Why should we stop curbing those who do not love us?

LIs the relationship we are living based on a one-sided feeling? It’s time to say enough is enough. Why should we stop curbing those who do not love us? We find out immediately

Unrequited love is red thread of thousands of literary, theatrical, musical and cinematic works. It deals with a theme analyzed and dissected in all its forms and aspects and which, by mistake, assumes an almost romantic dimension. Continuing to feel a bond to those who do not love us is, in fact, often seen as a ennobled behavior by a suffering driven by boundless love that acquires value precisely because it is moved by such a deep feeling. Fighting, suffering, tormenting, feeling bad is the price to pay for living such a great feeling, even if it is not paid.

We grew up with Anna Karenina, Anne Elliot, Rossella O’Hara, women who invest in unrequited love in an almost heroic way. Let’s not forget that this is literature and that in real life, staying anchored to those who don’t return our feelings is completely wrong. Why should we stop curbing those who do not love us?? Because we deserve more and because love for ourselves cannot be soiled by a worn-out relationship on the way to sunset.

Break away from emotional dependence

Those who are in a unilateral love affair often suffer emotional dependence. As we all know, emotional dependence is a mental state tied to an extreme need to lean on the couple. A total confidence that leads us to think that we cannot live without the person in whom we have invested all our emotional baggage.

This condition is typical of those living in unrequited love and to understand why we should stop curbing those who do not love us, referring to the realm of emotional dependence can be of great help. In fact, it is inconceivable to think of being able to live a serene and productive daily life if we are very attached to a couple who do not love us and to whom we have entrusted our happiness.

Getting rid of emotional addiction is the first step recover our livesto reinvest in ourselves and focus authentically on our value and potential.

To love ourselves again

It is a short step from emotional dependence to self-love. When you live in toxic relationship and everything is directed to one-sided love, self-love inevitably fails. Returning to regain possession of one’s life is key he loves you again.

It’s been too long since you’ve felt worthless, have you? It’s been too long since you’ve shown that you really love yourself. This is wrong.

“Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong love story” Oscar Wilde

Stop holding back those who don’t love you and don’t appreciate you and emphasize the beauty of your person, loving you, respecting you, and recognizing what you are worth.

Don’t risk depression for love

Understanding why we should stop holding back those who don’t love us also means highlighting a whole host of extremely negative and detrimental consequences that can be found by investing in a toxic relationship. Depression is one of them. In particular, the depression for unrequited love it is a condition that is linked to the fear of abandonment and those who live it experience a great feeling of discomfort and insecurity at the thought of being abandoned by the couple.

Unfortunately, those who are unable to separate from their partner or partner are seriously at risk of having to deal with this disorder, which over time can become truly disabling.

Take matters into your own hands

Is your relationship in a time of total stagnation? The person you love doesn’t suit you, but doesn’t have the courage to tell you, thus triggering a vicious circle from which it’s hard to get out? Take matters into your own hands!

“All you want is the other side of fear” Jack Canfield

Become the protagonist of your election, take responsibility for changing course in this worn-out situation and stop it loops dangerous. To cling to a couple who don’t love you is to hold on to fear. Embrace courage, act without fear and explore the other side of fearyou will see, it will be like taking life in your hands again with a single gesture.

Prioritize our interests

How long have your passions and hobbies been overshadowed by the needs of a totally unbalanced couple? Stopping curbing those who don’t love us also means finally re-prioritizing our thousand interests and what makes us feel alive.

We rewrite the novel that we have left too much time in a drawer, we recover our free time, we subscribe to that course of Pole Dance that interested us so much and we feel again the blood flowing through our veins. We don’t deserve to have unilateral love, dressed and tormented, we deserve to face life with a light and energetic spirit enhanced by our light and our extraordinary personality. Let us always remember.

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