Modena Motor Gallery returns in September and celebrates its tenth anniversary

For ten years there has been an appointment that vintage motor enthusiasts have been waiting for with curiosity to discover the ideas and proposals devised by the organizers and with the hope of being able to spend a few hours among the wonders, rare pieces and hunting. by personal ‘treasures’ of one’s own passion: it is Modena Motor Gallery, the exhibition-market of vintage cars and motorcycles that every year attracts thousands of enthusiastic fans at the Modena fairgrounds.

The edition scheduled for next September 24 and 25 will be special because it will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the event; For such an important anniversary, the organizers of Vision Up, in collaboration with ModenaFiera, have launched several initiatives of special prestige and attractiveness.

On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of its birth, Modena Motor Gallery pays tribute to the myth Tazio Nuvolari, considered by Enzo Ferrari and Ferdinand Porsche as the best driver of all time, with an exhibition dedicated to him. Tazio Nuvolari, known as the Flying Mantuan, or Nivola, universally recognized by fans and enthusiasts, is not only a great pilot of the past, he is a heroic and legendary figure who not only knows and remembers motoring enthusiasts, but also becomes an icon of an era and a way of being epic.

The exhibition, which will be organized in collaboration with the Scuderia Tazio Nuvolari Italia, will remind the public of their unique feats, in an attractive setting, with vintage films and explosions, some significant models of motorcycles and cars with which Nuvolari competed for, accessories and memories that testify to his life and career.

A prestigious proposal oriented to the past as the Nuvolari exhibition was accompanied by an evocative stage totally dedicated to the present and the future: the central gallery of the fair will offer an extraordinary look of beauty and emotions hosting a rich display of modern supercars. .

The fascination of open cars has always aroused great enthusiasm: heads of state, actors, celebrities have often linked their image to open cars, in addition, given the registration data of new convertible cars and spider (+ 13.7% in the first half of 2021), we wanted to pay homage to this niche market with strong buying motivations, designing and assembling an exhibition of modern spider cars and convertibles produced in the Motor Valley, such as the Maerati Gran Cabrio, the Ferrari F8 Spider, the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster, or the Pagani Huayra RoadsterTrcolore and the Dalla strada.

A review entitled simply “Today’s Spiders” which will surely be an unmissable event for all fans of open cars.

The reign of the fifties

As usual, however, the event will also give prominence to two wheels, with an area specifically dedicated to motorcycles and an exhibition, curated by Motoclub2000, which tells a period in the history of our country, through the that it was a real phenomenon of the costumes of the 70s; with the title “50 fifty” visitors will be able to relive, or the younger ones will be able to discoverthe epic of 50cc mopeds that for the boys and girls of the time they represented freedom, autonomy, and that many ‘made up’ by empowering them and creating widespread social behavior.

Hello, Piaggio, Bravo, Boxer they were the most ‘citizens’, but also the Calanca, the Motobi i others more sporty, really marked an era and for those who were young those years will be a real leap to the heart to find them in front of them, while for today’s children will be a tender discovery.

Among the events scheduled, in this scenario of power and beauty, there will be a fashion event with fashion shows and performances between cars, organized by Creative Lab, a laboratory created by fashion designer Patrizia Argilli, social gatherings and other spectacular and cultural initiatives . with guests and protagonists of national motorsport, interviews, review of clips of famous films loved by the public with the protagonists spider that will be projected on a mega screen. Test drives and Supercars and other surprises to turn visitors into protagonists. It will be an event for cultural and commercial purposes in a glamorous atmosphere!

The event, organized by Vision Up and ModenaFiera, is carried out in collaboration with ACI Storico, Motor Valley Development and BPER Bancawith the support of the Modena Chamber of Commerce and Modena City Council, with the support of the BIG Broker Insurance group, ASI, Circolo della Biella, Club Modena Motori, Musei Ferrari.

Last modified: June 27, 2022

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