Decree 36, year of trial and entry into the position of the winners of the competition

Decree 36, as already written in another article, is in process. The vote in the Commission concluded both the examination of the provision and the possibility of modifying the text approved by the Government at the time. So now there is little time left.

Article 13 of the decree refersyear of probation and entry into office and section 1 specifies:


“EL contestants on the commonplacewho have the title of teacher, are subject to aa annual probationary period in service the positive overcoming of which determines the effective entry into office. Exceeding the annual probationary period in service is subject to the performance of the service actually performed for at least 180 daysof which at least 120 for teaching activities. Teachers on probation are subject to aa final testwhich states how the theoretical, disciplinary and methodological knowledge of the teacher have been translated into practical teaching skills, and an evaluation by the director of the center, after consultation with the faculty evaluation committee, based on the research of a teacher for whom the functions of the director are entrusted tutor which shall not entail new or higher charges from the state budget. In case of not passing the final test or negative evaluation of the probationary period in service, the faculty is subject to aa second annual trial period in service, non-renewable. By decree of the Ministry of Education, which will be adopted before 31 July 2022, the procedures for conducting the final test and the evaluation criteria for staff in the probationary period are defined.

Section 2 specifies that “the winners of the competition, who have not yet obtained the title of teacher and have participated in the competition procedure, sign a annual replacement contract with the USR to which the chosen school belongs and must acquire, in any case, 30 CFU / CFA among those who make up the university course of initial training with surcharge, by the participants. After grading, the teachers are contracted indefinitely and subject to the annual probationary period in service, the positive passing of which determines the final entry into office.

Section 3 specifies “with reference to the winners of the competition, the contents of the corresponding training offer are also defined. 30 CFU / CFA required for initial university and academic trainingto which they accede by right, and the procedures for the realization of the final examination of university and academic course are regulated, including a written test and a mock lesson, and the composition of the corresponding commission. The written test consists of a didactic planning intervention inherent in the discipline or disciplines of the competition class for which the qualification is obtained “.

Section 4 specifies that even the winners of the contest in support site they are subject to an annual probationary period in service, the positive passing of which determines the effective entry into office.

Finally, section 5 clarifies that in case of passing the final test and the positive final evaluation, the teacher deleted from any other ranking, by merit, institute or exhaustion, in which he is enrolled and confirmed in the position of the same educational institution where he completed the probationary period. The teacher is obliged to do so remain in the said educational institutionin the same type of venue and competition class, for not less than three years, including the probationary period, to which is added, the period necessary for the completion of the initial training and the acquisition of the degree, except in the case of surplus or dismissal or application of Law 104/92 , limited to events that occurred after the end of the presentation. of applications to the relative competition. the teacher can present, in any case, application for assignment and provisional use within the province of affiliation and may accept the grant of replacement throughout the school year for another type or class of competition to which you are entitled.

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