Miss Lovere: Girls from our area also compete

Miss Lovere, also competing Martina di Mito for Settimo Milanese and Giulia Poletti de San Giorgio su Legnano.

Miss Lovere: also Martina di Settimo and Giulia di San Giorgio awarded on stage

“Our” competitors, who competed for Miss Lovere, did not conquer the coveted band or advance to the regional final, but still finished well in fourth (Martina) and sixth (Giulia). Yesterday, Saturday 25 June 2022, the weekend began with a magical stop on the Miss Italy Lombardia 2022 tour on Lake Iseo in Lovere, a town that is part of the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy, where the splendid panoramic lake. was the backdrop to the event held at the Prepost Food and Drink Experience on Via Marconi 57 by the lake. The stage should have been done on Friday but adverse weather conditions did not allow it.
A spectacular setting for an important stage of the Miss Italy Lombardia 2022 tour: the regional final of Miss Bella dei Laghi whose first place won the direct passage to the national stages and the selection of Miss Lovere where they have chosen the aspirants to miss who will have access. in the regional finals of the Lombard tour.
Seven beauties awarded on stage, for the regional selection (the first three win the passage to the regional final) to win the coveted crown and the title of Miss Lovere Marisa Lechi, 22 years old from Brescia, 1.68, eyes and brown hair. He likes to describe himself quoting a phrase that has accompanied him in life to understand his dyslexia: “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, you will spend your whole life believing that it is stupid. “
Second place Claudia Maria Garlaschi27-year-old, from Crema, 1.73, brown eyes and hair, a graduate in Economics, has put aside her secret dream of being a television presenter, earning the rational part of herself.
Third place Chiara Arnaboldi19 years old, from Albese con Cassano (Como), 1.78, brown eyes and hair, he attends the economic institute of Como, practices video dance, loves fashion, listens to music and art in all its aspects.
Fourth place Martina di Mito, 22, of Settimo Milanese, 1.73, brown eyes and blond hair. She studies Communication and Society and is very close to her family. He loves sports, a passion passed on to him by his father who is a high level swimming coach, in fact he practiced synchronized swimming at a competitive level participating in the Italian championships.
Fifth place Elisa Saleri25, from Cusano Milanino (Milan), 1.65, brown eyes and hair, employed with a passion for fashion inherited from her mother, loves to buy and follow trends.
Sixth tie Camilla Portesi Peroni, 21 years old from Bedizzole (Brescia), 1.69, blue eyes and blond hair, studies psychology; I Giulia Poletti27 years old from San Giorgio su Legnano, 1.70 brown hair and eyes, is an HR specialist, has practiced athletics at competitive levels in the specialty of pole vaulting, is passionate about travel and sports.

Miss Bella dei Laghi: to win the coveted band is Nikola Durisova

While for the Regional Final of Miss Bella dei Laghi, a podium of pure beauty, winning the title and going straight to the national prefinals is Nikola Durisova, 20-year-old Varese, 1.78, brown eyes and blond hair, artist, attends the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, is a very creative person and in fact has created a board game with a theme of marine pollution for raise awareness about the environmental issue. Polution. He loves animals and the fashion world.
Second place Marta Nerina Fenaroli, 20 years old from Brescia, 1.78, dark hair and eyes, goes to Medicine and dreams one day of being a doctor. A few years ago she was hit by a serious illness from which she managed to get out and decided to change her life there. It is enough to hate your body for how much it has made you suffer in recent years, but as revenge, thanks to him, to be able to smile along with many other girls on the stage of Miss Italy. Collaborate with a support association for people with cancer who struggle for life on a daily basis. She decided to participate in Miss Italy to follow in her mother’s footsteps and get closer to the world of fashion, her great passion.
Third place Shary Flora Herrera, 20 years old from Milan, 1.70 m, brown eyes and hair, Italian mother and Uruguayan father, spent his childhood in Indonesia. He studies Economics and Management at Bocconi University in Milan, speaks five languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Indonesian and French.
The godmothers of the afternoon Martina Broggi, who on Saturday, June 18, won the title of Miss Milan and the direct passage to the national prefinals of Miss Italy; she was the protagonist on the stage of Cinisello Balsamo of a classical dance performance that enchanted the audience. The beautiful 19-year-old girl from Milan, with a passion for dance, has started a Psychology course and dreams of being a criminologist. Special guest of the jury Beatrice Farina, Miss Bella dei Laghi and star of the final of Miss Italy 2021, which will sell its band to the new. The show was able to surprise the audience and the network thanks to the skillful planning of Rial Events.

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