicated family life at the same time, without getting lost looking for shortcuts. or leave.go to temptations. The series, performed in both Spanish and English, is set in 1984, with Eugenio Derbez narrating the film and playing the main character, Máximo Gallardo, currently.

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The second is called Now, then. Set in Miami and shot in both Spanish and English, the series is a layered thriller that explores the differences between youthful aspirations and the reality of adulthood, when the lives of a group of best college friends change forever. after the tragic epilogue of a weekend of celebration that ended with the death of one of them. Twenty years later, the remaining five reunite, albeit reluctantly, for a common threat that endangers their seemingly perfect worlds.

Spanish television series on Starzplay

Maggie Civantos on the poster for
Maggie Civantos on the poster for “Express,” the Starzplay TV series. Credits: Starzplay.

An interesting Spanish proposal in Starzplay is the Express series that brings together the creator of Vis a vis starring Maggie Civantos. Created by Iván Escobar, who is also a showrunner and writer along with Antonio Sánchez Olivas and Martín Suárez, Express tells the story of a forensic psychologist, Barbara (Maggie Civantos), and her family, victims of a flash kidnapping: a form of terrifying extortion that spreads around the world and that, in most cases, ends in a violent murder. Aware that fear is the biggest business in the world, many use it as a quick way to make a profit. After her abduction, Barbara works as a negotiator in cases similar to hers and her main goal is to understand why she was abducted and to discover the people who destroyed her life and family.

Spanish television series

Maria Pedraza in Si Fueras Tu (credits in series - rtve)
Maria Pedraza in a scene from “Si Fueras Tú”. Credits: in series.

The free streaming platform Serially hosts numerous unpublished Spanish titles in its catalog. Among these we find Before Losing, Under the Net, North Mouth, Cupid, The Cold Spot, Drama, Inhibited, If It Were You I Wake up.

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