Juve Women, Braghin: “The next challenge? Constancy. In women I return something to football ‘

It was Braghinspoke to GOAL about the Juventus Women project.

ARRIVAL AT YOUTH – “I came to Juventus in 2012. I ran the Men’s Spring until 2018, in the meantime I started the women’s project and then I had to choose between the two. At a certain point it was necessary to make a choice. In the end, I “I’ve been in the club for a long time, but recently in the women’s field.”

WOMEN’S PROJECT – “In 2015 the Federation decided that every men’s professional club should have a women’s team. It was one of the requirements to participate in Serie A at the time of registration, so it was absolutely mandatory. So we started A curious story is that on the first open day there were three girls, one in flip-flops.It started here and after seven years we already have about 200 young people.We have nine under 9 teams to sub 19. “All categories are covered. That means a lot in 7 years. I think we are offering them a great service, but it probably also means that women’s football is growing very fast in our country.”

THE PERSON TRUSTS – “People are probably starting to trust the project more. In Italy it’s not difficult to have people playing football. What was missing was the right situation to do it. This is a very Catholic and old-fashioned country, so maybe the prejudice against Women’s football was still very strong. Playing football in such an environment, in a club like this, probably eliminates most people’s prejudices. “

THE REASON – “It was something really new. I think there was more future. Ideally, after 25 years in this industry, I really feel like I can be more useful on the female side to transfer what I’ve learned to my career, rather than in man.

FROM THE BEGINNING – “No, we started from the beginning. We bought the rights to participate in Serie A from a local team, because it was something that the rules allowed at the time. It all started from there. We started working on the Considering that this area, Piedmont, is a pretty difficult area in that sense because we have the mountain.We have a lot and a lot of other sports, like volleyball, basketball, and there are few teams.Girls usually start with another sport, and then, as a second option, they come to football. That doesn’t help much in terms of the quality of recruitment. “

THE YOUTH – “No, there’s not enough space. They train and play in a couple of facilities in this area, a couple of miles from here. There are two different training centers that we share with other clubs and that’s a pity because obviously we have to force the training program a bit and adapt it. There is not enough space here. We are the latest arrivals, so we have to adapt. “

FUTURE PLANS – “What I asked for is that in the lower categories, Under 9, Under 10, Under 11, we still have to do a lot. Because in Italy we only have about 30,000 registered players and the rest of the countries have 300,000. 9. until the age of 12/13, we really try to recruit everyone who wants to play for the club. Then, from the age of 14, what we would like is to increase the quality and start having relationships with the local teams. “

FENES VS MALE – “Yes, at the moment we are doing it because in our leagues there is not much competitiveness. Normally our teams, especially in regional competitions, win for example by 20-0. So the under 15s play the under 17 championship and the under 17 team.17 play the men’s under 15 championship.The under 19 must play the under 19 championship.Our under 16 is currently playing a men’s competition.Advantages? 100 %.As for the intensity of the game, the You have to play faster, you make decisions faster because of the pressure you’re not used to, at 15 I prefer them to play against girls, maybe older but girls, because we’re still in that phase where you learn the game, how to play, the position. under-17s you’ve probably learned most of what you need to know, but you have to do it faster. And in that sense, the masculine is probably the right environment. “

THE LEVEL – “There is still a big gap with the first three or four teams, but the others are getting closer. I’m sure we will be there in a couple of years. It will improve the terms of game development and we hope for sustainability ., because now professionalism also means a lot of costs for clubs.No business plan has been developed exactly on how to support it.I am a little worried about how it will work without the help of the governing bodies.We are in a bit of problems … in numbers. Although we are obviously very happy for our players “.

TO INCREASE – “Yes, 100%. Thanks to two factors. First of all, the fact that professional clubs can be part of the competition. In a way, the men’s football fans are somehow starting to feel involved. The other is the World Cup, a fantastic opportunity for Italy because there were no matches in the summer of 2019. In the men’s field there were no competitions and as I said before, in this country if there is a match in the television there are people following it.It started to know the players, the names, the stories.It was the key moment.The other turning point was our way to the Champions this season, because people start to knowing a new European competition. I think that was an important factor. “

YOUNG INTEGRATION – “It’s very important for us. The player with the most appearances at Juventus is Arianna Caruso, who is 22. She started playing here at 17 and played 136 games, so we’re not afraid to give the opportunity to the What I often say in my interviews is that I don’t really understand this difference between old and young players, because for me the only difference in football is good or not good. “In the first game of the Champions League against Servette in Geneva we had eight players under 23 on the pitch. For a very new team, it’s not bad at all.”

RELATIONS WITH THE NATIONAL – “There are seven or eight, because we start investing in young players right away. Other clubs – I’m not saying it’s better or worse – prefer to go buy foreign players and are very focused on the first team. We prefer to think about a project .in the long run.Of course, we have to win because when you are in this club you have to win.But instead, we leave a part of the budget for young people and start with footballers born in 2003, and ’04, ’05 , ’06, we start to bring here all the best players in the country.Most of them stay and that’s why we have many.I think all the goals in the qualifying phase were scored by Juventus players.That’s a good thing. Now we have to be consistent because Juventus, from the beginning, have always done very good things. This is our next challenge. “

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