Serial abuser in Arezzo, shows hardcore videos to girls: man reported

Arezzo, June 27, 2022 – The Carabinieri of the Compagnia di San Giovanni Valdarno have completed an investigation that has allowed them to identify and report a 30-year-old man who is suspected of several episodes of sexual harassment perpetrated in various places in the Arezzo Valdarno. The investigative activity arose from the denunciation of an episode perpetrated in Montevarchi, the first fortnight of June.

When the Operations Center of the Carabinieri Company of San Giovanni Valdarno received the call, it was shortly after 8 p.m. On the other side of the phone was a woman, still in a state of understandable agitation, who claimed to have been approached, in Piazza Garibaldi in Montevarchi, by a young stranger who had bothered her.

Immediately, also in the face of the apparent delicacy of the matter, the external patrol closest to the scene of the incident was brought together at the scene, specifically that of the Aliquota Radiomobile, which in a few moments arrived at the scene of the complaint. Once there, the carabinieri took information from the woman and the witnesses, thus reconstructing, at least in part, what had happened.

Basically, the woman had been approached by a young man who, under a trivial pretext, had approached her and shown her his mobile phone, on the screen of which a hard video was being played. At that time, the young man had quickly disappeared, losing his tracks in the direction of the Pestello neighborhood. The description of the malefactor was immediately distributed to all teams in the area, but the searches yielded negative results.

During the investigations carried out by the carabiniers, they found that apparently the accused was not an isolated episode, but that, in fact, there had been several in previous months. Then, a completely different type of research study was started, focusing on the identification of the victims of the other episodes, on the execution of the summary information of the same and the eventual witnesses, as well as on the examination. and comparison of the modus operandi that arose from each individual.episode.

Day after day, the suspicion became clearer that behind this series of episodes (researchers have reconstructed a total of seven, which occurred between June 2021 and June 2022) there could be a single acting subject.

Well, in a few weeks, after a thorough and careful investigation, the carabiniers of the Compagnia di San Giovanni Valdarno finally identified and sent to the prosecutor a young man, about 30 years old, from Valdarno, considered responsible for numerous harassments. and in a case also of threat – to the detriment of the women who, alone, were in the parks of the city, the commercial centers or the alleys of the center.

In essence, by systematically repeating the same methods of approach, the harasser drew the attention of the victims, asking for generic information (in several cases, the request refers to information about a gym or the performance of Martial Arts). Then, after answering, with repeated insistence he placed in front of the faces of the offended parties a smartphone that played a movie with pornographic content, finally inviting them, in some cases, to replicate what was see.

In two circumstances, the “harasser”, after identifying her on the street, followed the victims to her home, detaining them, in the same way as indicated above, once in the lobby of condo entrance, and knocking on the door again. of the house, to then make the same requests. In one case, the harasser also threatened the offended party, “guilty” of having proposed the intention to inform the carabiniers of what happened.

Once the suspect was identified, the carabinieri reported the man for sexual harassment and threats and asked the prosecution – which coordinates the investigation – for a house search warrant. The Judicial Authority, sharing the findings of the investigation of the gunmen, issued the decree, which was quickly executed.

During the search for evidence, the suspect’s smartphone was confiscated, on which all investigations will now be conducted to find more evidence, especially with regard to multimedia content. The results are expected for the coming months.

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