For Valentina Stranieri it was a season of emotions and good feelings

He was part of the Calabrian expedition that won the “Città dell’Aquila” tournament. Despite the absence in the final, due to a red card amended in the previous match, Valentina Stranieri’s season ended with a smile. The Decollatura player was one of the strengths of Promosport, a company that in its first year in women’s football was able to excel in both competitions, in a crescendo of play, excitement, smiles and good feelings.

That in Abruzzo was the last adventure with the Representative, on a path he had previously taken with the males, because Valentina has shown from an early age that she has talent and a certain propensity to play football.

“This time – he tells us immediately – I have finally had the opportunity to participate in a tournament of some national importance and I can say that I am 100% satisfied to have been part of this expedition, having probably been the My last possible call, given that the representative of Calabria is reserved for children under the age of 23 “.

The expulsion

And then we let them tell us about that red card that kept them from going out on the field in the final game. An episode that, however, may have contributed to the final victory: “The referee acknowledged the details of a foul on a clear goal opportunity, but for me it is not so. The attacker was smart to jump. Could it have been a butterfly effect? Maybe, but I like to think, though, that if the Campania striker had scored on that occasion, we probably wouldn’t have won the tournament, because we would have gone down by two goals with about ten minutes left in the game. . Instead, we managed to tie in numerical inferiority and then go to the penalties, winning the jump to the final.

Too bad for that red card, because “it negatively influenced my participation, although fortunately it did not affect the end result.”


Little on the field, therefore, but still able to be part of a winning group, deployed as a right winger. “In fact, it was a surprise for me and this victory allowed Calabrian women’s football to make its national debut with an excellent result. We had constant support from the Regional Committee and this regardless of what the end result would have been. The determination led us, as the coach repeated, to deserve the publication of a photo of us with the glass inside the headquarters of the Lnd Calabria ».

The staff

Coach Ramunno and the staff have been a great help to the team: “Mr. Ramunno’s teachings were a pleasant discovery and the same goes for Mr. Misti: they were essential in a group to set up, because we came from different companies and realities. Despite this, it was easy to establish bonds with both the staff and the other girls. These lessons have contributed to a football growth but above all personal that I will always carry with me ”.

In a statement to the Representative, “a sincere thanks to the staff, to President Mirarchi and to the Councilor of the Figc Antonio Caroleo for their continued support.”

The Promosport

Among the athletes called up, five were from Promosport: a sign that excellent work has been done in white and blue. Thus, Valentina Stranieri: “The fact of belonging to a substantially new football reality represented another reason for pride. We were on our first outing of the season and got our first official win in a national tournament. With Promosport we have proudly represented a fraction of the Calabrian football reality. The excellent result is the result of teamwork, which is not limited to the players but involves the technical staff and all those who are part of our reality.

The Promosport women’s team

The championship

In the two regional tests, Promosport passed behind Cosenza, a rival that proved to be unbeatable “but for us this is not a problem – says Valentina – also because we faced a team that had long been looking for the rise and worked for a long time, even mentally, to achieve this result. It was an attractive challenge and we will need it to work on our weaknesses ”.

On a personal level “it was a season of redemption as the last few months in Crotone, the previous year, were really very hard. Demotivation to play had led me to reject countless requests from other companies and to focus my goals on other things, such as study and work. Having helped to create and make the Promosport project a reality made me fall in love with football again ”.

The future

What will Valentina Stranieri do next season? This is his answer: “Nothing has been decided yet. This is a time consuming process. I would like to take a month to evaluate everything calmly. I would definitely like to continue to be part of the project started with Promosport and improve it more and more. We will see”.

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