What if looking was synonymous with being?

Out of Program – International Dance Festival 2021: on the occasion of the debut of Aldes, Modern times / A correct Dante, thank you very muchto be held from 23 to 25 June in the courtyards of Quarticciolo, we publish here a postcard, a text based on the reflections of Roberto Castello and Erica Bravini. Content in collaboration with the media.

At the gates of summer, for the sixth year in a row, Rome has become a destination for international contemporary dance thanks to Fuori Programma. The Festival, which this year chooses to highlight how dance is one Geography of relationshipsit is characterized by a nature open to the processes, to the collaborations between disciplines, between artists, other festivals, to the proximity with the spectators, presenting / displaying its action in the territories of the V Municipality (between Quarticciolo and the Park Tor Tre Teste), and the spaces of the Indian Theater.

The reflections presented below are the result of a request from the editorial staff, addressed to Roberto Castello and Erica Bravinito be able to reason around the relationship between body / bodies, nature, environment, relationships.

The text we have composed is the fruit of this dialogue, it is a postcard elaborated without the vision of the work but which we hope will accompany the gaze of those who will approach the work.

What if looking was synonymous with being? The theater allows it, a “place of vision” even before being a building, able to involve in the same rite those who make the gesture and those who observe it, exercising on a performative occasion the assumption that, as the philosopher José Ortega i Gasset says: “I am more my environment”.

Looking at a moving person does not suggest stopping to consider the shapes, it will more easily lead to defining the story that this body produces, through movement or ecstasy.
If it is the dance itself that knows its main aspect in relation to the observer and perceives its narration as a sequence of actions, a logical correspondence that the spectator must conceive, then the body is not important in the context. , but in what position. is placed on the observer.
Observant, yes. How do you say who maintains the faith with the cardinal principles of a rite, which allow to keep it free of time and space, but -this is the detonating and decisive element- precisely by choosing, defining a time and a space precise, within which the experience can be fully developed.

In this space-time unit, theater is a poor experience that, with minimal elements, gives birth to something out of nothing, generates something that has no price but value. What value does the choice of being in the same place at the same time overcome through a convention determined by artistic gesture? Therefore, to be there is to look at oneself, to accept to become both -actor and spectator- the more I, the more the environment that surrounds him.

original text and interpretation by Andrea Cosentino
music Matteo Sodini
Dance Erica Bravini
directed by Roberto Castello
wardrobe Desirée Costanzo
ALDES production
with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Region of Tuscany / Regional Entertainment System, Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation
in collaboration with Asinitas and Comunità Educante Quarticciolo

23-24-25 JUNE 2021, 20h Patis de Quarticciolo

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