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The controversy over the lack of regional funding for the Medieval Theater Festival. The rise of responsibility. And that fund that runs the risk of being explosive

It could be interpreted as the classic summer controversy between the majority and the opposition, ending in the space of a couple of press releases. And, on the other hand, the diatribe that has been judging Anagni for days in the case of the loan revoked by the Lazio region to the municipality for the Medieval Theater Festival hide much more. And it says a lot about how the election campaign will unfold in the city in a few months.

Brief summary of previous episodes. A few hours ago, the Lazio Region issued a note outlining the loans ceded by LazioCrea to public and private entities that have organized cultural events for the summer of Lazio. A very long list. However, the municipality of Anagni is not part of it. That at the time he had asked for a contribution of 40,000 euros to mount a new edition of the exhibition, which reached its 29th edition with great success from the public and critics.

Admissible but not fundable

Giuseppe Zeno at the Medieval Theater Festival

Why didn’t the Region give funding to the 2023 edition of the Anagni festival? The list indicates that the project is “admissible but not eligible for depletion of resources“And this is where the controversy is grafted. Launched by Fernando Fioramonti for Cittatrepuntozero. For this, the stop is synonymous with “incapacity and inefficiency of the administration of Mayor NataliaAble to perish a treasure born of the teacher ‘s intuition Giovanni Stella. A contradiction with the opposition. Especially for an administration that has made tourism and culture its mantra. (read here: Anagni has a festival because he had a star who wanted him).

A few minutes pass and Carlo Marinocouncilor for culture, if you tie it to your finger. It’s not the council’s fault. That presented a good projectwhich was in fact considered admissible. The lack of funding does not depend on municipal gaps but on “political logic“. To sum up, for Marino the center-left region would have wanted to penalize the center-right administration of Anagnina to paralyze him for municipal 2023 red64,000 euros. In any case, Marino assures us, the festival will take place.

The debate is spreading in the city. Egidio Proiettilocal secretary of the Democratic Party, points out that it is foolish to think that in the Region there are those who finance or do not finance projects in relation to the political color of the administration. Valeriano Tasca of Casapound explains that “not even in Bassetta’s time had this been achieved“.

Explosive background about the festival

One of the last editions of the Festival

So far the controversy. That, however hides a much more complex background. And potentially explosive. Which is, more or less, that.

Natalia’s administration knows that the coming months will be decisive for reconfirmation with the municipal authorities. He knows that, especially when it comes to public works, there have been many delays. Honestly, not all of them are due to municipal deficits. But still obvious. Hence the need to recover credit.

For example, with the announcement of many works planned in the coming months, as happened in the last City Council And, above all, with the preparation of a summer full of events and demonstrations.

To do this, however, requires two things. The first is the control of the structures that monitor these manifestations; and in fact for weeks in the city we have been witnesses the attempt to remove the president of the Pro Loco Franco Stazi, considered inorganic, to put someone closer to the administration in place. The second is the presence of adequate resources. In this sense, stopping the Region is fatal. Because in any case it will force the administration to make cuts, fewer options. Make the cultural offer, important in terms of satisfaction and therefore consensus, less bright than expected. A risky prospect.

This explains Marino’s “political” reaction to the news of the rejection. Marino doesn’t go into the merits, but he throws it all at his political rivals, especially to local, provincial and regional representatives of the Democratic Party. A scheme already followed for the hospital and for the biodigester, with the faults that become all the Region red. It has worked so far. This time it may not be.

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