The new selective waste collection in Andria will begin on 1 July

Waste collection, let’s start with the new service. Many new features are planned © AndriaLive

From July 1, a new urban hygiene service arrives in Andria, signed by the ATI (Temporary Association of Companies) between Gial Plast srl and SiEco spa already anticipated in our article yesterday.

There are many novelties in sight for citizens, from the logo, brings together a view from the top of Castel del Monte, with its famous octagonal floor plan, which can also refer to a gear in which each component (companies that manage the service). , municipal administration and citizens as a whole) plays a key role in the common goal of increasing the percentage of selective waste collection. The image of the castle is flanked by a green leaf, the predominant color of the logo presented, to symbolize respect for nature and the environment. Inside the stem is a scripted path that recalls the chosen claim “Differentiating is the right path”, with a precise reference also to the ongoing teaser campaign. The road is synonymous with a new path in the urban hygiene service for the municipality of Andria, a clear change of direction with respect to the recent past.

The subdivision of the municipal territory into four zones remains unchanged, while the door – to – door collection schedule will change to Domestic utilities. Specifically, the frequency of withdrawal of the fraction changes non-recyclable which goes from two to a day, while the glass will be collected every week and no longer every fortnight. Citizens must also pay special attention to the exhibition hours of the facilities: the containers will be on display outside your home / business from 22:00 on the previous evening and at 6:00 on the day of collection..

Utilities will receive door-to-door collection kitsformed by:

 n. 1 bath and n. 1 sink for organic waste collection;
 n. 1 tub to collect paper;
 n. 1 glass waste collection tub;
 semi-annual supply of bags for the collection of organic waste;
 semi-annual supply of bags for the collection of the non-recyclable fraction;
 Semi-annual supply of bags for multimaterial collection;
 cover letter;
 new collection schedule;
 recycling bin, with the most common waste divided alphabetically from A to Z. The delivery of this material will be done by activating some Distribution points located throughout the municipalitywhich will be accounted for with a specific communication campaign. Diapers and diapers will be picked up from October to May on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; from June to September from Monday to Saturday.

From July 1, an information desk will be activated where eco-informants will give citizens all the necessary information about the new service, about the rules of correct award to follow, about how to contact companies through the site website, the Facebook Page “Andria Differenzia”, ​​the Instagram profile “Andria Differenzia”, ​​the toll free number 800959304 accessible ONLY from the landline and 3286955354 (from the mobile network and WhatsApp ). Through these channels, the public will be able to clarify doubts and concerns about the selective collection of waste, make reports and / or reserve the home collection of bulky and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

“The time has come to take a step further with regard to the door-to-door selective collection system. In recent years, as citizens, we have been called to make continuous changes in our daily lives in order to contribute more and more to the creation of a sustainable environment. Now each of us must be the drop of a cultural revolution, of a new idea of ​​love for the territory that cannot ignore the respect and care of the spaces, domestic and public, in which we live. To do this we need the constant commitment of each of us. If everyone does their part in the best possible way, we will be able to build a cleaner and more beautiful city, more pleasant to live for both citizens and tourists “, says the mayor of Andria, Giovanna Bruno.

“The service we present today presents some important developments, starting with the ATI formed by Gial Plast srl and SiEco spa which will carry out all the activities contemplated in the specifications and additional improvement services during the duration of the contract, set at two years. a global share of 60% and 40%, respectively. Non-Domestic Users, the use of all possible technologies to guarantee Andria City Council an innovative service over time, the construction of a solid relationship through shared projects between all the actors involved (municipal administration, management companies, citizenship) “, declares the manager of the Environment Sector, ing. Santola Quacquarelli.

“It is an innovative service with which we aim to increase the percentage of selective collection of waste in the area of ​​Andria, promoting the activities and the necessary compliance with the rules of correct allocation by users. Tracking of deliveries will be done through the use of equipment equipped with RFID TAG that will allow the codes to be associated with individual users. Among other things, the sweeping services in Castel del Monte and Montegrosso will be strengthened and containers of street furniture will be placed in order to improve the cleanliness and general decoration “, he underlines. Fausto Viva, co-founder of Gial Plast srl. “The aim that we propose is to improve the percentages of selective collection thanks to the synergy between the municipal administration, the companies involved, the users and the groups of interest. To address the problem of abandonment, cheating cameras will be provided in order to identify those responsible for these uncivilized events. Thus, an incisive communication campaign will be launched and illegal landfills will be monitored. We will also replace the trucks in the countryside and in Castel del Monte with new ones, equipped with keys to prevent indiscriminate transfers, ”he said. Marco Vasientidirector of SiEco spa

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