Miss Mamma arrives at Polesine

ROSOLINA – When in the mid-90s Paolo Teti, television presenter and creator of evenings for clubs on the Romanian Riviera, launched the first edition of “Miss Mamma”, contest of “Beauty, skill and sympathy”many took it for the “usual potato” in the romantic style, one that proposed something extemporaneous to dance a season in the pages of newspapers.

Almost 30 years have passed since then, and the competition has not only grown and now reaches one hundred selection nights throughout Italy (and is also closely followed by all national televisions), but is probably one of the competitions that can boast of the greatest amount. number of imitations. Many have tried to do something similar, but without even approaching the original. Around Miss Mamma has grown an organizing company called Te.Ma; other shows have been launched and Paolo Teti is now just stepping on the stage of his “miss”.

And from this year the Italian Miss Mamma will also land in Polesine (this is the official brand). thanks to the collaboration established with La Voce di Rovigo, Rovigoindiretta.it and Delta Radio. In short, a group of media partners that aims to entertain the Poles. Because this is the first goal of Miss Mamma: to give a very special evening to both contestants and the public. Competitors all strictly amateurs, real mothers (this is the only condition to participate) divided by age and who for one night challenge the stage with their fears, their ambitions, their desire to be protagonists.

After some sporadic stages in recent years, then, from this year Miss Mamma arrives at Polesine. The first stage is scheduled for Saturday, July 2 (from 9 pm) at the Bagno Tamerici in Rosolina Mare. A first clue is essential: to participate, mothers must register. For registration and information, there is a dedicated telephone number: 0541 344300. More information can also be found on the website www.missmammaitaliana.it.

But in a nutshell, what is Miss Italian Mother? It is a national beauty and sympathy contest reserved for all mothers between 25 and 45 years old, with the banner “Miss Mamma Italiana Gold”. for mothers aged 46 to 55 and “Miss Italian Mom Evergreen” band for mothers aged 56. All participants, therefore, in addition to competing for the bands that will be assigned by the jury at the end of the evening, also compete for a place for the regional finals and then for the national ones.

“The main objective of the Contest is to make the most of the figure of the Woman and, in particular, that of the Mother, what with love and dedication deals with the education of children, the care of the home … to put it in a cliché … the angel of the home”, Explains Paolo Teti, illustrating his contest.

In short: Miss Mum, and so it has been since the first edition, goes beyond the stereotype of the Beauty pageant to capture even the most complete expression of mothers ’personality. “For the chosen mother to be the fusion of all the maternal identities of the country.”

In practice, aspiring Masses will not be on the catwalk, but girls and women who will be called to talk about their family, their work, their hobbies. And who will agree to take part in fun skill tests such as: singing a lullaby, reciting a children’s song, dancing with the children or changing diapers. Because – and the secret of success lies right here: not only are you looking for a “beauty” but also – and above all – the most mother of all mothers.

And here, then, that in all these years the number of husbands who accompany their wives on stage (and sometimes go up in turn to become co-stars) or children who become the wildest supporters has grown. of his mother. So, the first appointment in Polesine is set for Saturday, July 2 at 9 pm at the Bagno Tamerici in Rosolina Mare. We are waiting for you. We are sure we will have fun.

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