“He told us about courage, talent and passion to choose the future” – Savonanews.it

It was a comprehensive dialogue, from music to life that took place this morning between Jovanotti and the students of the schools of Liguria in the framework of the project Orientamenti Estiu 2022, promoted by the Region of Liguria and which has now been become a benchmark for guidance and training.

It was interesting to hear Lorenzo Jovanotti and get to know the lesser known aspects of his career. He generously answered the questions of all of us, using our language says Simone, a student at the Liceo G. Bruno to whom the Savonanews editorial staff asked for an opinion on the comparison. I liked it because it looks like one of us, but with so much experience that it can teach us how to orient ourselves. For boys and girls it is not always easy to answer the fateful question ‘what do you want to do as adults’, because obviously we all aspire to work in professions that we are passionate about, but how to choose? Lorenzo highlighted passion as a value and with his words urged us to firmly believe in it. I really appreciated that. Of course, it takes commitment and even a little luck, and he said it himself, but I feel safe, because he and many others have had opportunities, but if we are careful we can have them all, there it is enough to know. seize them.“.

The online event was followed by almost five thousand boys and girls: three thousand through the live broadcast on the Facebook page of the Liguria Region, 1200 with the youtube channel Orientamenti, another 700 signed up to the webinar to talk directly with the artist.

Many questions and questions posed by the boys to Lorenzo Cherubini: from how to become a singer to how to cultivate talent. And Jovanotti was very generous in responding, going very deep. There are many curiosities about his career, his learning, his debut in casual radio, but “driven” by passion, an aspect capable of really making a difference, when it comes time to make decisions for the future.

To the students of the institute of Albenga who asked him what is the way of affirmation in the musical field he said to them clearly that “music is a passion; the real question you have to ask yourself is whether you can do something else in life or not, because if you are an artist you feel within yourself a call that is almost a vocation and that comes back.“.

It takes culture and courage to be successful and intellectually honest to always accept oneself. I tell the boys that first of all you need a passion for music and to make it a job it has to be almost an obsession. But first you have to listen and expose yourself to life. To young people who don’t yet know what to do I tell them: don’t get caught up in situations of discomfort that can create identity. Get out of your way to have interests, the real success is to be curious“It was the message of the famous artist.

To high school student Calvin who asked him how important the can is: “it is important that learning never ends, you should never stop feeling towards something“How did the idea for the Young Beach Party come about?” Hor thought of the most beautiful things in life, music on the beach, many friends, the deejay, the console, all these things took on a dimension and the image of young beach party appeared.“.

This morning’s act – said the president of the Liguria region Giovanni Toti – demonstrated the full strength of the Orientamenti format, which is increasingly becoming a national reference for training and guidance. The meeting between Jovanotti and the Ligurian students was a great success and excellent feedback and the boys took the opportunity to learn the secrets of an artist and especially to go in search of his talent thanks to the presence of one of the most loved and followed. singers from Italy“.

We have to thank Lorenzo – stressed the Regional Minister of Training Ilaria Cavo – that nothing was spared, giving precise and generous answers. He went to the bottom, giving messages to both those who want to be musicians and those who do nothing. And, in all honesty, he talked about the difficulties of a career and also about the meaning of Reacting, that is, getting up again. And also the background of a profession, a river full of anecdotes and words according to a format, the Orientations, which turn young people into protagonists who will be able to make the most of this experience also thanks to the premiered topics, fully in line of our arguments.“.

Paraphrasing Orientamenti’s claim “Care”, Jovanotti stressed the importance of this word, “difficult to summarize,” said that “it’s about taking care of yourself and also others“To also become a reference. All this – said Jovanotti – it has nothing to do with success, but with curiosity and respect. Starting with the environment that will be a red thread on the occasion of the Jova Beach Party that will stop in Villanova d’Albenga on July 17. Precisely the place where, he recalled, Jovanotti was part of military service, when he was already famous. “The message for the environment affects any type of business, not just my event said Lorenzo. but all human spheres. Therefore, having to make a tour of places that are a symbol of the environment, we have tried to do everything possible to reduce the impact and move in the direction of sustainability. And the boys already know all about it“.

During the face-to-face meeting, Jovanotti also met the students of the Genoese school “Anna Frank” of the Montaldo comprehensive school who produced the video with the song “Open all the doors” in Tik Tok which was republished by the artist who really liked it. a lot.

He didn’t even shy away from the question of what his dream collaborations and musical myths might be to him: no doubt John Lennon and Bob Marley. Although his career has been filled with many fundamental collaborations: from Morandi to Pino Daniele, young artists and colleagues of his age, “because when you expose yourself to life the most tragic things can happen to you, but also beautiful things“.

And about the song he loved most among those made by him Jovanotti had no doubts “The Navel of the World.” “Even if the songs are like children, you love them all.”

Jovanotti also stopped in his relationship with De Andrè, recalling when, the year after the death of the Genoese singer-songwriter, he arrived in Genoa, called by Dori Ghezzi and Cristiano to sing and concentrated on the school of Genoese composers, the most important. in Italy.

A very intense advance, this morning, which provided for his return to Liguria, on July 17 in Villanova d’Albenga in his Jova Beach Party.

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