Mercato San Severino, the II Circolo greets 2 retired teachers

“The Master Will Be Forever Like a Book: A Master of Life”

San Severino Market.

The word school has its roots in the Greek “skhol?” which originally meant “free time,” especially devoted to the recreation of the mind. Only in the second place did the term come to indicate the place where learning, science and knowledge are produced. ”

Italian has many problems but, in spite of everything, it continues to represent a decisive space for future life. In fact, it is known that the same is essential for the training of a boy or girl who will one day come face to face with the world of work, since education is not just a right and a duty, but a real luck. , a tool capable of fighting the increasingly rampant ignorance today. Studying is important, because it allows to expand knowledge and develop communication skills, essential to mature and optimize the psychological and moral growth of people. Without “knowledge”, the world would be different and misunderstood.

Today all this may seem like a distant mirage, but fortunately it is not, since there are paths of “Educational Training”, beautiful, innovative and over time, and are those that the excellent Director of the II ° Circle . Didactic of the Mercato San Severino Dr. Anna Buonaccount, together with all its excellent staff, each year proposes to its students. The excellent group, last week, to conclude the course and to celebrate the new retirees, met at the secretariat of the II Circolo di Mercato San Severino located in Sant’Angelo fraz. di Mercato San Severino to give life to a great final party with important moments of reflection on the projects implemented during the year.

“The school is the training agency par excellence that aims to train the younger generations and transmit the culture necessary to enable development and social progress. In fact, its work has expanded even further in today’s complex post-industrial society, in continuous evolution in which knowledge becomes obsolete in a short time, so the task of master’s degrees is not only to transmit content but methods and operational tools. … to enable people to cope with constant change. We need a lifelong education: “long-lived learning,” the Buonaccount executive stressed.

Thanks to his presence always, and masterfully managing with his professionalism to transform into “a pillar” to build together with the teaching staff, administrative staff and a “bridge of culture” for the future men and women of tomorrow super solid ; the II Didactic Circle of the Mercato San Severino has managed to achieve great goals over the years that have helped all students to be able to be heard while remaining citizens of the world in the Mercato San Severino. This is obviously also thanks to the teaching staff which we can certainly define as “A” series. But every year, however, as it should be, many of them retire to make way for new ones. This year it has also been the turn of the nursery school teachers: Assunta De Santis and Greco Filomena, two teachers with a capital “I” who have managed to make each of the little stars entrusted to them shine, contributing in an essential way to the transformation. of the same in “warm, bright, radiant sun.”

But it doesn’t end there, the two “great women” managed to “make no noise,” contributing in an essential way to the school integration of students with disabilities, fostering, regardless of their functional diversity, experiences of individual and social growth. As Kierkegaard’s beloved phrase says, “What is the teacher becomes more important than what he teaches.” Because of that; there are teachers who leave their mark as well as with the words with their way of being.

Greek teachers Filomena and Assunta De Santis have left many indelibly in the hearts and souls of all the children who have had the honor and luck of having them as teachers. Teaching is one of the most beautiful professions of all possible. Teachers Greco and De Santis worked hard to make children understand the importance of respecting the common good, expressing themselves politely, observing the rules, building a sense of legality, and developing ethics of responsibility ”. In a world that urgently needs civic sense and respect in its most varied forms (covering the environment to the weakest sections of the population of all sexes and races), the teaching of these values ​​cannot be ignore. Professors Santis and Greco were able to transmit with great passion and humanity.

Always smiling and attentive looks at students, so much so that they could glimpse in their eyes fears and discomforts, even outside of school, which they would often have liked to resolve by generously offering their availability. A perfect balance of roles, between a mother and a teacher, that has allowed them to enjoy that constructive authority that is now so rare, but indispensable, in the best education.

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