Maturity, has the student shocked you with the t-shirt but not for everything else?

So you were shocked by the Sicilian graduate who showed up at the State exams with the t-shirt with the words “Italian school sucks”? And don’t you think it’s much easier to crucify the eighteen-year-old, to stigmatize him as a panacea for all ills, instead of taking responsibility for a didactic drift now under anyone’s gaze? Why, as a teacher, don’t start hiring responsibility have we swallowed, observed and made our own any shit from the halls of the ministries obviously unwilling to improve Italian public education? Why, then, continue to tirelessly perpetrate theschool-work alternationso unhelpful if not totally dangerous as several episodes have amply demonstrated?

Why accept that the subspecies of civility, that the administration, not to spend money paying professionals in the sector, extended to all teachers, and to the detriment of curricular teaching hours, as if they were trained for the teaching of what is indeed a specialized discipline of vital importance for the growth, education and training of the new generations? Because without closing your eyes, agreeing to teach in the classrooms mancat computer and internet connection while the administration asks to do the DiD? With what tools should DiD do this where the administration does not provide them? Why agree to bring tablets and laptops home, or even connect to your personal internet lines to make up for the widespread lack of school lines? Why chase frantically unachievable ministerial programs given the amount of extracurricular activities imposed by the different administrations that have taken place in recent decades?

Why not open your mouth when chairs and jobs are cut? Because, be it 5, 10 or even more working days, whether you have to travel 5 or hundreds of km, you agree to go to state oppositions if, for a member of the internal commission, the net pay is a fixed one. of only 299. euros per class, that is, a barely partial reimbursement, for many teachers, of the costs of a single fuel? Why we let ourselves be transformed small bureaucrats to fill in forms to the detriment of the time dedicated to the preparation of the didactic itineraries, to the care of the relations with the students, to the tranquility of any formative way that can be said authentic? And again: with what absurd self-destructive impulse is it accepted that wage increases, essential for Europe’s lowest teaching class, are tied to blackmail of a useful training only for the institutes designated to impart it? And how is it possible to accept that the evaluation of this training is entrusted to teachers interior in your educational institution?

How we managed to reform the profession access system an unspecified number of times, each time diametrically opposed to the previous one and according to a parabola in sharp decline, in the period of a small handful of years?

The list could go on for a long time, and in fact: I invite all colleagues with sincerity and a healthy (self) critical spirit to continue it in the comments with untreated or treated items only in passing within the article . The invitation that I address instead to all the other comrades, those who, often former revolutionaries, arsonists and protesters in the university, in these hours hurry to stigmatize the provocative gesture of the young Sicilian is to resort to the pedagogical thinking of teachers such as Massimo BaldacciProfessor of General Pedagogy at the “Carlo Bo” University of Urbino, who states: “The maturation of a critical capacity is the global and long-term result of all school education, through the competition of different disciplines , even of the whole school complex (…) An important pedagogue, Lamberto Borghi, spoke of the school as a community of free doubts. I believe that this is the pattern to which we still give strength today: to cultivate the school not as a company, necessarily governed by top-down power relations and hierarchical chains, but as a community of free doubters, where there is a spirit. of discussion. strong, free, open, tolerant, a little rich in all things ”.

Personally, then, I thank that boy, because as a result of his gesture, the brave final act of his personal commitment, authentic and appreciable with civic and school issues, is a debate that in these hours is definitely encouraging the network and newspapers : because it is healthy controversypublic debate and open self-criticism that feed those societies that can be defined as democratic.

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