positively concluded a new school year in “Menchetti”

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27/06/2022 – After two years of didactic activities lived with so much effort (due to the Covid that forced teachers and students to periods of DAD and reorganization of their way of working) and extracurricular activities totally suspended for security and to prevent contagion, this school year has finally resumed many initiatives and projects that felt so necessary!

From October, Prof. Coviello, an art teacher, has designed and developed the new school calendar for 2022, photographing children in the characteristic places of Oyster, from the Museum to the Town Hall, to the streets of the city; then in October and November third graders met with Green Cross workers for a mini BLS (first aid) course and AVIS, AIDO and ADMO volunteers from Ostra and Senigallia who spoke of their commitment in favor. of life, testifying to the importance and value of a culture of giving to others. Then it was Dr.’s turn. Paolo Petrucci, pedagogue and journalist, who spoke with the young people themselves about the importance of information and prevention on the subject of HIV / AIDS, inviting them to adopt conscious and responsible lifestyles in the socio-affective and sexual field. The training sessions continued with the viewing of the film “Tiro libero” (for the first classes) and the film “The Ballad of the Broken Shells” (for the second and third class) to which he went follow a beautiful meeting-witness with the ‘actor and producer Simone Riccioni, who enriched the children with the story of their experience and made them reflect on the meaning of life and the choices that are made both in the school as at work, urging everyone not to stop dreaming and to make a firm commitment to making your dreams come true.

In May, therefore, the first and second classes were able to meet online, by video call, to a volunteer from the Ass. Don Giovanni Bosco, while working in Senegal and explained the activities of the association, showing the classes of Senegalese children who greeted and exchanged short sentences with our students. Another interesting and exciting moment was experienced by children of all classes when they met online the Paralympic athlete Matteo Cattini, captain of the Italian national Paralympic weightlifting team. Matteo told his personal and sporting story (he participated in the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016), thrilling the boys who at the end of the meeting overwhelmed him with questions and curiosities. But that’s not all with sport! The “Menchetti” school also distinguished itself in the Student Games with 18 students enrolled in track and field athletics competitions in the provincial phase of which then 2 students passed to the regional phase, occupying the third place in the specialty of high jump while the 3 students of the CIP (Italian Paralympic Committee) was classified in the first place guaranteeing the participation in the national phase where it obtained a deserved second place in the race of 80 meters. Then a good group of students participated in the Duathlon of the regional stage: the first graders were in third and first place, while in the cadet category our boys did all the podium, including the fourth! Needless to say, the great enthusiasm of the young athletes and their fans who stayed in class cheering on their teammates! On the last day of school, everyone was able to experience a sports day at the Pianello sports field with games and competitions organized by teachers Simona Giancamilli and Beatrice Carbonari always ready and willing to get the best out of each child.

But the school of Oyster among its projects also has some that put in the first place the education of children in solidarity, “do good … have fun!”, And next to the calendar returns bingo with Christmas and the “” Make a Difference “, which saw the students of the square with the intention of offering their crafts (made in the art laboratory) and many flowering plants and herbs on the last Sunday of March, when other students were busy in Cicero’s apprentice activities for FAI, guiding tourists and visitors to discover the beauties of the city, in particular the Museum that has just reopened for the occasion. It was then used for long-distance support in Uganda, the “Let’s Color Life” project in Brazil, the emergence of Ukraine and the Giacomo Sintini Association for the Fight Against Cancer. October 9 to celebrate Deafness Day, with the presence of the authorities school, civil and ENS, the Italian sign language project returns for the second year in all classes of the Menchetti school, but Teachers of other school levels have also been involved in the training course of late, to the point that even some kindergarten classes / sections started letting the kids “communicate / play” with this new language, with some surprisingly nice results! Two very significant moments were experienced by our students in the context of ed. to Peace and the LIS: On Friday, March 18, all classes, in absolute silence (to counter the deafening noise of the bombs), went to the school yard where they marked the song Imagine a LIS protesting against the war in Ukraine in the presence of the Mayor and the Director, while the first classes were present at the celebrations of April 25 and scored in the LIS, in the square, the Hymn of Mameli, accompanied by the Band of Music of the Town. Also this time, inclusion was not just a concept to be proposed, but a reality lived concretely, thanks again to the tireless Fabiola and Giorgio who put their time and skills at the disposal of the school community.

These are the activities carried out this year within the ed projects. to peace and solidarity, but also other initiatives related to history projects (with the intervention of Prof. Muscellini in the classrooms), ed. environmental and scientific (with water and sky telescope observation projects with the association of amateur astronomers Nasa Senigallia) have enriched our students and perhaps partially compensated them for two years in which they could only carry out educational activities strictly linked to the program. of the disciplines, without meetings in presence or outings (finally this year the educational outings are also resumed!). Undoubtedly, these two years have especially marked third-graders who have lived a rather “anomalous” experience of high school and it is to them that we wish them the best, in the hope that they have treasured what they lived in this period. and get out of this “stronger” school internally, able to make conscious and responsible decisions for a bright future. A well-deserved thank you, at the end of this course, to the director Marilena Andreolini and all the teachers of the school “Menchetti” who have allowed the realization of many activities, in an atmosphere of serenity and collaboration, without ever losing common view. goal that it is the good of the children in the first place and live a school experience (both as students and as teachers) to remember with pleasure, ready to start again with excitement next September!

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