a peak to climb and a plan of 219 million euros

Ultra-wideband connection for 2022 in all Sicilian homes. A unified regional telephone system, based on IP telephony. Virtual workstations and digital storage in the cloud for all offices in the Region, with fully digitized processes and procedures. These are just some of the objectives of the triennial plan of digital transition of the autonomous administration for the triennium 2021-2023, endowed with 219 million euros of community resources and Pnrr, presented on Friday by the Vice President of the Region, Gaetano Armao, together with the manager of the regional authority for technological innovation (ARIT), Vincenzo Falgares and the sole director of Sicilia Digitale Spa, Mario Bellavista. The Plan follows and completes the first phase of implementation developed in the triennium 2018-2020, was approved by the regional council with a resolution of March 10, 2022 and registered by the Court of Auditors on June 8, 2022. investments is part of the strategy of the Regional Digital Agenda and aims to guarantee citizens and businesses the right to access data, documents and services in digital format, reducing the need for physical access to offices public.

Sicily, fourth in the European Desi 2021 index

“The results achieved, the Plan highlights, now see Sicily among the regions with the most digital infrastructures in the Mediterranean and Italy the largest region with the largest number of municipalities served by ultra-wideband.” Again: “The first major regional project, completed in 2019, had allowed Sicily, according to the“ Report on the Digital Economy and Connectivity Society 2019 Index ”(Desi), to be the Italian region with broadband wider and ultra-wide with equal speeds. higher than 30 Mbps and in the range of excellence also at European level “. However, the European Commission’s Desi index, which measures the digitization of European regions, was investigated, for Italian regions, in a report by the Bank of Italy (Digitization in Italy: evidence of a new regional index, December 2021) followed. for a study by the Milan Polytechnic carried out together with Osservatori.net, Agcom, Confindustria Genova and Regioni. Both papers examine not only the infrastructures for connectivity, but also the other three slices that make up the pie of digital supply in equal parts, namely: digital public services and e-government, human capital (competencies of citizens) and the integration of digital. technologies for business and e-commerce. The general ranking of 2021 places Sicily fourth after the last, followed by Basilicata, Calabria and Molise. On the podium, however, the Autonomous Province of Trento, Lombardy and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. In Sicily, then, digitalization is still a peak to be reached, but it needs to start somewhere and the ambitious regional plan is taking its steps in this direction.

The Desi 2021 regional index and the global ranking of territories (Source: Politecnico Milano digital agenda observatory)

Ultra-wideband for 315 municipalities in 2022

During the 2018-2020 triennium, or are being completed,
19 initiatives in the fields of physical and intangible infrastructures, the digital region and digital health, for a total amount of more than 261 million euros. Only the ultra-wideband, with a cost of 236 million from the funds Po Fesr and Psr Sicilia 2014-2020, will have service in 315 municipalities in 2022, once the project is completed, for a total of more than 1.8 million real estate units. The rest of the results obtained have made it possible to advance in the digitization, for 25.6 million euros of committed expenditure, of the different areas in which the Plan is articulated, included in the field of cultural heritage (digitization of museums and libraries) , for the evolution of accounting. information system, for the new institutional portal, for the management of the action cycle, the unitary management of the assistance of the personnel and in the front of security and fulfillment of the GDPR and finally the digital health, first of all with the SovraCup project, the unified system. for online bookings of medical visits.

Health and work are the digital priorities of the Region

Health and work are the priority sectors of intervention for the digitalisation of the public administration according to the new Plan. For the years 2021-2023, ten interventions are planned dedicated to health and social issues, for a total amount of approximately 48 million euros. These include electronic medical records, a system for supporting clinical collaboration, an integrated regional platform for social assistance services, support for telemedicine and teleconsultation networks, the integration of veterinary information systems, a system advanced information for the management of transfusion activities and another for monitoring and follow-up. coordinate cancer screening. The approach then focuses on “Sicily working”, with the aim of offering services to hundreds of thousands of people (Sicilian and not) who have returned or come to the island to work remotely, remotely. There are also several initiatives planned in the sectors of the environment, infrastructure and services, including: management of contaminated sites, surveillance of buildings, waste information system, monitoring of catastrophic events and floods, digitization of the library heritage, integrated nature portal, regional tourism portal, companies. board, student registration and school dropout observatory, monitoring of training cycles, personal management, assets, pensions, public access and competitions.

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