Drug Day, minors and crack worrying

C.goose and crack more commonly used substances, less and less use of syringes, however the demand for help for minors is constantly growing. This is a summary of the photograph of the San Patrignano 2022 Addictions Observatory, based on the toxicological analysis of the 327 people (only 55 women and 272 men) who entered the community between May 2021 and April 2022.

Teenage kids, tips for learning how to manage conflict and not make mistakes

More cocaine and fewer syringes are used

“Among those who have entered the community,” explains Virgilio Albertini, who is in charge of the new (increasing) entries in Coriano’s recovery community, “the cocaine remains the most used substance, equal to 94.8%, followed by cannabis89%, while heroin stood at 42.2%. The use of injections is continuously decreasing, equal to only 22% among new entrants, and is constantly decreasing compared to the past (taking into account that in 2015 the use of injectable substances was still 42%).

Crack users, or smoked cocaine, are also included in cocaine consumer data: “A substance that is certainly on the rise, and that’s worrisome. While inhaled cocaine can be consumed in a controlled manner and in a playful, non-everyday context, with crack it is easy for the addiction to get out of hand immediately, and the consumption to become solitary and out of control.: buy and assume, until it ends ».

Crack, the drug of the moment

Crack was originally conceived and synthesized for a very specific purpose. It was intended for chronic cocaine addicts as a substitute for cocaine, as nasal ingestion caused the destruction of nasal tissues. The only alternative mode of administration was inhalation.

Continued and prolonged consumption can lead to alienation with symptoms similar to schizophrenia, severe aggression, or paranoid states accompanied by delusions and hallucinations. Death usually occurs from overdose (800 mg is sufficient), from heat stroke and respiratory and / or cardiac arrest, as well as from stroke or heart attack.

Declining synthetic drugs. Thanks to Covid?

Slightly decreasing synthetic drugsperhaps because of the pandemic, as they are drugs that are commonly consumed in nightclubs or during radishes that have been more difficult to organizeEcstasy is used in 44%, and slightly exceeds heroin, amphetamines in 26.6%, ketamine in 25.7% and hallucinogens in 26.9%. count these percentages, it’s easy to guess Drug use affects most newcomers (85.7%), a constant figure from 2015 to today, as it has never been below 85%. It should be noted that 35.5% of new entrants did so pathological consumption of alcohol and 33% were accustomed to the practice of forced drinking.

There are more and more minor dependents. Tips for parents

It should be noted that among the 327 new entries in the period considered, 102 are under 25 years old, while the most present group is between 26 and 35 years old. Up to 33 (10%) are Minorsincluding 15 girls and 18 boys, including a 12-year-old child. Four of them were already addicted to heroin, most had tried cocaine and almost all smoked cannabis. “Cannabis, like alcohol, can be an experience with no serious consequences in a transitional phase of adolescence,” Albertini continues, “But it’s not uncommon for it to become a real addiction.” It is difficult for parents to intercept symptoms before they become severe.

“The relationship of mutual trust must be established from childhood to withstand the shocks of adolescence,” continues the reference of San Patrignano. “Otherwise, you may find yourself unarmed in front of a child who, for example, is constantly changing his mood and leaving school: typical behaviors of people with drug addiction“.

The return has already been felt: even children from good families take drugs. “That’s true, for sure. Similarly, three children can be raised and only one can develop an addiction. It means that the same educational model, good for some, does not work for everyone. The task of the parents is to turn to each one for what he is ».

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Drugs in the lives of fathers and mothers

Of the 327 people who entered San Patrignano, 61 left at least one child at home. There are 51 fathers and 10 mothers. Finally, the problem of children having at least one parent struggling or with an addiction behind them, 20% of the total, is not new.


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