The blurred border between social resentment and political hatred –

The recent entry of the term hatred into the political dialectic, both international (the former Russian president declaring The West hates him and will have no peace until he is destroyed) and national (the split of grillina motivated by the hatred that the splits feel towards the current direction).

The tones are naturally very different, but the psychological process is the same: the protagonists begin as rivals with different ideas; then they don’t count or bend, and end up breaking their relationship platform. At that moment all that remains is to insult each other in increasingly resentful tones, to the point of admitting, perhaps even in the mirror, that I hate him.

As long as this exasperation from resentment to the onset of hatred is maintained on private ground (between spouses, between partners, between couples), this may not concern us, although we are offended by the growth of violence in the family and small communities. . But the novelty of recent times is that hatred is no longer the perverse emotional flame of an individual, but becomes the expression, the manifesto, the instrument of the struggle between opposing powers; that is, it becomes a political phenomenon and opens up a dangerous perspective for our level of collective civilization. All the more so no global moral and religious authority seems to have adequate words of reproach or overcoming hatred.

In part we should have expected this phenomenon. We have known for years that in almost every country there was a growing collective resentment gradually manifested by isolated expressions of social and political conflict.. And there was no lack of concrete analyzes that showed that resentment is the grief of what has not been, which is in situations of the most dramatic disappointment for lack of hope (think of the resentment of the white color between two spouses who separate). ). And it should come as no surprise to us that it then erupted as a social phenomenon in a collective rage against litigation, politics, the ruling classes, almost as a denunciation of the betrayal of unfulfilled hopes.

The resentment for, once grafted, does not stop, and the next step the rupture of the relationship with others. We understand in this light the media success of the Italian Vaffa, the real banner of the rupture of all relationships with others, with millions of others. But, perhaps because the invitation was very popular and of dialectical origin, Italian resentment remained for years only a social phenomenon, and as such reabsorbed in everyday collective dialectic. But hatred is always just around the corner, when resentment overflows, and the political force that most exploited it seems to have fallen into the trap, but then remained a prisoner, unable to process the necessary internal antibodies.

However, here in Italy we have consumed the night of widespread social resentment and we must not have a significant increase in collective hatred. But less optimism leads us to other political realities, both European and Eastern, where collective hatred grows. A certain analogy with Italian reality is echoed in the surrender of Russian rulers to the sad nostalgia for tsarist and Soviet power that no longer exists and in their deliberate aggression to break international relations.. In many cases we are in the drama, that is, the emergence of widespread collective hatred. Not only at the leadership level, but also in a molecular spread of hatred among those fighting on the ground. Ukrainians and Russians were often said to be brothers in language and culture, but now they hate each other; the rupture of the relationship that seems destined to last for decades and perhaps to modify the cultural roots of those peoples. We should worry about it along with war events; but we do not see great preachers of peace and social cohesion in action (not even in the churches). NGOs, whatever their size and prestige, are not enough and will not be enough.

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