Culture becomes the protagonist in Lecco

“With culture, we not only eat, but it allows us to unite to create a strong community that seeks to improve as citizens as well.”

These are the words spoken by don Davide MilaniMonsignor Rector of Lecco, at the inauguration of the event organized together with the publishing group Netweek and in particular by the Amici del Giornale di Lecco on Wednesday 23 June at the restaurant “Da Giovannino” in Malgrate.


Why reflect on culture

Numerous agents of the territory have been present: representatives of local companies, associations and entities that are dedicated in different ways or in any case interested in a really transversal subject and that crosses any reality. The central theme of the meeting was, in fact, culture, in all its forms, which, says Don Milani,

“It allows us to open a reflection on our personal beliefs, understanding what men and citizens we want to be.”

Regarding the very concept of culture, Don Milani thinks that it is necessary to think about its true meaning:

In this simple word there is everything, from its etymology, that is to say “to cultivate”, that relates how important this relation is for the men but also for a society. Provocatively, I think that without culture the person he cannot cultivate his own reality, thus leaving it indifferent to what is happening within the community ”.

Don Milani also puts an emphasis linked to the second meaning of culture, that is, that of worship:

“Worship is the true meaning of life, which leads to its fulfillment, thus reaching the goal and the goal. A person without culture does not live but survives, detaching himself from his existence without giving a direction These factors make it possible to give a purpose to our existence, which goes towards a search that unites us all: beauty, we as human beings seek meaning because we want an artistic, religious, relational, sentimental beauty, and this it guides each man towards his own goal. cultural processes, social cohesion, circulation of ideas and integration of differences. These elements are the condiment of our life “.

Third edition of the Lecco Film Fest

Beliefs that, among other things, are the basis of the Lecco Film Fest, ready to begin on July 7, on which the rector of Lecco has always been exposed:

“The festival aims precisely to create a cohesive society, which puts at the center a culture to share. This includes all generations, even the youngest, with whom we must dialogue to understand their environments and needs, to to meet the most urgent demands. If these actions are not taken, we will lose our future. “

In fact, an important emphasis was placed on the intergenerational dialogue that must take place between the younger generation and the elderly:

“Our elderly people are not a parking capital. On the African continent, for example, the elderly are synonymous with experience, culture, life, and they are the most precious thing a society can have. This mentality is fundamental. “To be adopted, especially for the transmission of the knowledge that must exist towards young people. It is without a doubt one of the most delicate but essential steps to hope to have a community aware of its past.”

Don Milani also wants to emphasize how

“Children’s education is not the most important thing. What men really do is the awareness of what it means to be citizens, the so-called human culture, which is independent of the education we each have.”

The figures for the cultural sector

In addition to the purely philosophical dimension of culture, Don Milani also sets out numbers that certify its importance in Italian territory:

“Since 2019, the last year before the pandemic, the Italian cultural system, which includes exhibitions, shows, cinema, recorded a turnover of approximately 90 billion euros, employing approximately 1.5 million “They are Lombardy and Milan, with the metropolitan area. of the latter they represent around 9.6% of the added value. This not only contributes economic well-being, but also innovation”.

The necessary push, however, means Don Milani,

“It has to come from below, from the citizens. In Lecco there are many opportunities, but we must all be good at pushing them to exploit them, and then communicate them, not only from a mediated point of view but also integrated, empowering it to take advantage of the great fortune we have ”.

Don Davide also says that he is surprised by the great support that the commercial associations have given not only to the Lecco Film Fest, but in general to this type of vision:

“The different acronyms have proved to be essential to improve our territory, increasing its value. This has shown that money reaches a certain point, after which we need the culture of man, his knowledge and his “That’s why I have to acknowledge the work of the institutions that are allowing us to give Lecco a new shine.”

Mozzanica: “Lecco is once again the protagonist of its culture”

Following Don Milani’s speech, he finally took the floor Mario Mozzanicamember of the Central Charity Commission of the Cariplo Foundation:

“Lecco must once again be a protagonist of culture, being the basin of one of the most important authors in Italian history, namely Alessandro Manzoni. I think what needs to be cultivated is the culture of desire for part of every citizen, starting a movement from below capable of moving our true nature. This goes beyond the need to seize every opportunity capable of restoring a grammar and a syntax of our life with a common horizon. “

A necessary condition, therefore, according to Mozzanica,

“It becomes the educational discourse capable of anticipating the surprising and promising meaning of life. These are the basic reasons that led us with the Cariplo Foundation to support the activities of Don Davide Milani, which were really an important impetus for to the Lecco cultural engine and that will surely help Lecco regain the place it deserves among the main Italian realities. “

A meeting, then, that served to chart a new cultural perspective for the Lecco area and that stimulated the many actors present to a dialogue around various topics. But also the opportunity to make some progress at the next Lecco Film Fest, which will be held in the city from Thursday 7 July to Sunday 10 July: here cinema, along with culture, will be the protagonist and reach several generations.

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