Maruska Albertazzi denounces: “DCAs are not glamorous”

On June 22, Giada Massaracasting director of forumposted an ad in his Instagram stories in which he said he was looking for girls aged 20 to 25 who are suffering eating disorders. The answer to Maruska Albertazzijournalist, actress and director from Bologna, as well as an activist of the movement Purple bowit is not long in coming.

The ad

Even the very way of presenting the petition, by Massara, is not very delicate and disrespectful to all those people who are fighting a serious illness that, in time, finds a way to be spectacular.

“For a well-known television show We are looking for girls aged 20 to 25 with eating disorders. If you have these features, write to me immediately “

“If you have these features”: beyond all the announcement that arouses perplexity and indignation, this last sentence represents the pinnacle of the absurd. Having an eating disorder comes down to a simple fact they have characteristics so that we can re-enter this “group”. In a brief message – one could say “publicity” – it has been possible to step on the ongoing struggles of thousands and thousands of activists, who try to give fair and respectful information about eating disorders, but especially the pain of those who they struggle daily with these disorders, which should be considered as diseases in all aspects.

Maruska Albertazzi’s answer

The outrage of the Albertazzi arrived immediately. Through his Instagram profile, the activist has responded to Massara’s indecent message.

“But in your opinion, no, but it can never be normal for there to be castings for those who suffer DCA?!? But don’t you think that in this way you only encourage eating disorders ?! “ and then again “I don’t think you have to be a genius to understand that you can’t do a casting to look for girls with ACD. That by doing so you only feed the disease and make it desirable. That making DCAs glamorous is a giant mistake. This is not information, this is rubbish. “

Incitement to eating disorders: this is according to the activist. The broadcast in question, which Massara does not mention in his brief message, is forum, “Where, notoriously, those who participate in video as a contender – says Maruska Albertazzi, this time on Facebook – he is often an actor but more often a person with an experience similar to that of the story in question. Well, here we are looking for girls with DCA to play with girls with DCA. Without thinking that casting a patient with an eating disorder is one terrible trigger of the disease. Without thinking that playing a role for a non-actress means not having the advocacy tools that are taught in acting academies and schools. Without thinking that being able to go on television thanks to one’s own illness provides considerable reinforcement to one’s own illness. No clinical support. For me, this is a nice and good incentive to eating disorders“.


The harm was done and it only took thirty seconds in an Instagram story to do it. The same day, towards evening, the apologies of Corimaa producer that has been producing since 2008 forum with Mediaset.

“The announcement was aimed at finding people willing to participate in a television program to give their testimony, in the presence of experts in the field, on a pathology, such as eating disorders, which affects many adolescents of our country. The research did not aim to find people willing to participate in the Forum program as “contenders”. This video, however, has produced, as involuntarily as it obviously does, an effect contrary to the purposes for which it was intended. We have to take note. So, we have a duty to apologize to all those who have felt, even indirectly, offended. “.

The problem of eating disorders is now more acute than ever. The pandemic has given a frightening boost to its increase and the most worrying thing is that the age of adolescents suffering from it is constantly declining: more and more boys under 14, 90% women.

DCAs are serious psychiatric illnesses that are accompanied by a feeling of helplessness and psychophysical fragility. As Albertazzi points out once again on Facebook, “No, they are not a passing thing that can be solved on its own. No, they are not a whim or a request for attention. No, they are not a way to put mother and father in check, or to punish them. No, they are not a matter of vanity. Eating disorders are real psychiatric disorders and they have nothing “glamorous”.

In an age that tends to make everything spectacular, even eating disorders are not exempt from this process, with catastrophic results. It only mortifies, humiliates and disrespects all the boys and girls who even end up losing their lives.

Illnesses – whether psychiatric or not – should not be spectacular, they are not glamorbecause the show contributes to irreversibly harming those who, day after day, struggle to fight them.

The 91 public centers

We need information, the right one, but information alone is not enough. People need to know where to ask for help. forum it is certainly not the right body to do so.

That’s why theHigher Institute of Health (ISS) has identified 91 public centers spread across the country: 48 in the North, 14 in the Center and 29 in the South (including the islands). In addition, this map also provides the contacts to contact and the types of assistance offered by each structure.

Talk about it, yes, but only to offer support and information in the right way, because, as Maruska Albertazzi points out once again, “It’s always good to talk about eating disorders. Especially today when the numbers are those of an epidemic. Too bad that in our times in the pursuit of the news, you have time to be outraged (maybe) but not to delve deeper.

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