Andrea Delogu and the youngest boy: he stops the double standard

In recounting how love flourished between her and model Luigi Bruno, 23, Andrea Delogu attacks the sexist treatment that society and the media reserve for women who date men younger than themselves.

Love has no age. She is also convinced Andrea Delogu which, for a year now, has been coming out Luigi Brunoa Campania model 17 years younger than her. These days, in an interview with Vanity Fair, there TV and radio host grew up in the community of San Patrignano she threw herself against those who criticize her for the age difference between her and her boyfriend. Irritating her above all is the double standards that society tends to adopt towards men and women when it comes to “judging” a marked relationship for age difference meaningful. For Delogu, this is a good example sexism against which it tries to fight, abiertamente celebrating the love unites that it to Luigi.

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How was the relationship between Andrea Delogu and Luigi Bruno?

“A story under construction”: this is how it is in the pages of Vanity Fair Andrea Delogu he defined the relationship that has bound him for just over a year Model Luigi Bruno. 40 years she and 23 he. A seventeen-year-old age gap that doesn’t seem to impact in any way happiness of the couple, which shuns the standard categories and only cares about enjoying the present. To unite them, “Trust the future,” as revealed by the same presenter that, from June 30, we can admire together with Stefano De Martino at the head of Tim Summer Hitsthe summer program that follows in the footsteps of the iconic Festivalbar.

It all started with a message on Instagram. Few characters, however, were enough to arouse curiosity Delogu. “If in ten years neither of us has found the love of his life, will we marry?” the young model ventured, aware that luck favors the daring. And so it was.

The actress, however, reserved many doubts about the child’s real identity, fearing it would be a fake in the Marc Caltagirone. “I was sure it was a fake”, reveals Delogu, who at the time feared he might be “a much older man and infinitely less handsome who used photos of a young model.” With the intention of unmasking him, the actress asks him for a date in Naples, Luigi being from a neighboring country. Faced with the latter’s refusal, Andrea believes he has found confirmation of his assumptions. And, instead, she is forced to change her mind. This time it is Luigi who asks him to see him. The appointment is in Rome, where Delogu lives and works, and more precisely near the Colosseum. “I come with a mixture of curiosity and anger,” says the presenter who, to her delight, after parking the scooter, take a look at “the Instagram guy”.

Andrea Delogu and the refusal of labels

From that momentthe two form a stable couple and they live their love story with complete confidentiality, though public kisses and outpourings did not go unnoticed by the paparazzi’s goals. The first time Delogu officially talks about it is in the studios of very true, but be careful not to end up in the standard compartments in which society and the media would like to classify this story. “I had put a name to a very important relationship, a marriage, and it’s over. Now I just know I’m fine with him, going out with him has brought me wonderful feelings. We are just living “.

Divorce of Francesco Montanari

Then, in fact, radio announcer and author of four books, of which “Crossing” released this year, had just come out divorces which had marked the end of the romance with Francesco Montanari. She and the actor were married in 2016, but after about four years of marriage, they came to the conclusion that they had become just friends. Speaking to Verissimo, last March Delogu revealed that “we looked into each other’s eyes and understood that it was time to take a small step on different paths.” Despite everything, however, he is eager to point it out “This relationship has taught me a lot“is that Francesco “is a wonderful person.”

Andrea Delogu against the sexism of society and the media

Today, however, after a few moments of crisis, Andre Delogu deservedly enjoys his own personal rebirth in the name of work commitments and the exciting new love story that unites him Luigi Bruno. Unfortunately, however, there are always some “damaged parts” who never miss the opportunity to point the finger at the happiness of others, making unsolicited and inappropriate remarks. As those inherent in the age difference between presenter and groom model.

“Why should society put me in a position to be linked to an extraordinary person? We are out of our minds “, Delogu comments in the pages of Vanity Fair that, when asked by the journalist who asks him if it is worth talking about sexism, answers in the affirmative, also providing a concrete example to confirm his thesis. “Do you think that once a week, in the same issue, in a few pages, a report was published with some photos of Benedetta Porcaroli i Scamarcio together, with a very tender title about love. And then another shoot with me and Luigi: here’s Andrea, with a much younger boyfriend, a whole annoying subtext. Two couples with the same age difference, but a totally different gender treatmentThis attitude inevitably irritated the actress who, from that moment on, began “talking about him with everyone” – starting with Verissimo – determined to end a situation that she defines as “absurd.”


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Don’t call him a “toy boy”

Delogufinally, he puts his in black and white contempt for those who call Luigi their “toy boy”. “IS ridiculous“as well”offensive for Luigi, who is anything but a toy boy ”. The radio presenter explains, in fact, that it is in him “An extraordinary awareness that in the end leads me not to care.”

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