WOMEN’S TOUR / – 5 DAYS LEFT. Tatiana Guderzo. “At Top Girls Fassa Bortolo I made a heart choice. My dream? Winning in Padua, the home stadium “

Tatiana Guderzo in action with the Top Girls Fassa Bortolo T-shirt (photo: Flaviano Ossola)

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Don’t ask Tatiana Guderzo if the next one will be his last Giro Donne. In his twentieth season among the elites, Vicenza de Marostica who will turn 38 in August, and in his sports palm a world gold medal won in Mendrisio in 2009, two more world podiums and a bronze at the Olympics from Beijing, will respond that she has not yet decided.

At the end of the year I will face the discussion with the Blue Flames, I do not deny that my strength is at a glance, meanwhile I have given myself another role to keep alive the flame I have inside, that passion for cycling that it will never come out …“.

Are you referring to the fact that you have chosen a team that does not belong to the WorldTour, that Top Girls in which you made your debut in 2005?

I always promised Lucio Rigato (the team manager, ed.) That before he resigned, he would go back to where it all started. I wanted to make this little gift to Lucio and Patti, his wife, to thank them. A sign that the values ​​they taught me, them but also my family, are important. I chose the heart …“.

The Top Girls Fassa Bortolo has always been a small reality focused on young people. How did you fit into these 20-year-olds?

It is logical that in a team like this the “girls” see me as a reference and that makes me feel proud because it is like being the mother of many big girls already beautiful. Also, they are all very curious, voracious. The first thing I told them earlier this year was that they weren’t afraid to ask me things. I think I have gradually gained their trust, they have trusted them and now I think a good combination is being created between their enthusiasm and my being sometimes a little “mustache”. It is a new experience that does not aspire to great success, to participate in the first Tour, rather than to win the classics, but to conquer simpler goals: to see the growth of a young woman, to capture a position.“.

In short, you are the sporting director of the race, apart from the fact that you have already done all the official courses.

In fact, but honestly, I’ve been the director of the teams I lead for years. Directing these girls is easier, but I also realized that it is a great stimulus for me. Having to have them in front of you, making it clear where you need to be when an action begins, pushes you to be there. And if the opportunity presents itself, with the cabbage I let it slip!“.

Here comes the champion Guderzo … What can we expect at the Giro?

I approach on tiptoe because this winter I have had several physical problems, bronchitis, relapses, even quite important situations at home that influenced the first part of the season and did not allow me to continue training and be calm. . But after more than two weeks at the height with the team, I found this continuity and serenity, thanks also to the joy and happiness of the girls, and the desire to sacrifice to achieve the goals.“.

And what are they?

Of course, I do not have the condition of last year to make the ranking (in 2021 he was eighth, second of the Italians behind Marta Cavalli, sixth, ed). I would aim for getaways to play that stage that I never managed to win, although I played it several times …“.

And where will we see you attacking?

The first stages, with the classification not yet outlined, will be more open. But since dreaming costs nothing, I would like to win the last stage of Padua, a stone’s throw from home. The route is flat, for sprinters, but if the fast wheels were tired, maybe the escape could come …“.

And who do you see as a favorite for ranking?

The names that are circulating at the moment are well known: Van Vleuten, Longo Borghini, Cavalli … Marta has grown a lot, she has always been short of words, but she is calmly showing what she is made of. It is the demonstration of a concentrated girl who believes in her work“.

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