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Make a career out of it

It is aimed at girls between 14 and 19 years old to introduce them to managerial experiences. Start scheduled for October with 10 ten stages for Calabria

Posted: 25/06/2022 – 12:51

A school for the

COSENZA “” The Prime Minister “- reports a note -, the association that promotes gender equality throughout Italy through political education, arrives in Calabria.”
“Yesterday afternoon, at the Talent Garden Cosenza – reports the note -, the members of the promoter group have given life to an organizational meeting in view of the starting line that will see the light next autumn.”
“The totally free school,” says the press release, “aimed at girls between 14 and 19 years old, which aims to train the future leaders of our country, will begin in October and will be divided into ten itinerant stages through Calabria until next May. “.
“During each meeting, the young participants will have the opportunity to meet professionals, businesswomen, politicians, activists, associations and movements that represent good practices of commitment to the community.” There are 25 places available and it is now possible to register for the Calabrian edition of the Prime Minister’s School by visiting the website ».
The central theme of the 2022/2023 academic year – the note announces -, which will then be developed in different subplots covered in the 10 workshops of the academic year, is that relating to “Borders”. The will is to break, with them, stereotypes about women and Calabrian society. In some cases, the borders are necessary, in others they have to be crossed or demolished completely when they become habitual places, mainly in Calabria ”.
“Women in these latitudes must be the protagonists, starting with the construction of a positive narrative in our region.” The Prime Minister’s Calabrian team intends to help the girls involved find the voice to do so, that and more. “


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