It closes with a great audience success and a spectacular event the twentieth edition of Castelli24h, the 24-hour road cycling event reserved for teams (8-12 elements) that in a 24-hour relay cover a closed circuit of 1,850 m built around the historic walls of Feltre (BL). The trophy of the twentieth edition flew to the Netherlands thanks to the record performance of the Scorpions Team (Mark Prinsen, Luuk Vanderwal, Albert Tuin, Adriaan Janssen, Quint Vander Leeuw, Jean Biermans, Coen Van Cleef, Brent Clé) who have done almost 1,000 km around Feltre in 24 hours, ie 521 laps at an average of 40.17 km / h for a total of 963.85 km. Having won on the circuits of LeMans, Nurburgring, Zandvoort, Zolder and BrandsHatch, now Feltre will also be on his list. “We have always competed in circuits – said the captain – we never had to do a street circuit and it was fantastic! There is no one on the circuits, there were people here everywhere, it was really very exciting. Then the racing circuit is amazing because it’s not boring, there’s an uphill, a downhill, a cobblestone, a fast straight path. We will definitely be back in 2023 to defend the victory. Thank you all for this wonderful experience! ”

The Dutch attacked at 5 in the morning after a face-off 8 hours earlier with what would have been the top ten in the standings, then for a few hours with the Belluno Team Sanvido Volata, the Paduan Team Melato (Borgo Veneto ) and the Vicenza Team Room (Romano d’Ezzelino) only to accelerate at 5 in the morning, causing first one lap, then two laps. In the early afternoon an attack from the other three teams caused the Dutch to lose one of the two laps of advantage, but now the difference was inflicted and the Scorpions got the best trophy of the 24 hours signed by Master Marco Varisco.

In the women’s field victory of the Alfonsine Ngmn Azimutr Enervit, the team made up of girls from all over Italy and also from abroad. Liliana Pillon, Monica Cuel, Alessandra Cafiso, Stefania Vottari, Iryna Bukhanska, Anna Mantero, Beatrice Baccini, Chiara Musso, Diana Bulache, Georgina Makhandi, Juana Paola Macedo Abregu, Marina Donzi remembering his beloved Alfonsina Strada, the first woman to take part in the Giro d’Italia in 1924, they covered a total of 760.35 km, ie 411 laps at an average of 31.72 km / h, beating the competitors of the Belluno team. Sperandio “Gallina vecchia fa buon brou” formed by a group of girls who participated in the 24 hours 10 years ago and, after several children, wanted to remove the dust from their bikes to meet. “We don’t want to do feminism fast, but simply do what we like best, without anyone imposing on us the bet that dictates power, resistance, or technique,” ​​they had said before they started. In the end they did what they wanted: they had fun and even won.

The solo trophy, on the other hand, went to “the only one”. Manuel ANTONELLO who did 365 laps alone for a total of 675 km at an average of 28.21 km / h, stopping Emanuel Scapin with 9 laps and Alessandro Simioni 14 for 14. Among the women, clear victory for the Spanish Maria Josè SILVESTRE GARRIGÒS who covered 580 km in a total of 314 laps and who commented: “It was a tough test both for the heat and for the rivals (behind her Giada Bernadei at 4 seconds laps and the champion Anna Mei at 42 laps – ed) but I took home this beautiful victory “.

In the SPECIAL CATEGORIES, victory of:

Team Gobik – Clinica Feltre – Piero Ostia 515 laps for a total of 952.75 km – category BAR

Asd Unoteam Cittadella 498 laps for a total of 921.30 km – same category of company

Porsche Center Florence 494 laps for a total of 913.90 km – TEAM category with 3 WOMEN

Team Professional Bike 467 laps for a total of 863.95 km – category DO NOT COME TEAM

Scorpions team – FOREIGN category

A demonstration returned after 2 years of stoppage by the covid, a return to obstacles, however, still due to pandemic-related problems that decimated participants a few days after the appointment. But he did not keep quiet the cycling champions (Bettini, Cassani, Paolini, Pozzato, Parietti …) and the many celebrities (Paolo Belli, Ignazio Moser, Cecilia Rodriguez, Justine Mattera …) who rode in support of two charities. programs in two teams led by Vicenza businessman Renzo Rosso (Diesel) on the one hand and by actor Paolo Kessisoglu on the other. A semi-serious challenge that led to the victory of the team “There is to do and listen” of Kessisoglu with 422 laps and 780 km traveled against the Otb 55 Team of Rosso which has finished with 397 laps and 734 km. These actions have earned the organizing committee and the company Manifattura Valcismo a donation of € 10,550 to the project supported by the actor and € 9,925 to the support of the team of the entrepreneur of Vicenza.

More than 25,400 laps cycled by members of the 50 teams and 25 only one (cyclists who have decided to cycle solo for 24 hours) during the 24 hours of Castelli24h.

The comments of some of the protagonists:

Ivan PIOL (organizing committee of the Pedale Feltrino): “I am the first to thank the public who, after 2 years, have returned in large numbers to encourage the 24 Hours of Felt. I am grateful to the Administration for what it has done to make it possible and I am absolutely grateful to the Cremonese family for the support that has always been given to Pedale Feltrino for his actions. Interestingly, we became acute over time and it never happened.

Alessio CREMONESE (General Manager of Manifattura Valcismon, Castelli brand): “It is always a pleasure to be with the Fektrino Pedal but I would rather the city of Feltre, instead of supporting us, support us. I would like the city to want these events because according to the beautiful things that are going well, seeing as many people as tonight is a beautiful thing. “

PAOLO KESSISOGLU: “Feltre’s 24 hours is a bit of a drug, you do it once and you say” well, he’s tired, I enjoy it a lot but I won’t do it next year. Then comes May and you can’t wait for the Feltre 24 Hours date to arrive. It is a party disguised as a competition, a great party where everyone has fun and is in company, these are the values ​​that Castelli24h transmits. Thanks to the organizers and the city for this wonderful event “

Renzo ROSSO and Arianna ALESSI (OTB Foundation): “Feltre’s 24 hours are something really spectacular for the beauty of the event and the city. Of course we have fun, but the real reason we are here is for the Otb Foundation, we try to pedal as much as we can because the more laps we do, the more we can take home a more important contribution to the Foundation ”. explained Rosso. “In this edition we have cycled for a connected project with 442 people that we have supported since the war began, most of them are women and children, thank you if you have also collaborated.”

Davide CASSANI: “As always, the 24 Hours of Feltre is a great party, it is a bicycle race, there are those who run to win and those who participate or to show solidarity as in the case of the Otb Foundation of Renzo Rosso in the team of which I set up for support projects to support Ukrainian families. I enjoyed and fought. But next year we will win the Kessisoglu team again ”.

Paolo BETTINI: “It has finally returned 24 hours, after 2 years of forced stoppage, we were missing, we wanted and I think we had a great time. I was part of the group led by Kessisoglu whose goal was solidarity, to raise funds for young people who need help. We are just happy to have given our contribution ”.

Luca PAOLINI: “Sincere experience. We rode our bikes to help the guys who came out of confinement in a not-so-brilliant way. We hope it repeats itself next year.”

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