Cuts in Stromboli. Here is what the second edition will look like

Two weeks of summer of creation and sharing on a unique island, one of the most evocative, mysterious and fascinating in Italy. Two neighboring houses ready to host and transform each year into a space for research and creative experimentation. Selected artists from different fields: contemporary dance and performancevisual art and photography, music and sound design – who are offered the opportunity to work, develop projects and reflect on their artistic practice in a peaceful and immersive environment that invites a deep relationship with the territory and the inhabitants of the island. Cuts lives, creates and produces in a summer month. In the remaining months of the year he returned to the city, first of all Milan, where the project was born, immersing himself and actively participating in the dynamism of the city, in a continuous production of connections and moments to share: workshopexhibitions, shows and performances to return and trace everything that the residence on the island has generated and requested, creating a relationship between the beautiful territory of departure, respected and interpreted by artistic thought- and the social and cultural dimension of the fabrics urban.

Space Fifteen Twelve, Milan 2022. Ph.D. Domenico Lops


The first edition of Cuts – designed by Ilaria Baia Curioni – was very rich. 16 artists involved: Sara Loreni, Lorenzo Saini (You know it), Giada Vailati and Francesco Sacco of the collective Worship of magicFuturo Orchestra, Maria Combi, Elisa Melodia, Antonio Morra, Francesco Ameglio, Stefano Colombini and Alberto Albanese (the duet Scandebergs), Matilde Sambo, Pietro Lazzaris, Ludovico Orombelli, Adelisa Selimbašić, Emanuele Caprioli. 2 large cities as a setting for restitution: Milan which hosted the works and performances of the artists in the space QuidiciDodici in a series of moments and London, 1- Greatorex Street, with Postcards of Stromboli, collective exhibition that brought for the first time the experience and works of the artists of the first edition of the residence beyond the border.

Worship of magic.  Talls 2021. Ph Niccol • Donatini
Worship of magic. Talls 2021. Ph Niccol Donatini


How he was born Cuts? And who is behind the project apart from you?

Cuts was born in early 2021, during the confinement. We wanted our project to be a kind of “grid” in which artists find their own comfort zone where they can reflect, create, and exchange ideas. From here came the idea of ​​proposing artist residencies, and Stromboli seemed to us the right place to start. It is a unique place, with a very special energy, which has been – and continues to be – a destination for artists. Knowing the island well, it was also easier for us to propose working on it. I founded this project together with my brother, Alvise Curioni Bay, with which I developed the starting idea. Equally fundamental was the presence of Anna Viganò and Cristiana Bregni, following the project from the beginning, helping us to build their visual and communicative identity.

Because Cuts?

The name of the project, Cuts, comes from the abstract idea of ​​”go through” “put a dot and go to the head”. A bit like cutting on a canvas opens up to a parallel and poetic dimension, to which in everyday life we ​​are not accustomed to paying attention: our work tries to go in this direction. That’s why when we started the project we wanted to ask 6 artists what it means for them to make a cut and the answers were varied, but they all had to do with a change, a turning point, a moment of cessation. which makes you go from point A to point B. A transformation.

What are the pillars of this residency format?

Tagli is a project that changes form and connotations according to the artists involved, so I would define it as a laboratory: it carries out a project idea focused on the processes of artistic creation. The focus is on the movement, generation and creation of a work, not just the final product. One of our fixed points is therefore, without a doubt, a look that addresses different research and artistic fields: combining artistic research and different paths provides processes of pollution and precious stimuli for the work of each resident, offers the possibility of ‘explore. new paths, often unexpected. Another important point is that we work with emerging and young artists: we know how difficult it is to make your way in the art world.

What does it mean for Tagli to operate in this place and how does the residence coexist and communicate with the island of Estromboli?

Dialogue with the island and with the inhabitants is a very delicate and important issue for us. Many times he happens to come to the island and stop at the most obvious things: the volcano, the sea, the black sand, the energy of the eruptions. You risk losing a little of what’s behind it, a community that inhabits the island all year round, daily work, lack of light, everything that somehow dictates rhythms that are profoundly different from those that we are used to the city. During the residency we try to create the conditions to encourage this reading, through meetings, workshops that open forms of dialogue. Sometimes very interesting synergies are created, but like all authentic things, it is impossible to shake hands: it is the sensitivity of guest artists to build interactions, weave relationships, capture nuances.

What benefit do you think the island can get from being ‘artistically’ inhabited by a project like this?

Hopefully a project like this a Stromboli it can be a stimulus for both the local population and the artists, putting them in relation to dynamics alien to their own habits that can enrich both parties. Over the years, the artistic presence has always been very strong on the island and it would be important for us to help raise awareness of Stromboli and work on the perception of Stromboli as a different reality that is not limited to the tourist destination. Another desirable benefit is the creation of research and works that are deeply related to the island, creating intimate and sincere narratives.

From Stromboli to Milan and London: Last summer’s experience led the works of resident artists to dialogue with two metropolises. How did you set up these return moments?

The type of restitution we design tries to maintain -both in the implementation and in the artistic proposal- a workshop dimension in which we try to promote and value the research that is the basis of creative production. The idea of ​​these paths of restitution is to maintain an almost laboratory dimension in which, in addition to the work, the underlying creative process remains visible. Some works on display are the result of residency, others are later works and are born under the impetus of the residency or the a posteriori elaboration of stimuli arrived during the experience.

What is the main curatorial line in the selection of artists?

In the selection we try to create a group that can work: we try to have a balance between the disciplines and we try to understand if the diverse researches that the artists tell us can be in some way compatible, to favor the dialogue and the creation of synergies. We not only look at the artistic quality of a research, a work, but also the direction and attitude that characterizes an artist and his way of using his own means of expression, trying to project these elements within residence and imagining them in action. in the specific territory but also in relation to the research and media used by all resident artists.

Tagli is an ongoing project. What is your greatest desire for your future?

We would like the artists to take this into account Cuts increasingly a benchmark for their professional and creative growth, and perhaps to be able to take this to different places, creating networks of increasingly broad and international synergies.

The first edition was a success. Can you tell us something about the new residence that will arrive in late August?

Starting this year we have decided to start a three week residency instead of two. After last year, we realized that two weeks is a very limited time, if you think that a guest artist should have time to interact with other artists, with the island, with outside people, install- se and find the right memory and size for oneself and for work. As for this year’s proposals and artists, we are in the selection phase: it is an increasingly delicate moment. This year also the candidates have a great level and it will be very difficult to choose!

– Valeria Bruzzi

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