Against early school leaving of 10 million in 64 schools in Brescia

Background rain to combat early school leaving. The Ministry of Education has assigned them in the context of Pnrrassigning more than 500 million euros in high schools and high schools in the bootto implement interventions and projects aimed at students with learning disabilities.

If more than 50% of the funds go to institutions in the South, Bresciano will also have its share of resources to counteract early school leaving, curbing a widespread phenomenon especially among children reaching families with socioeconomic difficulties.

Almost 10 million will come to our province, recipient of an endowment of 9 million and 524 thousand euros. Digit obtained by rounding a few decimal places. In detail these resources will be distributed among 64 schools in Brescia. Most of these are Integral Institutes -there are 39 of the total-; while the institutes receiving the contributions are “only” twenty-five. Even if they take home a large piece of the cake. As for the territories, it will be La Bassa that will receive most of the resources, divided between twenty-four realities.

“This first tranche of funds refers to the age group of 12 to 18 years, the most at risk,” explains the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi. These are resources that can be used by secondary and high schools to ensure a strong path of accompaniment to the most vulnerable children, through dedicated activities, tutoring projects, personalized training, also in connection with the realities that already operate in the territories and actively contribute to prevent many from leaving school early ”. The individual institutes, therefore, will be able to articulate personalized intervention plans, based on their respective peculiarities.

So, for example, they will be able to predict the increase in the number of teachers in the staffinitiate collaborations with local institutions or volunteer associations, or even launch guidance activities and support projects for students and their families.

Schools will be able to act autonomously or create networks within which the institution receiving the resources will have to act as a leader. About the territory. Thanks to the resources of the Ministry projects to combat early school leaving will be launched in Azzano Mella, Bagnolo, Bagolino, Bedizzole, Borgo San Giacomo, Breno, Calcinato, Capriolo, Castelcovati, Castrezzato, Chiari, Colònia, Corzano, Darfo, Edolo, Gardone Riviera, Gargnano, Gavardo, Idro, Leno, Lograto, Lumezzane, Ship , Ospitaletto, Pontoglio, Pralboino, Prevalle, Rudiano, Salò, San Zeno, Travagliato, Verolanuova i Vobarno. More contributions will go to twelve schools in the city, three in Palazzolo, two high schools in Rovato and as many in Desenzano and Gardone Valtrompia, Sarezzo, Manerbio, Montichiari Orzinuovi.

The Ministry used specific criteria to identify the schools and entities to which the measure was addressed. In particular, resources were distributed at the regional level considering the early exit rate from the education system in the 18-24 age group; the number of students; the rate of foreign population; the population rate without a diploma in the 25-64 age group and the household rate of five or more members. On the one hand, the distribution of funds among individual schools is determined by the number of students enrolled; and, on the other hand, the percentage of students who achieved a very low result of Invalsi in both Italian and mathematics.