13 tons seized in 2021

In the port of Gioia Tauro in 2021 more than 13 tons of cocaine were confiscatedconfirming the fundamental and primordial role that this airport continues to cover international drug trafficking. He annual report that the Central Directorate of Anti-Drug Services of the Department of Public Safety of the Ministry of the Interior, presented a few days ago, in view of theToday is the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking established by the UN in 1987.

In 2021, the operations carried out to counteract the cocaine market were 7,902 (+ 1.06% compared to 2020), with a significant increase in the quantities seized, which went from 13,595.63 kg, in 2020, to 20,075.39 kg, in 2021 (+ 47.66%). EL major seizures took place in Catania in March (2,226 kg), in the port of Gioia Tauro in Reggio over the months October (2,140.80 kg), November (1,520.30 kg), February (1,163.35 kg) and May (1,126.84 kg)», We read in the same report.

The primacy of the port of Gioia Tauro and the ‘Ndrangheta

In evidence theexponential growth, in particular, in the last two years, of the seizures carried out in port of Gioia Tauromarking it as directly proportional to decreased cocaine entry in Livorno and Genoa. The figure does not disregard the general framework set out in the report according to which strategic it turns out logistical supports needed for the illegal management of loads it is still especially powerful is the ‘Ndranghetaas a mafia organization characterized by greater expansiveness at the national and international level, always the most influential in the trafficking of cocaine from South America and major temporary storage areas in Europe.

There maritime border The preferred operating scenario where the largest global amounts of cocaine have been intercepted is confirmed. The port of Gioia Tauro, which accounts for 97.49% (13,364.94 kg), was where most cocaine was seized.followed by that of I’m going to Liguria in the area of ​​Savona (138.29 kg) and Livorno (118.53 kg). A a small percentage also invests the other port of Reggio di Villa San Giovanni (11.57 kg equivalent to 0.08%).

The origins, routes and landings of cocaine shipments

The cocaine seized at the borders in 2021 seems to be coming Ecuador (4,515.07 kg), Colombia (2,323.79 kg), Nicaragua (2,318.40 kg), Brazil (1,595.26 kg), Guatemala (985.40 kg).

The annual report that the Central Directorate of Anti-Drug Services of the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of the Interior also notes that the transport of cocaine is also undergoing transformations and has also been carried out for a long time. emerging routes who continue to contemplate it anyway port of Gioia Tauruso.

With shipments in container vessels and cargo ships, after making stops, even in Italian ports (Gioia Tauro), the cargoes arrive, in fact, at the ports of Countries in the Balkans, the Aegean Sea (Turkey, Greece) and the Black Sea (Bulgaria, Romania), where the organizations themselves have a dense network of contacts, which facilitate their transit. Specifically, the Central Directorate of Anti-Drug Services focused on “cocaine arriving by sea from South America, with the sharing of risk analysis on routes, including that of‘Ecuador, through Panama and Gioia Tauroarrive at the ports of Turkey. The latter have suffered numerous and large seizures: 463 kg and more than 1,100 kg in the Turkish port of Mersin and beyond. 1,100 kg in the port of Gioia Tauro, all of June 2021», We read again in the report that also raises a focused on anti-drug activity in the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria. In the 2021 in Reggio were carried out 169 drug operations carried out in the national territory (0.79%) iil 15.50% of the seized substances i1.24% of the population reported it to the Judicial Authority.

Focus on the metropolitan area of ​​Reggio

In detail, in 2021, inmetropolitan area of ​​Reggio, era 53.59% of all cocaine intercepted nationwide seized0.07% ofheroin0.04% ofhashish1.05% of the marijuana and 6.36% of the plants of cannabis.

He 67.28% of total cocaineseized in this metropolitan city, was intercepted in the port of Gioia Tauruso.

Per drug-related crimes, in this metropolitan area they have been 372 people reported to the Judicial Authorityof which 317 arrested, with an increase of 10.71% over the previous year, which corresponds to 1.24% of the national total.

The complaints affected by the 61.02% the crime of association aimed at drug trafficking and the remaining 38.98% the crime of trafficking.

He people of foreign nationality (Gambians, Romanians, Nigerians, Ghanaians and Albanians) involved in drug trafficking have been 18, of which 10 are in a state of detention, with a decrease of 51.35% over the previous year, which corresponds to 0.19% of those reported nationally.

The complaints affected by the 77.78% of the crime of drug trafficking and 22.22% of the crime of association for drug trafficking.

There were no minors reported to the judicial authorities for drug offenses while, again in 2021, i There were 2 deaths from drug use corresponding to 0.68% of the national total.

Complaint for possession and personal consumption of drugs

According to the latter 2021 Report on Drug Policy of the Department of Drug Policy of the Office of the Prime Minister (data from 2020), in addition to Calabria have received the Operational Units of Drug Addictions of the Prefectures – Territorial Delegations 1309 reports, nearly 33,000 nationwide. Most of these are concerned over 40 years (550) while only 41 are very young, under 17 years old.

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